Tofu Success and The Last of the Pitas

Some of my weekend eating wasn’t overly impressive. I did more of that uncontrollable late night snacking stuff. It was just one of those weekends.


I haven’t had a bowl of cold cereal in a little while now and it was greatly missed considering that was my go-to breakfast nearly every day in the summer it seemed. So this morning called for one.

Then it was work time. Packed lunch:
Leftover cauliflower heated with FF sour cream, baba ghanoush and sweet and spicy mustard mixed in. Strange? Maybe. Attractive? Hardly. Tasty? Definitely.
Then there was a bunch of raw veggies and a deliciously candy-like apple. Some variety I had never tried before. My mom picked up a big bag of them at the farmer’s market. Awesome.
071 077

Later on I had 1/4 of a giant cookie from Tim Hortons. It had an icing smiley face on it. I got one of the eyes.
This was okay, but not as tasty as many other cookies I’ve had before. Good thing I only splurged on 1/4 of it.

Then to home and to dinner. A veggie burger with a fat free cheese slice, sweet and spicy mustard (I seriously feel like I eat this on everything), spinach and tomato in one of the laaaast pitas. I feel like I’ve eaten quite a lot of pita lately. Gotta love em. Plus I had a bit of hamburger rice casserole my mom made and some green beans.

I wanted something smoothie-ish for dessert, but more along the lines of an ice cream thickness than a drink thickness. I tried combining almond milk, banana, yogurt, hazelnut butter and protein powder. It failed. I put too much almond milk right off the bat. I tried thickening it up with tons of ice and the protein powder later since I didn’t even initially plan to add it in, but they didn’t help at all. I drank it anyway with mild disappointment.
Don’t ask me why I put it in a bowl. It was kind of an automatic thing and as soon as I finished pouring it in I rolled my eyes at myself.
I topped it with 1/2 a pack of Quaker Granola Crunchers that I’ve had forever. This didn’t really make it any less disappointing. Ah well, it did TASTE good.

Then I went out dancing. Weehoo. It was one of the local university’s homecoming weekend so everything was pretty busy. Luckily we were smart enough to head out early and beat the lineups.
Then I came home and did that eating thing. But I tried especially hard to be more conscious of what I was eating. And I only had a few small things. I think it’s an improvement, albeit a mild one. I’ll give myself half a pat on the back for it.


I actually managed to sleep in today! Whenever I go out late and get to bed late I always seem to wake up much too early. I went to bed probably around 3:30 and although I did inevitably end up waking up at 8:30, I knew I needed to sleep more so I pulled the covers over my head and managed to fall back to sleep for another 2.5 hours. Score!

Then I got up, did some homework, and made some breakfast/lunch while at the same time doing up some BAKED TOFU. I finally wanted to try a successful attempt at this (since I had only tried it once and ended up over-baking most of it) and I had 3/4 of a block just waiting to be used up. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to marinade it in but when digging through the fridge I found some hoisin sauce. So that, combined with apple cider vinegar, garlic powder and red pepper flakes, became the covering for my tofu. This time I cut it thicker, paid attention to how long it was baking and flipped it half way through. It turned out great. And it was SO easy. I will be making this much more now. Woo.

I munched on a couple pieces along with my afternoon breakfast of egg whites, salsa, avocado and spinach in a PITA. Of course. And now the pita package is officially empty. I might need to take a break before buying them again though. I’m pita-d out.
014 024
And can’t forget the frothy iced coffee. Obviously.

Then I did the 3s and 5s treadmill interval workout for 45 minutes. I don’t know why but today it was especially killer. I’m thinking maybe the late night combined with the alcohol combined with the fact that I’m currently attempting to get rid of a terrible annoying chest cold might be part of it. I managed to plow through anyway though.

Then I made a post-workout smoothie. I always seem to try to complicate my smoothies more than they need to be by throwing in this, that and the other thing. But today I kept it simple with one scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/2 a cup of unsweetened almond milk and one whole frozen banana. I think it might have been one of the best smoothies yet. Perfectly thick and delicious. I may have thrown some ice in too but I can’t remember. Either way I’m keeping it simple from now on. Well, at least some of the time.

Then I sat around all day and did nothing. Well nothing meaning studying/trying to catch up on my readings. I got a lot less accomplished than I wanted to. I don’t know how I managed to waste so much time. But I got SOME stuff accomplished so I’m better off than I was.

Dinner was chicken cacciatore with cooked broccoli. I had mainly pasta over a bed of spinach with a couple small pieces of chicken. I also drizzled it with some herb-y hot sauce. And obviously had to have a couple pieces of baked tofu with it as well.

