Oh Snacky Day

Today was definitely a day of frequent and constant snacking. I just didn’t feel like making real meals I guess. I wanted little bites of everything. So that’s just how I went about my eating.

Breakfast was normal. A bowl of cereal: PB Panda Puffs and Raisin Bran with banana, yogurt, almond milk. Plus a HOT coffee for once. I was too cold for iced this morning.

This didn’t hold me over as well as I had hoped though. I was starving during my class. Crap. So I ate my first “lunch” as soon as I got home. It was probably three hours after breakfast though from what I calculated, so I guess that makes sense that I was hungry already.

This Lunch#1 started with a hard boiled egg white with jalapeno hummus and pepper.

Then I finished off the leftover homemade pizza x2 with salsa for dipping.

Then I did another treadmill interval run, but this time was just random intervals that I made up, I didn’t follow any plan or structure.

Then I had my Lunch#2, which was spinach, baby tomatoes and mushrooms with wheat berries and the last of my bottle of light cucumber dressing. I’m finally starting to get rid of some of those darn bottles, I feel like I have way too many sitting in the fridge door.

There was also more to Lunch#2 but I can’t remember what. I think there might have been some crackers with a few bites of tuna. And probably some grapes.

This combo of lunches fuelled me well through my next class and until dinner. I was supposed to meet up with a friend for dinner but I had to wait an HOUR in a textbook return lineup just to exchange my stinking brand new textbook that was missing a whole CHUNK of pages out of the first chapter. They weren’t even ripped pages, just missing. I was so annoyed.

By the time I was able to meet up with her she was running low on time because she had to be back to school to meet up with someone else for a project. SO, we just had a quick bite instead of an actual meal. We went to a little local restaurant called The Raintree Cafe. I got a small greek salad without olives, dressing on the side. It was decently good but I knew I’d be eating more real food once I got home.

That was where the real snacking began. Everything else I ate for the rest of the day was snacky.

I had some leftover gnocchi with light shredded mozza, more bites of tuna salad from my mom’s leftovers at lunch, some Krinkle Sticks (those pictured were portioned out to dip in salsa but there were also plenty munched on straight from the bag) and some crackers.
034 036

Then I moved on to the sweet stuff. Apple cake bars. I picked off a bunch of little pieces. And ate all of those crumbs in the corner of the dish.

Then I made a smoothie, but this was much more dessert-y than my typical smoothies. It involved frozen mango, grapes, vanilla yogurt, chocolate protein powder, skim milk, gelato and cocoa powder. Who knows why I made this concoction but it tasted pretty darn good. And I was finally full after having this…

… for about 10 minutes. Until I couldn’t stop thinking about getting something ELSE to eat. I should have had a hot coffee or tea. Instead I had some banana drop cookies out of the freezer. Then I was FINALLY full.

Then I went for a good fast-paced walk.

But now, as I sit here procrastinating on studying, I’m beginning to feel hungry yet again. I can’t believe it. Water chug time. Maybe even tea if totally necessary.

Tomorrow I’m definitely eating BIG meals. Snacky meals just don’t satisfy the hunger well enough! And they just aren’t as pretty to look at.


11 thoughts on “Oh Snacky Day

  1. That sounds fun! You got to eat little bites of everything! That smoothie looks like heaven. I just love it.
    And your hard-boiled egg is off the heezy!

  2. Yep, I am a total fan of big, pretty meals. I know that sometimes they aren’t possible, but for the most part I feel more balanced throughout the day when I take 3 breaks to sit down to a meal. Have a great night!

  3. Love the Sister Act reference!!

    Mmm love the egg with the hummus! I’ve never tried that before – thanks for the idea!

    Cucumber dressing, eh? What does that taste like?

    That sucks about the textbook – oh school, why are you so annoying?

    Mm that smoothie looks yummy!

    I totally know what you mean about snacky vs. big meals. Although it seems cool to snack throughout the day, I am definitely less hungry when I just stick to three straight meals and some dessert!

  4. As soon as I read the title of your blog post, I started singing it to the tune of that “gospel-y” song, “Oh, Happy Day,” haha! :-D

    Apple cake bars + smoothie = yum!

    Procrastination? I know it well ;-)

  5. MMMmm Raintree! I also recently tried Exhibit Cafe in Kitchener- it’s in the Children’s museum in downtown- and it’s really good!

  6. M – I’ve been wanting to try Exhibit Cafe for a little while now. Never been in before but I saw an advertisement thing a while ago that talked about the food and did it ever sound good! I definitely want to check it out one of these days.

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