Pitas Pitas Everywhere

Whoops, another three day update here. Those are weekends for ya.

I think I’m going to stick to posting more of just my main meals, snacks etc rather than trying to capture or at least talk about the majority of the things I eat. A lot of those little bites and things are really boring and don’t need mentioning. Some don’t need photographs either. So I’m going to try to stick to only posting about the slightly more exciting, relevant stuff. So if it seems like I haven’t had any snacks or had pretty small portions during a day, you can be almost guaranteed that I’ve eaten quite a bit more than that as well, but it was just lots of eatings that didn’t need mentioning ;)

And with that said, here’s the weekend:


Breakfast: I made a gigantor smoothie with lots of stuff in it that I can’t remember. I DO know it involved a bit handful of spinach though. Yum.

Lunch: Black beans, salsa and jalapeno hummus on rye with spinach and tomato, plus a veggie plate.
015 023

And the PITA fest begins after going on a long time needed grocery shop and picking up some of my favourite pitas that I haven’t had in ages. Freshest pitas ever. And low cal. And protein-y! Can’t beat em. I don’t know what brand but I don’t think it matters because it’s just some random brand that I’m sure no one would be able to find anyway.

Dinner: Half a pita stuffed with roasted turkey slices (I hadn’t had good deli turkey in AGES. It was great), spinach and sweet and spicy mustard (SO good), SEAWEED SALAD, and SUSHI. Mmmmm mmmmmmm. I love grocery shopping. A new grocery trip always leads to great tasting dinners.

Then I met a friend at a bubble tea place. I got a hot chocolate mint tea. It was good but I think I would have liked it a little sweeter to be honest…. oh well.
Then we just had a chill night and rented Charlie Bartlett. Decent movie.


Aka work day as per usual.

Breakfast: Oats with frozen banana chunks and coffee yogurt mixed in, topped with more coffee yogurt and blueberries. This was my first time trying coffee flavoured yogurt. It was pretty good but the coffee flavour wasn’t all that prominent.

Lunch: Salad with black beans. I also had a small apple and plum.
AND I had to go pick up lunch for everyone at work. They had Subway, and the Subway is attached to a convenience store. This one had Crystal Light FROSTEES. There was no way I wasn’t jumping at THAT opportunity.

Snack: I was hungry a bit later again so I had half of a Cocoa Mole Larabar. This was… eh. Chili and chocolate? I dunno, not my thing. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but I doubt I would buy the flavour again. I had to try it though, it was too interesting to pass up. This must not be much of a favourite amongst food bloggers because I don’t think I ever really see this flavour mentioned…

Dinner: More pita! This was stuffed with (overcooked) egg whites, salsa, spinach, feta + goat cheese and possibly a couple other things I can’t remember. Along with MORE seaweed salad and some boxed mac&cheese.

Dessert: Ice cream? Not quite. I don’t know what it could be, more along the lines of a smoothie I guess, but technicalities aside, this was GOOD. It was frozen mango, FF vanilla yogurt, a splash of vanilla soy milk and almost 1 Tbsp of Peanut butter (the Kraft stuff. I just had to finish off the jar. I hate little bits of things sitting around. I need to use them up). Not overly pretty, but YES overly taste.

Then I went out with a friend. We were going out to the normal club I always go to that NEVER has a lineup, or if it does it never surpasses a 5 minute wait, but I forgot that this was homecoming weekend. So every bar, club etc was at capacity and lined up like crazy. We waited for over an hour to get in. We weren’t in til past one. And to boot, even after all that waiting it sucked once we got in. It was boring and we just weren’t in the mood anymore and it wasn’t staying open a whole lot longer anyway. So we were hardly there an hour. We left to get food (my friend got a PITA that I ended up finishing the last probably 1/4 of once she was done with it – Man I love pitas), then tried to get a cab. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. I don’t think we got back to her place until after 3. And it was COLD out. We could have walked back to her place but the walk is a pretty long one and we were in heels. I would have just taken them off and walked barefoot but we had already walked a good distance from the club to somewhere thinking we might be able to catch a cab easier without having to fight so many people for one if we went to a different location, but that walk along KILLED my feet. They were literally stinging, so even walking without the heels killed.
Needless to say, the whole night was pretty much crap. And I wasn’t overly in the mood to go out in the first place. SO I was kind of kicking myself after that one. Oh well, you win some you lose some. This one was a pretty big LOSE.


