Lazy Days and Ugly Meals

So here we have yet another post of back logged days. I really need to keep up with this instead of writing novel-length posts when I miss days. I could easily have updated yesterday as I did nothing but sit around for the majority of it, but I always upload and write on my laptop and I was using my pc all day and I didn’t feel like turning on the laptop. Yeah, that’s how lazy I was yesterday. So here we have another excessively long post. I apologize in advance. And again, I’ll try to keep un-wordy because of the overabundance of meals to cram into it.
Also a heads up: There seems to be quite a few leftovers eaten over the course of the last three days by me. I’m trying to get rid of all of the random foods I have lying around that I’ve made or whatever lately before getting or making new stuff. I’ve almost completed this seemingly lengthy task.


Breakfast: I bought a new yogurt the other day, made of goat’s milk. Never tried goat’s milk yogurt before so this was breakfast. Fairly nice texture but nothing overly special. Mixed with frozen mango chunks.

006 011

Snack: The rest of my drugstore brand chocolate mint energy bar. Mmmm.

Lunch: Mixed veggie salad and an apple

Dinner: Sweet potato with leftover refried beans, salsa, FF sour cream and spinach. Plus a plate of spinach with a bit of light cucumber dressing.
052 055

I might have had some strawberries or watermelon after dinner but I can’t remember. And then I went out for a FINALLY good, not flop of a night of dancing. Just all fun the entire time. I was doubting that was possible anymore for a little while. What a relief.


Hello greatly lazy, do nothing day.

Breakfast: Cereal – Weetabix and PB Panda Puffs.

Lunch: Ugly salad, leftover falafel and tahini sauce on half of a half of an english muffin and 1% cottage cheese
032 026

Then I found this danger in the freezer. I had no idea there was any of this left.
Haagen Daaz. The fully fatty, delicious kind. I dug in. With a fork so my bites were small so I didn’t actually have that much. But I’m probably kidding myself and ate a lot more than I thought I did. Oh well.

Dinner: Spaghetti and meatballs. Made with whole wheat rotini instead of traditional spaghetti. I topped in on spinach because it just seemed like a good idea. And I kind of liked eating it together. Maybe next time I’ll wilt the spinach. I had one meatball. I also ate a lot more pasta than shown here because some was straight from the pot. AND a lot more garlic bread than that because I just did.
I have no idea if I ate anything else after this. I don’t think so. Maybe a couple strawberries.


First day back to SCHOOL. Yikes. It was fine though because I only had two short classes. One from 10:30-11:20 and then one from 4:00-5:20, but it ended at 4:30 because all we really had to do today was discuss the course outline.

I think school will be fairly good this year. I still have four days left of courses that I haven’t been through yet though so we’ll see how those go. But the first two seem alright. Not too fond of the big gap in between classes on Mondays, but at the same time I was able to go home, get a workout, shower and lunch in, then go shopping with a friend before heading to the next class. So maybe that large break will be nice for getting stuff done.

Breakfast: Egg white omelette with goat cheese spread, bruschetta, tomato and spinach, and a bowl of frozen banana and strawberries with plain FF yogurt and cinnamon.
003 010

After getting home from my first class I treated myself to a lovely iced coffee/light hot chocolate. Look at how it just glows in the sunlight. Best post class snack.
Must have done a great job at giving me an energy kick too because I did my treadmill workout right after this and I was just plowing ahead. I had planned on doing a fairly fast paced run for the beginning, and then switching between slower running and incline speed walking or something along those lines, but I ended up keeping up my faster pace for over double my intended time and I still wasn’t overly tired! I should begin all my treadmill sessions with a nice, big coffee ;)

After my workout I had my Lunch: More falafel on rye (the leftover falafel is ALMOST GONE, I swear) and a salad with balsamic vinaigrette and 1% cottage cheese.

Then I decided to make myself an Iced TEA using my Magic Bullet iced coffee method. This was decent but definitely no match to the iced coffee. I also added quite a bit less ice, and yet it ended up much icier/chunkier anyway. Weird. Kinda fun to “eat” though.

Right before heading out for some shopping I had a chunk of one of the tastiest granola bars ever, one that we bought during our health food store trip the other day. I have no idea of the ingredients or nutritionals (unfortunately), but it’s sooo tasty. And I’m quite sure it’s all natural too, being as how it’s made right in the all natural health food store…

Dinner: I took the rest of my leftover refried bean/salsa soup from the other night and stirred in some leftover sweet potato from Saturday’s dinner, plus threw in some spinach. Tasty. It mainly tasted like sweet potato.
Then there was some ugly leftover spaghetti (definitely had more than this as I ate a few forkfuls cold out of the container – this was just the heated stuff) and some cabbage slaw with feta and sweet onion dressing.
057 058

But I was still hungry. So there was some more plain yogurt eaten, with canned peach slices (no added sugar, packed in water), cinnamon and some trail mix “bar” that I made last week mixed in.

