Mid Weekend Update for Once!

Usually I do a weekend wrap up but I have time for a Saturday update right now and I actually feel like updating, it’s not forced today :)

My day hasn’t been overly eventful. I worked. But I did manage to start my day off with some EXERCISE. I wasn’t hungry upon first waking but I wanted to work some kind of appetite up fairly quickly since I didn’t have a ton of time between my alarm going off and leaving for work, so I did a good 20 minute run on the treadmill first thing. I normally don’t even end up fitting in exercise on Saturdays, so getting an a.m. run in was quite the accomplishment for me.

Then I was about ready for breakfast, and I was craving a Mango Smoothie. Mmmm. It had chocolate protein powder, frozen mango chunks, FF vanilla yogurt, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and ice. Oh, and I threw in some flax and cinnamon. This was SO thick. Practically like a milkshake.
Yeah, I did stand outside the back door just to take this picture. I just like outdoor lighting a heck of a lot better, even on a gloomy day like day.

For lunch I packed a chopped veggie salad with balsamic vinaigrette and dijon mustard, topped with leftover tuna from yesterday’s lunch. I also packed Kashi crackers, which I ate two of with some of the tuna, and an apple and plum, neither of which I ate.

WHY didn’t I eat the fruit? Because I ate some of this instead:
Lunch ordered at work was Chinese. This was my brother’s leftovers. I ate my fair share of that fried rice. If only it was steamed instead… sure was filling though.

Once I got home it was dinner time. My dinner was a little strange…
Broccoli with balsamic spritz, rice crackers, 1% cottage cheese and half a slice of rye with jalapeno hummus and salsa. But these were just all of the foods I felt for so it worked. I also had a plate of some pretty plain salad.

Then for dessert I had a bowl of frozen mango chunks with FF vanilla yogurt, topped with some trail mix stuff I made a while ago plus a crumbled peanut crunch candy thing.
Mmmm. I could eat frozen mango every day. Actually, I think I practically do.

I also drank a LOT of coffee today. I think I’m still feeling its effects. Mmm coffee.

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!


9 thoughts on “Mid Weekend Update for Once!

  1. I’ve actually never had frozen mango. Only fresh. In fact I have a fresh one ripening on my counter right now. Probably once summer is over though, I’ll grab a bag of frozen, and then be all …”oh hey, this is what Kristie does..” and you can be like “yeah isn’t it so good?” and I’ll be like “yes, yes it is…way to go for the tip!”

    can you tell I’m in the middle of calculus?

    PS your smoothies always look so tasti tasti!


  2. Good job on your workout!
    Can you recommend a protein powder? I used to get one from Trader Joe’s, but of course we don’t have one in the town I live in now. Boo!
    I love that you took the picture outside. I do that kind of stuff all the time. :)

  3. Yay for a mid-weekend, update!

    I love the outdoor picture – the lighting truly is so much better out there, no matter what the weather :)

    I love the consistency of your smoothie! It really does look like a yummy milkshake!

    I need to try frozen mango, and fast! I can’t wait to enjoy all the possibilities that frozen fruit can offer this winter!

  4. Em – HAHA I love your comment. I hope you DO eat lots of frozen mango this fall/winter, I love it. I really should have taken advantage of the awesome mango that was out fresh more this summer though. I think I only bought it maybe three times!

    Melissa S – YES, eating smoothies with a spoon is the only way to go!

    Erin – To be honest, I’ve only ever tried one kind of protein powder, and it’s just the one that’s in my cupboard that my brother bought one day, I guess with the intentions of making himself feel “manly” hahaha. It’s just a chocolate whey protein powder. I definitely want to try some others out though. Let me know if you find anything good!

    Jenn – Seriously, I can’t get enough of frozen fruit. Half the time I think I like it better than fresh. Maybe I’m crazy. It’s so darn good though!

    jenngirl – Coffee is much too addicting and awesome. It’s quite the dangerous drink :P

  5. never tried frozen mango! i love frozen fruit in general so i must try this (although i don’t know when mangos go out of season?!) i also LOVE the colourful glass bowl. so beautiful. and i want that smoothie/milkshake please.

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