‘Souper’ Supper

Time needs to grow! There just isn’t enough of it. I’m trying to play mad catchup on blog reading but I’ve only been going in little spurts here and there. And because I can hardly even keep up with the blogs, blog commenting is even worse. I apologize. Maybe after I am a little more caught up with my school readings and after I get this first midterm on Thursday out of the way I will have a bit more of a chance to get some comments out there.

I wanted to throw up a new layout because I’m sick of what I have right now, as well as a couple new pages, but I just haven’t had the chance yet. I’m aiming to do some of that in the next week or so as well.

And with this time lack I’m clearly also a bit behind on the updating. This update itself is being done in between a brief reading break. So it’s going to be a quick throw-down of my meals the last couple days. Starting with yesterday.

Oatmeal. Steel cut. This was supposed to be overnight oats but steel cut don’t seem to work that well with just soaking. There was no fluff. So I microwaved them in the morning. I don’t know exactly what I mixed in with them. Nothing exciting, just standard banana, yogurt, nut butter etc.
Teeny weeny oat bowl??

Lunch was an everything in the fridge salad. Including leftover chicken from chicken cacciatore dinner and leftover cauliflower mixed with weird stuff like ghanoush and mustard.

I ate this lunch late and it was really filling. I wasn’t hungry for dinner until much later than usual. And for once I was actually only feeling for something sweet for dinner. This never happens to me. I always want a “real” dinner. Like not sweet stuff. But who knows, maybe that giant salad killed all real food cravings for the rest of the day. So sweet dinner it was. I wasn’t feeling all that great either so this was kind of small.
Rye bread with banana, pumpkin seed butter and actual pumpkin butter. I burnt it. Sigh. Plus the remainder of the pumpkin butter mixed with plain yogurt and vanilla shreddies.
053 058


Breakfast was cereal. La dee da.

Lunch was leftover baked tofu (yeah one piece has hummus on it, I was finishing up the container. Hummus works on everything), rye bread with hummus and salsa, and cabbage slaw and carrots with feta and honey dijon dressing.

And dinner tonight was inspired by Miss Jenn’s post today. SOUP.
You know, so many people seem to love soup but I just never seem to get a craving for it.  So I rarely make it. Although I’ll probably have it a lot more now with the colder months rolling in.
I wasn’t planning at all on having it tonight but after seeing Jenn’s bowl of tomato-y goodness with sun dried tomatoes, spinach and feta thrown in, I knew that’s what I had to have.
I used this soup:
It was amazing. I could have eaten the whole can. It was a big can. I restrained myself. I could have even eaten the whole thing cold. I love thick soups.
I followed Jenn’s lead in using sun dried tomatoes, spinach and feta, and I also put in some diced tomatoes and light shredded mozzarella.

And because I finished off the last of the hummus container earlier today, I just had to open THIS baby.
Yeah, that’s hummus in a can. Or should I say “hummos”. This is real hummus. As in the ingredients are nothing but chickpeas, tahini, sea salt and citric acid. It tastes just like homemade hummus. Which makes sense because that’s basically what it is. Except that it’s in a can. I ate some with rice crackers and baby carrots.

Back to the books!


8 thoughts on “‘Souper’ Supper

  1. Oh my gosh, I tried the same thing with my steel cuts, haha, they turned into, uh, nothing. The serving size was tiny! I actually couldn’t get myself to eat it bc it freaked me out, lol. I think the overnight oats were meant for rolled oats. Glad I wasn’t the only one who made that mistake!

    Good luck with the school work girlie! It’s got me reigned in too, ahh, must be that time of the semester!

  2. What a “souper” post, Kristie! Ha ;) Thanks so much for the shout out! I was so glad to see you liked the additions and I really like your extras with the tomato and mozzarella! We should go into the soup making business.

    I totally know what you mean about time. Especially with blogs – it’s so hard to keep up and comment! Even though I really, really want to – much more than I want to study, haha! Oh well, I guess we have to find a balance somehow.

    I really love the pic with the “teeny weeny oat bowl” – it reminded me of when you look up at the sky and “grab” an airplane with your fingers…maybe I’m the only one who has done that :)

    I still haven’t tried pumpkin butter – looks yummy, though!

    Best of luck with the studying!

  3. Thats like the tiniest bowl ever.. how cute! And I agree about hummus it makes everything taste better. And I left you a comment on my blog that you can use the whipped cottage cheese instead of ricotta if you want.

  4. ahhh i’m craving soup now. and i loved that first picture – i always do those kind of dorky things, but not even for other people’s entertainment – just for my own juvenile amusement haha!

  5. Danielle – Definitely rolled oats only for the overnighters. Glad I’m not the only one who went for the steel cut either haha.

    Jenn – YES. I’m so down for being in the soup making business. We’d be famous.
    I’ve definitely done the plane-grabbing thing. I think I’ve done that kind of thing with anything you can imagine. The best is “squishing” someone’s head sitting across the table from you. Small amusements…

    Christie – Haha it’s actually not that small! All about the trickery of perspective. ;)
    And thanks for the whipped cottage cheese idea!

    Nicole – I like many of my foods burnt. I just don’t like that burnt toast FLAVOUR. Oh well haha.

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