This settled the hunger, but not the sweet craving. So I had a bite of a less than impressive chocolate chip cookie, some gelato straight from the container and some toffee candy thing. Now I’m pretty full.

I can’t believe I have school again tomorrow. I’m definitely not in the “school mind set” yet. This could take a while…


15 thoughts on “Lazy Days and Ugly Meals

  1. Ugly meals?? Where?? Not HERE!! Everything looks great to me – especially the sweet potato dishes. Yum!!

    Don’t worry, you’ll adjust to “school mode” soon enough – good luck!

  2. great recap…i don’t think any of your meals are ugly at all, but i do know that sometimes the ugliest ones i’ve made are the tastiest :)

    i love the idea of “frosty” tea! i have a magic bullet-like contraption and have been considering using it for just that.

    Good luck with classes and school, it’s nice to finally get this year underway!

  3. you and i have different perspectives when it comes to “ugly” :) this post made me hungry! and really inspired to eat sweet potato :)

  4. I’ve been the same way this week. I keep staying up extra late to catch up on blogs/blog myself because I’m too lazy during the day! It’s starting to catch up with me though :)

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen goat yogurt in the grocery store. Could it be that you’ve found something I can’t find, Kristie? Oh my, how the roles have reversed ;) It looks interesting though, not like I would have expected goat yogurt to look, although I’m not really sure how I would have expected it to look.

    I like the idea of spaghetti and meatballs on top of spinach – very tasty. I think the spinach would taste good wilted, too.

    Ooh I love your dinner with the leftover soup and sweet potato! What a great way to use leftovers – I always have trouble saving food because I don’t know how to get creative with it, so thanks for this tip!

    I’m glad that your first day of school went well. I can’t believe “school mode” is almost here for me as well – this summer went by way too fast, as always.

  5. Haha I love how you guys say the meals aren’t ugly. Some of them aren’t, but some of them just look like slop. That’s okay with me though because I sure enjoyed em :)P

    jenngirl – You should definitely try the Magic Bullet for some “frosty” tea, it’s fun stuff.

    linds – GASP. That would be absolutely AMAZING. :D :D

    Jenn – NO way, I can’t believe it! I’ll bet the next time you’re at the grocery store though you’ll find something like it now that you’ve seen it before and it’s in your mind. And then you’ll put me right back where I started. Sigh. Hahaha. I don’t think the taste is really all that different from a standard vanilla yogurt.
    And yes, summer whizzed by. The funny thing is, this was my longest summer yet being as how it was after my first year of uni and uni gets out way earlier than high school, and yet I think it went by faster than any other year too. Crazy.

  6. Your food looks great.
    Pasta: I love adding a ton of veggies, especially spinach to my pasta, I cook them all seperatly before and than I throw the cooked pasta in the pan to mix it all together.

    School: what are you going to school for?

    I use to LOVe running on the treadmill and getting some good speed workouts in but now I am more into running outside but I still can get a good workout on the treadmill, whats your fav workout to do?

  7. I have a habit of back logging days also. Don’t worry you’re not alone!

    iced coffee looks so sexy with the sun haha.

    Good luck on starting school. you’ll eventually get back in mode before you know it. ;-)

  8. Ashley – It’s just Kraft Light Cucumber Dressing. Nothing fancy or exciting, but it has a nice tang to it hehe

    Christie – Yeah the pasta thing is a good idea. I should do that with mine. My mom made this batch though and made it plain so I didn’t think ahead enough to do that. :( Next time for sure though!

    As for school, I’m only just starting my second year but my majors right now are psychology and communications. It could change, and I don’t know where exactly that’s going to lead at this point (yeah, I get asked all the time…) but I’m not too concerned, I know I still have time yet to figure out my life.

    I need to start running outside! I think I’d really like it once I got in the habit, but it’s just so intimidating to me right now… I guess I do most of my treadmill workouts either switching between light jogging and sprinting, or running and incline speed walking. I also do Tae bo and free weights/strength training stuff fairly often.

    Leng – Phew, I like seeing that others backlog too, it makes me feel a little less bad about it haha.

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