Heavy Load

Here comes a two-day picture post with quite a few pictures, considering I’ve been home doing nothing the past few days and was therefore more than capable of capturing pictures of nearly every morsel of food I ate. I inevitably missed some (because I am a snacker and take little bites of things more often than I should and more quickly than I can photograph – and plus no one really wants to see pictures of that stuff anyway), but there is still plenty to show! I’ll try to keep the words to a minimum for this one and let the pics speak for themselves.


Breakfast: Mixed cereal, fruit, yogurt, skim

Lunch: mixed veggie salad with homemade dressing and 1% cottage cheese + one piece falafel with tahini yogurt sauce (on my dirty salad dish – yum)
013 017

Post lunch stuff: wasabi peas, fruit (had two bites of the plum then tossed it, it was gross), and yogurt with frozen berries. I guess I just couldn’t kill the tiny hunger pit still lingering in my stomach…
027 031 036

Dinner: Lettuce and cucumbers topped with sweet onion dressing, then 1/2 cup refried beans with salsa, FF sour cream, and leftover homemade guac. Plus half a slice of rye.
Pretty sure there was something after dinner as well, but I can’t remember what. It might have been fruit. Then I was supposed to go out but my friend bailed. And then I had a breakdown. Not because of that. But yeah, crappy day. As evident from the post before this…
At the end of the day I wasn’t hungry, but wanted to wallow in sweet food. I know, terrible idea, but I didn’t really care. So after a few chocolate chips and a bit of sour cream banana bread, I made myself a “s’more” of sorts using a vanilla flax cookie, some nut butter and a marshmallow. I think I could have done a lot worse.


(Aka Today)

Breakfast: Smoothie – chocolate protein powder, peach, frozen banana, coffee, skim milk, ice. I poured a bit of this over 1/2 a Weetabix biscuit and a few Corn Bran Squares. I wanted some crunch.
0034 009 020

Lunch: Tuna mixed with FF sour cream, FF mayo and dijon mustard on lettuce and carrots sprayed with balsamic vinaigrette
Plus half a piece of falafel with tahini dip on rye

Then I finished off the last of the cottage cheese container that I did not enjoy for once by mixing it with cinnamon and honey. First time ever mixing sweet with my cottage cheese. This was GOOD.
Then there was a tasty apple. Yeah, this was all eaten pretty much at the same time. Apparently my hunger is a crazy thing today.

I gave it a bit of time, but not too long later I knew I needed something heavier in my stomach. I was craving some kind of bar. So I had 1/4 of this thing. 059064 069
Generic drugstore brand energy bar.
Probably not the healthiest of energy bars out there considering the ingredients list and such, but I really like them. So good and chocolate-y/fudge-y.

Then I went with my mom on two specialty food store trips! Highlight of my day, without a doubt. We first went to the health food store, and then to a gourmet food store.
Here’s what we got:
Crunchy almond butter, goat cheese and herb spread, chocolate chip meringues, Peanut Butter Puffins, Shredded Oats, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, Vanilla Goat’s Milk Yogurt (never tried goat’s milk yogurt before… I hope it’s good), a health food store pumpkin muffin and granola bar thing, Weil Chia Razz Pure Fruit & Nut Bar, Pecan Pie Larabar, Cocoa Mole Larabar.

I haven’t been overly impressed with Larabars thus far, but I’ve only tried a couple flavours so I wanted to give them another go, especially since they were on sale. Can’t go wrong there.

While out I managed to snack one half of one of the granola bars, probably about 1/3 of the muffin, a handful of Shredded Oats, plus a few samples from the gourmet food store. Yikes.

Dinner: Inspired by Kelly T’s Post and the fact that I had leftover refried beans in the fridge from yesterday, I made some SOUP. I used refried beans, vegetable broth, salsa, nutritional yeast and threw in some yellow zucchini and mushrooms for a veggie boost. Fresh ciabatta bun on the side. I probably ate 3x the amount of bread you see there. Oops.

This was tasty and filling, but a bit too liquidy for me. I would have liked it a little thicker, maybe more like a stew, so I think next time I would just add a bit less broth. I just threw some in the pot though before mixing anything together so I didn’t know how liquidy it would end up. Oh well. I also meant to add some sour cream to this, but only remembered after I had polished off the bowl. Another oh well.

I wasn’t hungry in the least after this, but in true Kristie style I forced myself to eat something sweet. And by forced I actually mean ate without any hesitation. I had a bowl of cut of peach and strawberry topped with cinnamon, plain FF yogurt and SF maple syrup. With a small chunk of pumpkin muffin on the side. I only ate half this bowl though and put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow. I knew I just didn’t need any more of it. Look at what will power I have! Ehem…

So I’m full, and yet my stomach still feels like it wants some food. What is WRONG with me? Time to chug some water. If I’m totally desperate I’ll go for the iced coffee. Then it’s out for a *hopefully* fun night tonight.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

And PS, thanks all for the super kind of thoughtful comments yesterday. Once again you guys never fail to be so great and supportive. :)


13 thoughts on “Heavy Load

  1. hey, hoping you’re feeling better! i was wondering if you had any kind of structure to your eating habits? or if you just always go what you feel like? literally just wondering, haha :)

  2. love the grocery pics, and the soupppppp, and the falafel, and the yogurt, and the fruit. Basically it all lokos tasty!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Kristie!

    P.S. For like 2 days I couldn’t leave comments on your blog and a couple others…SO FRUSTRATING.

    But I’ve been reading…don’t worry!! :)

  3. I can totally, totally relate to the way you eat. Especially at the end there, how you wanted something sweet even though you were full, and how even after that you wanted more. I’m the worst at night because my inhibitions are down, I’m all relaxed, and I just am dying to stuff my freakin’ face!
    I really hope you feel better Kristie!

  4. Ooh that smoothie with Weetabix looks really good!! Crunch is always a must with smoothies in order to feel like you’re actually consuming something.

    That apples looks so cool! Literally like it was picked right off the tree with that leaf!

    I saw that soup on Kelly’s site and really want to try it! Thanks for the heads up on the watery texture – I will be sure to add less broth!

    I hate being full but still wanting food. It happens a lot – thank goodness for water.

    Have a great weekend and I hope you are feeling better!

  5. oooh yay for some exciting food shopping!! and your falafels make me wish i had sauce on mine too, looks so good. and your smoothies always look so delicious – and i love those wasabi peas! basically, all this made me hungry :)

  6. Ooo I love the look of that coffee smoothie! And reading your blog makes me want to go buy a box of Weetabix crackers!

    And wow, finally someone who isn’t hooked onto Larabars! I’ve never tried them, but they always get so much raves from other bloggers!

    I’m also WAY jealous of the almond butter in your picture!!

  7. Danielle – Hmm.. I don’t actually know if I have structure per say, but I guess to an extent I do. I always try to keep my overall food intake for the day fairly balanced in terms of fruits and veg, carbs, dairy, protein etc but I’m not super strict about it. My breakfasts typically include carbs and fruits, lunch is usually veggie based and dinner probably varies the most. That’s about all the structure I have haha.

    Em – That’s so weird about not being able to comment on blogs. Glad to see it’s working for you now though!

    Erin – SO frustrating. It’s always at night, especially when I come home after a late night out, that I go for the food. Such a BAD habit.

    Jenn – Yeah, I really need to pull the water trick more often instead of going to something sweet. That or gum.

    Christie – It seriously does! I feel like it’s practically the only kind of bread I ever eat now. I should branch out.

    Carmen – Yep, I just haven’t jumped onto the Larabar craze. At least not yet. Although we shall see with these new flavours… haha

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