Coughing Fits and Fall Goodies

I had such a terrible sleep last night, at least for the first couple hours of it. I went to bed probably around midnight, but didn’t end up getting to sleep for at least two hours later because of a sudden case of The Unstoppable Cough. No exaggeration. Every five seconds I would go through another coughing fit. I had some hardcore prescription cough medicine from last time I had a terrible cough so I took some of that first. It did nothing. Then I sucked on some cough candies. Various different kinds. Nothing. Then I took some Buckleys. Usually this stuff works wonders. It still seemed to do almost nothing, although by this point the cough seemed to have calmed down a bit, at least enough so that there were maybe ten second breaks between fits now. I elevated my head with two pillows instead of one and I applied gobs of Vix Vaporub to my chest and throat area. I finally popped one last cough candy into my mouth – A Fisherman’s Friend that I randomly found a free sample of in my closet yesterday – and was able to fall asleep. No idea if it was that specific candy or the combination of EVERYTHING else finally kicking in. But I fell asleep.

I’m going to crash later on today, I have little doubt. Either that or I’ll be in bed very early tonight. Which should probably happen no matter what.

Anyway, in between working on school work and then my friend inviting me out for some wings last night, I didn’t get a post up. So here’s yesterday’s eats. And I didn’t have any wings when I went out, I had already had dinner and wasn’t hungry in the least. I just went for the social aspect. And to sip on a gigantic Diet Coke. That probably wasn’t a good idea either, I felt kinda gross after drinking it.


I still had half of that Cocoa Mole Larabar leftover from the other day, so I figured what better way to use it up (since I wasn’t such a huge fan of it eaten alone…) then to chop it up and throw it in a bowl of oatmeal. So combined with banana, cinnamon and a splash of vanilla soy milk, in went most of the chopped Larabar bits, with the last few thrown on top. It worked out pretty well. I’d probably do this again if I encountered another subpar bar.

I did another 45 minute 3s + 5s interval sesh on the treadmill, then had some lunch. It was a lovely day and finally not too chilly, so I got to enjoy it in the backyard. I had a salad with some avocado, the last of the deli turkey and the last of the seaweed salad (*tear*). Along with it I had about 1/2 a cup of cereal (Guardian and Multigrain Cheerios) with light vanilla soy milk, frozen berries and a dollop of vanilla yogurt. Then it was off to class.


For dinner I was craving sweet potato, so I microwaved one up while making some nut yeast QUESO sauce to top it with. YUM. I ended up eating a whole lot of this stuff straight from the pot. It’s seriously addicting.

What I managed to salvage though made it onto my sweet potato, along with some chopped raw spinach and FF sour cream.

Then for dessert I mixed up some pumpkin and yogurt! I used to have this all the time but I kind of retired pumpkin for the brunt of the summer. Now that fall is back, so is the pumpkin! I mixed up some vanilla yogurt, canned pumpkin, cinnamon, and chopped dried fruit(peach and strawberries), and also threw in a bit of vanilla protein powder, which gave it a subtle hint of something extra special. I topped it with half a Weetabix biscuit. I missed having bowls of pumpkin-y sweetness!
081 097

And of course, because Halloween is quickly approaching (woo!), I had to have some mellowcremes. These things are so darn sweet. And so darn delicious. I kind of want to do something weird with them, like melt them into oatmeal or chop them up and bake them into cookies. Hm. I wonder how well that would work…

And with that, we are onto…

This Morning

Usually I update at the end of the day but because I have time now and because I missed doing it yesterday, you get to see a midday update from me. How exciting.

For breakfast I wanted to go for some good healthy foods to combat this awful cough whatever it is thing but I have no oranges and I don’t like orange juice. So I figured a vitamin c, an apple and a cup of tea would have to do for now. I paired it all with a great smoothie: a spoonful of yogurt, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/3 cup pumpkin, cinnamon, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk, crushed ice. Pumpkin smoothies are where it’s at.

Then I went to class and suffered the entire time. I coughed way too much and I’m sure everyone around me probably wanted to kill me. I tried sucking on a cough candy, which helped a bit, but not enough. And then, because of my rough night last night, I was completely crashing. I kept nearly dozing off and not even realizing it until I would clue into the fact that I could no longer see the class in front of me, being that my eyes were closed and all… this happened throughout the entire last half an hour of the class. I really should have had some coffee this morning.

So instead, as I am now home from that class, I am sitting here enjoying the coffee that I really should have chugged this morning. Iced of course, because it’s not a cold day. It also seemed appropriate to bring back the thumbs up today.

Now I guess I should get some studying under my belt, and then perhaps some exercising if I can muster up the energy. And not cough up a lung in the process.

Rest of the day to come tonight most likely!


10 thoughts on “Coughing Fits and Fall Goodies

  1. BOO FREAKIN’ HOO! I’m so sorry about your coughing attack! QUE HORIBLE!
    Take care of yourself, Kristie!
    I love those mellowcremes too. Should I give in and buy some? I guess I could leave them at work so I don’t go gung ho on ‘wm at home.
    I like the Larabar on the oats idea! And your sweet potato gave me an idea for dinner. :) Thanks…pumpkin!

  2. Oh no!! Hope that you can have a restful, cough-free night tonight!! Hang in there!!

    A LARABAR IN OATMEAL!??!?!?! Two of my daily eats fusing together…. perfection.

    Sweet potato + pumpkin dessert + apple + smoothie = YUM!!

    Good luck studying!!

  3. I wish I could make Mr. Unstoppable Cough LEVAE YOU ALONE!

    I didn’t much like the cocoa mole larabar either… Jocolats are MUCH superior. Gosh, for all the press I’m giving them lately, they should give me a lifetime supply for free! *wishful thinking*

  4. i’m so sorry about yout coughing fit! once they start they never stop, do they. argh. though all your eats look fantastic, especially the pumpkin-infused stuff!! i have a can of pumpkin in the cupboard, it makes me want to break into it NOW :)

  5. Erin – I bought them out of a bulk bin so I was able to control how many of those dangerous little lovies came home with me. Which was only a small scoop. And I ended up putting the rest in a little bowl for my family to finish up.

    Emily – YES, I really need to get out there and buy more of the Jocolat ones. I think I just need to get one of each flavour that I can find. I am confident that I will like all of those ones much better than the mole.

    Everyone – Thanks for the well wishes. My cough still sucks though. Boo.

  6. Oh no! I hate the unstoppable cough. One time I had a cough like that which lasted for 3 months! I really, REALLY hope yours goes away soon!

    I really need to buy frozen raspberries – they always look so amazing!

    I. LOVE. MELLOCREMES!! I already ate all mine (woops!) but I love your idea for melting them in oatmeal. I can’t wait to see what you end up doing and then copying you :)

    The thumbs up just made my night. Thank you for that.

  7. Jenn – Ah! Don’t scare me like that! I don’t think I could handle having to deal with this for 3 months… I might just go insane if that were the case!
    Haha I really need to go out and buy more mellowcremes. My family ate the rest. I’m all for sharing but geez. Greedy hogs. :P

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