Later on I was going to make oatmeal cookies. But I couldn’t seem to find a recipe that sounded good enough. My dilemma was that I did not want to make one of the classic oatmeal cookie recipes that involve incessant GLOBS of butter and sugar, but my mother and brother never want to eat anything that tastes even slightly “healthified”. But I was having too much trouble finding a recipe that sounded healthy but that probably wouldn’t taste too healthy. Anyone have anything on that front?

So I just made quick boxed brownies instead. No, there’s no healthiness to that. But it was easier. And I subbed half the oil with unsweetened applesauce (so I reduced the oil from 1/4 cup to 2 tbsp… go me). I tried.

I had an eensie piece mixed with gelato. Mmm. SO good.
Then I ate a bunch of “crumbs” and all of those unevenly cut edges out of the pan. Because there just can’t be unevenly cut brownies. That would be inhumane.
And I had a light hot chocolate/peppermint tea drink. I probably didn’t need any more sweet after that brownie but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I just finished up the last of my studying for the night so I think I’m about ready for some shut eye. Hope you all had a good weekend and have exciting week events planned for this week. My excitement includes an upcoming midterm on Thursday. First one of the year. I can’t wait…


8 thoughts on “Tofu Success and The Last of the Pitas

  1. Your baked tofu looks really good. So does your icing coffee. Deceiving.

    Also, I am sure you’ve gone over this, but if you don’t mind can you explain your iced coffee method.

    Not to toot my own horn, but the Oatmeal cookies I made yesterday are good. You could add more oats less flour if you want and use to version with less butter and squash/pumpkin. Give it a whirl. :)

  2. Yay for dancing!!! And I had to laugh at what you did to your cauliflower. I do strange things with cauliflower too. The other day, I was eating mashed cauliflower and it was so creamy that it got me wondering what would happen if I put something sweet in there, like sugar and soymilk, and made whipped cream! Maybe it wouldn’t be so good?

  3. Raw, colorful vegetables + “candy-like” apple (was it a honeycrisp apple???) + smoothies +

    Hooray for dancing!! It was my university’s homecoming this weekend too – I didn’t go though, since I had my dance showcase :-)

    Oatmeal cookies = you MUST try the recipe from “Eat, Drink & Be Vegan” – it’s phenomenal!!!!

    Happy Monday!

  4. I was gonna suggest you try Heather’s Oatmeal Flax Pumpkin or Squash Chocolate Chips optional Cookies, but I see she beat me to it. :)
    I love your wknd updates. :) They make me smile!

  5. Hi Kristie…. I am new to your blog and I must say I love it!! Great pictures and I enjoy reading your site. I will be a definte regular. I also enjoy the tofu recipe/idea.

    keep up the good work.

  6. “Strange? Maybe. Attractive? Hardly. Tasty? Definitely.”

    Haha, tasty is all that matters in that statement :)

    I like the bowl idea – sometimes it’s fun to mix it up!! Too bad the smoothie was disappointing.

    I still haven’t tried baked tofu but I have a block in my fridge and if you say it’s easy, I’m all for it.

    I have the exact same problem with baking for my family! I always try to make healthier versions and EVERY time my mom gets this look on her face, and I know that she isn’t a fan…grr family!! Gotta love ’em…sometimes it’s hard ;)

    Good luck with that upcoming midterm!!

  7. Heather – Oh of course, I remember seeing that oat cookie post of yours! I’ll definitely give that one a try asap.
    As for the coffee, I’ll try to remember to mention it again next post. Basically what I do though is put coffee, splenda and some skim milk in my Magic Bullet, along with 4-5 ice cubes. Then just blend it up and let it sit for a minute or two until all the frothiness rises and forms at the top. The foam forms the best when I use skim milk vs trying almond milk, which doesn’t seem to foam as much. You could probably sweeten it with anything. Or not at all.

    Katie – That actually sounds pretty delicious. Don’t tempt me with such tantilizing food combinations! Or do. Now I just might have to try it.

    VeggieGirl – I hope your dance competition went well! I’ll remember that recipe, I need to get my hands on that cookbook!

    Zesty – Thanks so much for coming by! I checked out your site and you’ve now got a new reader too!

    Jenn – Do the baked tofu. Half the reason it took me so long to try is because I just figured it would be a little more complicated than it was. But nope. Not complicated even in the least. Do it.
    And I’m so glad someone else shares my healthy goodies vs other family members frustration. I just don’t get it. I think the stuff tastes good! Why do they need their treats to be packed full of butter and sugar? Geeeez.

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