Define "Salad"

I think a quick update is in order before heading off to dreamland. I got some good textbook reading/note-taking done tonight so I’m feeling a little more accomplished right now than I had been feeling for the past few days. Yay for semi-productiveness.

Since I didn’t finish yesterday like I said I was going to, here’s a quick recap of the rest of the day:

Lunch was a random salad. Well I don’t even know if you could call it a salad. More like a bowl of random stuff thrown together. Salad-like because it included veggies, but not quite at full-on salad level. Then again, I guess that depends how exactly you define “salad”… whatever. Here was the bowl:
Spinach, red pepper, mushrooms, queso sauce, baba ghanoush, cottage cheese and a bitten sun dried tomato.

For dinner I had sushi. No camera so I used my camera phone. But I forgot to take a picture of the actual sushi. Genius. It was a california roll for the record. But at least I got the SEAWEED SALAD.

For some reason some part of this meal really messed up my stomach though. It was really bloated and paining. Which is especially weird because I’ve had this exact meal several times before with no issues. Hm.

Anyway, then I went shopping and had my mind set on getting some frozen yogurt. So I went to Laura Secord and ordered some chocolate brownie yogurt, kiddie size, in a cup.
This was NOT kiddie sized. I swear there was practically two scoops in there. I ate it all anyway. The worst part though was the fact that it wasn’t nearly as good as I was hoping. I should have just splurged and got some kind of actual chocolate ice cream or something. It might have been double the calories but I would have enjoyed it at least 5x more. And wouldn’t have gone home rummaging for more sweets since my sweet tooth was triggered but not satisfied. Hmmph.

AND that brings us to TODAY

After a quick treadmill run and some weighted squats/lunges I made an equally quick bowl of oats before running off to class.
Oats, pumpkin, banana, cinnamon, vanilla protein powder, flax. Pretty good. NOT filling enough. I was pretty starving when I got home. I thought this would hold me over longer. I even paired it with a crunchy apple. Guess that didn’t help anything either.

So I had this bowl of spinach, salsa, hot peppers and cottage cheese.
Not before eating large amounts of camera-shy garlic hummus with carrots and rye bread though.

AND this great bowl of vanilla yogurt mixed with pumpkin, vanilla soy milk and 1/2 a Weetabix biscuit, heated, then topped with crushed vanilla shreddies. A little bit sweeter and this would have tasted exactly like warm pumpkin pie. I’ll have to keep tweaking this combo.

More class, blah blah blah, then dinner.

Chicken fajitas. Mm mmmm. I haven’t had these in ages. Chicken and salsa goodness with a whole big chunk of GOAT CHEESE wrapped in a white flour tortilla. Can’t be perfect all the time… plus, that’s just what came in the ‘fajita kit’.
I had another half of one as well that my brother didn’t want to finish, plus many pinches of shredded cheddar cheese and many pieces of chicken straight from the pan. I always have to pick at foods from their pots, containers etc as I put prepare them or put them on my plate, I can never just eat what I portion out for my actual meal. Never.

Then I had a bowl of pureed mango-y goodness. Frozen mango, strawberry yogurt, vanilla soy milk and vanilla protein powder.

Okay bed time. Okay no, brief blog reading then bed time. Yeah, I sacrifice sleep for blog catch-up. The important things in life.

PS. I HATE coughs. If you have some kind of miracle cough cure up your sleeve, PLEASE let me know about it.


11 thoughts on “Define "Salad"

  1. Love the mix of ingredients in your salad bowl; and HOORAY FOR SEAWEED SALAD!!! :-)

    Gorgeous oats, apple, pureed mango (love the bowl it’s in, too!) – yum!!

    Hope you got enough rest, and that your cough clears up soon!! !!

  2. My definition of a salad is a collection of different things together in one bowl. With that in mind, you can put a bunch of kittens in a bowl and call that kitten salad. :lol: j/k Don’t know where that came from. ANYWAY Have you tried drinking some hot tea to help your cough?

  3. Ugh, I hate the way we can eat the same exact meals twice and one time, the stomach is fine while the other, it goes INSANE! I mean, what the heck, stomach?!

    But yay for cottage cheese scoops on top of salads!! You are so right, it makes it so much better.

    I love the addition of goat cheese to your wrap. I haven’t made a wrap in ages!! It’s totally on the menu.

    Woah, pureed mango goodness doesn’t even begin to describe it! I am definitely trying that combo next time I buy frozen mango! Which will be SOON!

  4. Leng – Haha mmm kitten salad.. Eep!
    I have been drinking a bit of hot tea but not nearly enough. I should have a mug right now!

    Jenn – Seriously. Stomachs are no fun at all.
    Make some wraps! And buy some frozen mango! Don’t delay! :)

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