People Are Weird.

Seriously. I just don’t understand people sometimes. I mean in general. Just humankind as a whole. Maybe they are just too complicated for my simple mind. Or maybe just too darn weird.

Anyway, Food time!


The second day back to school and two classes. Prior to heading off to my first class, Social Psychology, I had a bowl of the Quakers Weight Control Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal. I prefer rolled oats in a pot, but I have a few packets of this stuff lying around that I’d like to use up. I threw in some wheat berries, strawberries, and canned peaches plus some of the water they were packed in. I LOVED the peaches in this. It tasted just like peach crisp. Delicious. I can’t wait to try this in stovetop oats with maybe some brown sugar or something on top. I’ll bet it’ll be even better.

I don’t think this held me over quite as long as I would have liked though because I was pretty darn hungry once I got back home from my first class. I snacked on some of this mess (mainly the pasta and a couple small bites of meatball…) –

Then FINALLY finished off that darn leftover falafel on half a whole wheat english muffin with the rest of the tahini dip, dijon mustard, spinach and tomato.

After a good combined cardio and strength training workout (something out of Fitness magazine – I’m still feeling it in my arms today), I made myself a smoothie. Now this one was actually green. I was brave and threw in a nice BIG handful of spinach. It could have been slightly sweeter but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. There was also some chocolate protein powder, FF plain yogurt, almond milk, frozen banana and strawberries in there too.

Then I headed off to my second and final class of the day, Cognitive Psychology (I guess Tuesdays are going to be psych heavy). By the time that was done I was ready for dinner. So I went for the never-disappointing veggie burger with all the fixins. A Sundried Tomato Basil Gardenburger with a Laughing Cow Light wedge, sundried tomatoes, spinach, bruschetta and dijon mustard on a slice of rye. It was awesome.
But this just never seems to fill me up. And I needed some more veggies. So I went to my trusty bowl of cabbage slaw with carrots and red pepper in cucumber dressing.

I wasn’t really full but relatively satisfied so I held off on my dessert until a bit later. I had half a banana with almond butter.
But realized I was still pretty darn hungry so I ate the rest of the banana plain and then had a small bowl of mixed cereal with almond milk.

Then I walked on the treadmill for over an hour while watching THE HILLS. So I felt a little less guilty about my double night snack after that. ;)


Another morning class (I have morning classes everyday, either at 10 or 10:30… boo. But at least it’s not too too early and I have time in the morning to chill and make breakfast etc. so I really can’t complain too much!) and for some reason I felt a little more rushed this morning so I made a quick bowl of mixed cereal with frozen banana slices and almond milk. No yogurt! I never eat cereal without yogurt so this was weird for me. Haha okay, not that weird, but weird enough. I prefer it with yogurt. And I wasn’t full after it. So I also had a couple watermelon slices and an iced coffee. That did the trick.

I threw a quick snack of some nuts and an apple in my bag because I didn’t know exactly how my day would play out, where I would be eating etc. I ended up eating the apple later in the morning, but not the nuts.

With four hours between my two classes of the day, I went shopping with a friend. I also had a Cliff bar in my bag that I considered eating but I opted just to order something at the food court instead.
Bad call. I picked this one oriental restaurant place that had two vegetarian combos, either grilled tofu or a veggie burger, both with two sides. I wanted the tofu but they were all out? So I went with the burger but I guess they had it frozen or something so I had to wait for it to defrost? I dunno, something weird like that. Then I took forever to cook. And they didn’t have buns so they had to go to Walmart to buy some… not that I really needed the bun anyway. AND it’s a good thing I’m not actually a vegetarian because they definitely cooked the burger on the same spot as they cook the chicken, using the same tongs etc. My vegetarian friend who was with my noticed right away… tsk to them. For sides I got mixed veggies and some chickpeas in a spicy sauce. The chickpeas were pretty good, the veggies were dry. The burger was decent but definitely the exact same ones I buy at the grocery store. I was pretty unimpressed. And I ripped off a good chunk of the bun. Needless to say, that place won’t be getting my business again. Not that I eat at the mall often (as in hardly ever) anyway, but still. I would like to actually enjoy the food I eat when I decide to splurge on a mall meal. I wish I had a picture of this less than impressive disservice to my palate.