Which brings us to today. I didn’t do anything productive. I shopped with a friend. I should have spent many of my wasted hours doing homework. I didn’t. I am now going to be kicking myself no doubt this week since I am already behind in my readings. I can just never keep on top of them, I’m so bad at that. I’ll do my best to catch up a bit though in the next few days. I say that as I sit here blogging instead of READING. Where the heck do my priorities lie?

Breakfast: I came home from my friend’s pretty early, chilled a bit, and then made some breakfast. Egg whites with salsa, spinach and a FF cheese slice on 1/2 an Ezekiel english muffin. This used to be one of my favourite breakfasts. So good.

I also had an apple along with it, and the last little bit of coffee yogurt mixed with PUMPKIN BUTTER. Which I made this morning. From this recipe. I halved it. It’s good stuff. I think I’m going to try mixing it in oatmeal tomorrow.
019 017

This was a fairly late breakfast, so I had a fairly light lunch later. Baba for dipping.
031 035

Then I had a piece of defrosted apple bar with pumpkin butter. And some yogurt with frozen berries.

Then I went shopping and bought some Halloween mellowcremes. You know those giant candy corn like candies, but they aren’t candy corn shape? I dunno how to describe them other than “yum”.

Dinner: MORE pita. I told you there was a lot of pita. THIS one was stuffed with a GARDENBURGER and goat cheese and sundried tomatoes and spinach and sweet and spicy mustard and tomato and awesomeness. Then there was the not as awesome but still pretty good Riceroni and meatloaf.

WELL, the picture of that dinner was completely wrong, no idea how that happened but I just took it out. I feel like this keeps happening. Really weird…

And some frozen mango with yogurt. Good as always, but didn’t beat the ice creamy/smoothie/whatever dish of last night.

And that is my weekend. In one very very large nutshell. Hope you all enjoyed yours!


12 thoughts on “Pitas Pitas Everywhere

  1. I’m so sorry your Saturday night was the funk! I hear you on the heels! I have bunions but insist on wearing stilletos to school for 12 hours. Vanity much? Geez.
    I like your eats this wknd! Lots of variety. I really love your posts btw. Your tone is just funny. I can relate to the priorities issue. I have to bust my ass all week because I was worthless in the homework department today.
    We need to be able to chill though, right? Have a great week Kristie!

  2. You can’t ever have too much pita. That sucks about the club night, I used to HATE game weekends in general because I am not a fan of crowded bars and such. I’m a low key gal ;)

    Have a great night/week!!

  3. love the pita craziness this weekend…i agree; they rock; i could live off of them.

    and sorry your saturday night sucked! like you said, win some you lose some. :|

    hope studying went well!

  4. Katie – Now that you mention it (and I look really hard…) I can slightly see this oatmeal skull you speak of. You might just be a little strange though for seeing it in the first place. :P Kidding!

    Erin – Now THAT’S hardcore. I admire you for going that far in the face of vanity. I don’t think I could do it. Wearing kitten heels is the farthest I’ll go for vanity purposes haha.

    Jenn – I like crowded to some extent, most especially for clubs because if it’s empty then dancing is a little awkward… but yeah, the big weekends like this drive me CRAZY. I hate waiting and overcrowded places drive me NUTS. I’ve come thisclose to kicking many people in the shins on some of the busier nights. Sometimes I even just shove the ones that are pissing me off and then book it haha.

  5. pumpkin butter looks so good!! wish i could find some somewhere. you really can’tgo wrong with pittas – especially when te fillings are as good as yours.

  6. Those pitas look great… they restaurant style!

    I think that is a great recipe for the pumpkin butter especially because it is so expensive in the store and that recipe is simple and looks great!

  7. I love pitas so much. I can definitely see myself eating them for every meal if I was forced to. They are just so versatile – kinda like bread, only better because they’re cute little pockets :)

    Wow, I’m really too obsessed with pitas.

    I’m sorry your Saturday night was so crummy :( There is nothing worse than having to walk when your feet are absolutely killing you. It makes you realize how much those little footsies do for you.

    Wow, am I overly sentimental tonight or what?!

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