The Great Eating Scandal

I’ve done a semi terrible job of documenting my food for the past two days. I don’t remember half the stuff I ate. Here’s what I DO remember.


Breakfast: Pumpkin oats with the last of the container of almond butter and some SF maple syrup.

Lunch: Didn’t really exist. It was more a series of random snacks throughout the afternoon. Gotta love the busy school day. Meh. I had an apple at one point. And half of this at another.
I’m still not a complete Larabar convert (I hate that these are so tiny), but this flavour was up there. Might be the best I’ve tried yet. Not that I’ve tried that many but still. It took a few bites before I decided I was a decently big fan though. Acquired taste? I dunno.

There was more snacking later on.

Then some Dinner.
Tortellini with shrimp and feta, some leftover chicken, and cauliflower with buffalo + queso on top. I always eat my cauliflower topped with weird things. It’s such a versatile food.
I had quite a bit more tortellini than what’s on my plate. Pasta is always tastier straight from the pot. At least from my pots.

Then I went out for a friend’s birthday. We hit up three different places, starting at a country karaoke bar (with some terrible singers and lineups that were much too long just to get some drinks), then moved on to an Irish pub (which was pretty chillin), then finished off at the club I frequent too much. I ended up drinking a lot more than I intended just because we were bebopping around everywhere so I ended up getting drinks at each place, but because they were spread out over the course of the night, I didn’t have any issues in terms of feeling like I’d had too much or feeling rough in the morning. My biggest problem with the night though was when I arrived home and proceeded to empty the kitchen of all of its food. I should not be allowed near kitchens after drinking. I wasn’t even hungry. And nothing I ate tasted overly great. I could hardly taste it at all to be honest. I think liquor temporarily disables taste buds. But yeah, that happened and I regretted it this morning.


Which is probably why I ended up having a terrible snacking day today where I kept track of nearly NONE of what I ate. I was going to try to skip breakfast because frankly, my middle of the night eating binge was the equivalent of about two breakfasts, but after chugging much water and coffee, the stomach wanted eats. I just finished up some container ends (cottage cheese and yogurt) and had some sour cream banana bread from the freezer that I defrosted last night during my great eating scandal.

Lunch was good. Salad with avocado and plain tofu, topped with sweet and spicy mustard and balsamic vinaigrette.

Then I finished the last of the pumpkin with cinnamon, splenda and some trail mix before going shopping with my mom.

At the mall I finally “splurged” on some good quality Clinique foundation. My entire makeup career has been based solely around drugstore brands so to go to an actual makeup counter and get something that was specifically matched to my skin tone and that cost at least double what I normally pay was a whole new experience.
I also really wanted to find a new fall coat since I don’t really have one and don’t want to freeze in the coming weeks as the temperature continues to drop. But I found nothing. Then again I got discouraged pretty quickly and didn’t look for very long in very many stores. So I might have missed my perfect one. Then AGAIN, I hate buying jackets at the stores in the mall here because there aren’t that many malls around here and aren’t that many stores in this one, so if you buy a jacket at one of them, you’re almost guaranteed to see people all over the city walking around in the same one. I hate that. So I might have to do some deeper jacket searching elsewhere. I hate shopping sometimes.

Dinner involved egg whites in a pita with spinach, salsa and the last of the nutritional yeast queso. This was deelish. There was also a few pieces of leftover tortellini to complement this meal. Some of them were eaten cold straight from their leftover container. Because that’s how I eat pretty much everything. Seriously, plates and I just don’t get along that well.

This was good but I was still hungry. Smoothie time.
Vanilla protein powder, light vanilla soy milk, frozen raspberries, frozen mango, Pineapple Green Tea Yogurt (New flavour find today! What?! Obviously I had to try it. You can definitely taste the green tea. It’s pretty awesome).

I also just had a coffee/light hot chocolate drink. It was good. I still feel kinda hungry. The never-ending appetite continues.

Have a good weekend!


11 thoughts on “The Great Eating Scandal

  1. Pumpkin oats + Larabar (You know I’M a fan for sure, haha!! :-D ) + smoothie = yum!!

    Don’t regret!! Just remember that tomorrow is another day.

    Enjoy your weekend, Kristie!!

  2. i love the pic of you gripping the Larabar!!

    Go pumpkin oats and plain tofu!! yayerrr!!

    haha I’m totally with you on plating food. I’m always eating things out of the containers!

    happy weekend Kristie!! :)

  3. Good foundation is a must. If you don’t like Clinique, bare minerals is pretty bombay as well. :)
    If it makes you feel better, I DON’T drink, yet still find myself doing some midnight eating. For no good reason, other than I like chewing and swallowing!
    I like your post. It made me smile. :)

  4. i usually stick with generic make-up too but when I do splurge Clinique is my favorite! I really like the eyeliner there.

    Drunk eating = THE ABSOLUTE WORST.

    I’ve learned that even if I drink/eat like crap it’s always a TERRIBLE idea to skip meals the next day to compensate. It just sets me up for oversnacking and then being starving the next day which just starts up a bad cycle. Instead I’m trying to just look at every day as a new day and start from scratch.

    Yayyy weekend!!

  5. I wouldn’t have any makeup if it weren’t for my mom. She gets me all these fabulous things that I never use.

    I hate drunk eating. Well, I love it at the time, but the next day it’s such a bummer. Oh well, at least you had fun!

  6. Iam not much of a larabar fan bt i know a lot of people are… i would prefer to eat fruit and nuts!
    I think it is def common to people to come home after a late night out and eat a lot.. i dont drink anymore but when i use to thatis what I would do..maybe allowing yourself a bar or something and going out of the kitchen is the best bet

  7. Erin – I’ll keep my eye out for some Bare Minerals stuff. I always prefer to buy things if someone’s recommended them.

    Sarah – Oh perfect, I really need new eyeliner! Maybe I’ll get a Clinique one now. I considered it the other day already while I was there but I always put off buying makeup until I absolutely HAVE to.
    As for the eating the next day, you’re definitely right. Skipping meals/trying to compensate never works out.

    Heather – Nice, I wish my mom got me all kinds of schmancy makeup. No such luck.

    Christie – Yeah that’s a good idea. I’ll have to try to remember to just grab a bar or something similar rather than raiding the fridge + cupboard. Although half the time I think I get more enjoyment out of trying to come up with something to eat during those late night raids than actually eating it. Ha.

  8. Gosh, your first picture was so gorgeous! I opened up your post and was like “Damn! She’s good at photography” :)

    I’m still the same way with Larabars. I’ve actually determined that I like them, but every time I reach for one, I’m reminded of how small they are and always go for something else.

    I totally hear you on being extra hungry after drinking. I especially hate it when a Whole Foods buttercream-frosted cake involved. Isn’t it ironic that when you do have too much to drink, the only stuff around is cookies and candy?

    I’m totally a drugstore makeup girl. The only stuff I splurge on is foundation – so good choice!! ;)

    I hope you have a great week!

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