At least the meal held me over until dinner though…

I also bought and ate several different types of candy… they were small and fairly low cal things but I don’t like loading up on candy. Oops.

Dinner was chicken on rye with hummus, buffalo sauce and spinach, with several fries and baby tomatoes on the side. Plus cabbage slaw with mushrooms and red pepper hidden at the bottom, topped with dijon and cucumber dressing.
012 016

I had a pretty bad sweet tooth tonight that I had trouble killing. I had half of one of those two bite brownies and several bites of yogurt then tried to wait it out. But it didn’t work so I ended up having a coffee/hot chocolate combo with too much Splenda and light hot chocolate thrown in. And it still wasn’t sweet enough, so I threw in a bit of Turtles coffee mix stuff I found in the cupboard, just enough to bump up the sweetness level to sweet-craving-killing level. This finally worked. What a relief!

I hadn’t done any exercise today and then, just when I was feeling especially lazy and thinking I should get my butt moving and do something, my brother asked ME if I wanted to go out jogging. This was shocking because he NEVER asks me. I ask him once in a while and he always refuses. Apparently he got some jolt of motivation tonight. I jumped at the chance.

But I guess he is just no match for me. :P I had hardly even began to break a sweat about ten minutes in and he was dripping in sweat and gasping for air. Poor kid. I’ll whip him into shape in no time.
The awesome part about it though was I actually ran OUTDOORS. I haven’t done this in forever and ever. The last time I did it was when I was hardly even in shape and couldn’t go far at all. I felt like I could run forever tonight. Plus it was such a clear, crisp night and I ADORE being outside at night, so it was so perfect. I definitely want to get him running more because I most definitely want a night running buddy.


11 thoughts on “People Are Weird.

  1. Mmm LOVE wheatberries! And sometimes those Quaker packets are the next best thing – at least instant is less likely to explode in the microwave when you don’t feel like cooking on the stove.

    Ugh, that mall debacle sounds like a pain in the rear. I can’t believe they cooked the vegetarian options with the meat!

    Oh gosh, those two bite brownies – such a bad idea for my mom to bring those home from Costco! Two bites can easily turn to 100 in my house!

    Aw, so sweet that you and your bro shared some quality sib time ;) That run sounds great, and I’m glad that you got some time outdoors at night – how peaceful!

  2. yay for running outdoors! i wish i could run with my brothers…but they’re too fast…since their one step is equivalent to TWO of my steps…hahhaha!

    have a great thursday!

  3. Social AND cognitive psych?!?!?! We must discuss! I looooove social. If I wasn’t in a counseling program I’d be doing social research because they can study ANYTHING, no matter how whack it is.
    Your eats, as always, look totally splendid. Love how your smoothies are always bubbly. :)
    The psychology connection is too much. I’ve got to add you to my blogroll. :)

  4. Jenn – Very true, I hate oatmeal microwave explosions! And I cried a little when I saw the two bite brownies. Luckily I only ended up getting to eat the one half before my brother downed the entire bag haha.

    Melissa S.- I have a feeling once my brother starts getting his fitness level back up I might have the same issue ahead of me. Sigh.

    ashley – I have THE worst road rage.

    ChocolateCoveredVegan – Your comments always make me laugh! :D

    Erin – That’s awesome! I’m majoring in psych but it’s only my second year so I’m just starting to get into the breakdown of things and learn it in more detail. I didn’t know it was what I wanted to major in going into university but I LOVED my first year intro to psych course so I’m pretty excited about all of the more detailed psych I’ll be learning now in my upper years!

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