A Falafel First

So my week of laziness continues. I probably shouldn’t have ended at my job a with a week still left before school, because at least I would have had something to do for two more days, and plus the extra moola is always nice. But oh well, I’m sure I’ll find ways to keep boredom at bay. And I really want to appreciate the time because I know, come next week when school begins, free time won’t be nearly as plentiful…

I actually slept in this morning! I’m finally beginning to catch up from many a very minimal sleep night the past few weeks. It almost feels weird, I was actually in bed before midnight last night! And tonight might just be even earlier.

Aaaanyway, I wanted something egg-y for breakfast. So egg whites with salsa, spinach and a FF cheese slice was where it was at. I also threw in about 1/3 cup of FF cottage cheese, but I don’t know if I would do this again. I could hardly taste it, but it added just a tad too much saltiness to the dish that I wasn’t quite digging. Funny, because I eat cottage cheese plain all the time and have no issues with its saltiness, but I just didn’t like that flavour in my egg sandwich of sorts. I threw all of this onto half an Ezekiel english muffin. You can kind of see it hiding under there.

Of course there was some iced coffee consumption going on. This one was not quite as foamy as others, but it still got a thumbs up. Plus I thought yet another picture of an iced coffee could use some livening up by way of my thumb. I know, I’m just THAT creative.

After breakfast I started on some blogging/blog reading catch up. It sure is nice to have time to actually read blogs rather than rushing through them. I’ll sure miss reading all the great food blogs as often once school (and all that darn reading/studying) starts. Sigh.
Then I had a quick snack of half of small banana with pumpkin seed butter before starting on my workout.

I never really detail my workouts on here, but I change it up pretty much daily and just kind of go along with whatever I feel like. I do pretty much all of my main daily workouts at home, and they aren’t overly structured.
Today I did 20 minutes on the treadmill – 5 minutes warm up at 5mph on 5% incline, 10 minutes at 7mph on 4% incline, then 5 minutes cool down at 5.5mph on 5% then 8% incline – and then I followed that by doing a strength training routine out of the July issue of Fitness magazine. I’ve only done the workout once before and it’s pretty hard for me right now, so I only used 5lb weights instead of the 10-15lbs it calls for, and I only repeated it twice rather than 4-5 times. I figured I had already done the treadmill workout anyway so I didn’t feel I needed to do that one in its entirety this time around.

After showering my mom asked me to grocery shop with her, so I didn’t really get the chance to make up an actual lunch. Instead I cut up about half a cucumber with vinegar and greek seasoning, plus had half a slice of rye bread with hummus and baba ghanoush.

Apres the grocery shopping, I made some guacamole from the very ripe avocado I picked up. I used lime juice, tomato, green onion and s+p. I also threw in a big of salsa for some added flavour after taking the picture.

For dinner I FINALLY got around to making Falafel! I have had a box of falafel mix in the cupboard for ages and have been meaning to make it but kept forgetting. I have never tried falafel in any form from any place, so I was pretty excited for this. All I had to do was mix the stuff with water and then fry it in oil. Next time maybe I’ll try making some with ACTUAL chickpeas, but this was a good starting point. Anyway, I was supposed to fry them in a much too great amount of boiling vegetable oil, but I opted instead just to fry them in a pan with some olive oil coating the bottom. This worked out just fine! And I actually quite enjoyed them. I made half of them into small patties and half into small balls. I ate them plain rather than in a pita as seems to be the traditional way, dipping them in a homemade tahini yogurt dressing. As well as the dressing, I ate them with some guacamole and tomatoes. As you can see in the picture, I also had some vegetable pasta and mashed potatoes on the side. I didn’t end up eating those specific mashed potatoes though, as I had already had enough straight from the pan.

I always want something sweet after dinner, and even though I still really did tonight, I was feeling quite full so I decided I would make myself hold off for about an hour. After an hour went by I was still feeling a little full, so I went for a walk with my mom and worked up the perfect amount of appetite for a great bit bowl of fresh and frozen fruit and yogurt. It included some of the sweetest strawberries I’ve had all summer, and was topped with some of the trail mix “bar” that I made the other day.
059 061

I was pretty proud of myself for holding off on this until I had some kind of appetite again, rather than just eating it because I wanted it out of routine. Making progress? Or maybe it was just one smart move “blip”. Either way, small successes make me happy ;)

Now it’s time for an early and restful night of maybe some reading and definitely some sleeping.
And PS – Windows Live Writer is awesome. Definitely worth every bit of hype it has been receiving.


14 thoughts on “A Falafel First

  1. I’m loving the addition of the thumbs up – it made me laugh :)

    I really hate it when I’m pressed for time and can’t read blogs as thoroughly as I want to – darn school, why can’t we just have “Blogger/Blog Reader” as our careers and be done with it?

    Your guac looks insanely good, Kristie! Like, as good as it comes in a Mexican restaurant, good. I’m craving some now!

    Your falafel looks darn tasty too – I’ve never made those before but every time I get them at a restaurant I love them.

    And hurray for small successes!!

  2. Love the falafel! I like the idea of making it into a patty shape instead of a ball. It looks like you love Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food as much as I do. It’s the best!

  3. falafel!!! love the stuff. your guacomole looks fantastic, restaurant level like eating bender said – and your thumbs up made me laugh! i tried pumpkin seed butter for the first time today :)

  4. New runner – I outlined my method of sorts here:
    There reallty isn’t any trick to it though. Just coffee (usually cold), splenda, skim milk or almond milk and ice all thrown into my Magic Bullet. I often add light hot chocolate powder too, and that’s what makes it EXTRA frothy and amazing.

    Jenn – That would be AMAZING. Perfect career. If only things were that easy eh?

    MizFit – I do that when really pressed for time. Otherwise I shove it into the Magic Bullet with some ice and blend up!

    You guys should all seriously try the falafel thing. I’m glad I did. It’s quite the fun food ;)

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