Work End and A Bake Morning

So yesterday was my last day of work at the bakery. It didn’t really feel like the last day or like it was ending or anything, it felt like a pretty standard day. I might miss it a bit. Mainly the people. And having little bites of desserts here and there haha. Although I like to think I practiced excellent restaint considering working in a bakery and being allowed to basically eat whatever you wanted whenever. I very rarely actually ate anything there at all.

But anyway, started the morning off with a standard cereal bowl.

I packed a pretty small lunch because I figured I might be doing some decent dessert munching with it being my last day and all. And I did. Well, I actually didn’t have that much at all but I had a bite of several different things which is more than any other standard day there. Anyway, the lunch was some raw veggies, a plum and an apple. Don’t worry, I also packed a Maple Nut Cliff Bar just in case I felt I needed it, but I didn’t at all.

Then for dinner I made a huuuge salad of mixed veggies, beans, avocado, tofu and cottage cheese. It was great and insanely filling.

I had an iced coffee/hot chocolate drink after this to satisfy the sweet tooth. Then it was out for some drinks/dancing with a friend and some of her work friends. I was driving though so no boozing for me. I’ll admit though that the night was pretty lame. There seemed to be a lot of sketch bags out last night.


I had a pretty rough tossy turny sleep last night. No idea why but it was insanely annoying. And I have been tired all day today. I should have napped earlier but I went to get a hair trim and then my friend wanted to go shopping. So really no good chance for a nap. And now instead of napping I am blogging. And then I am supposed to go out dancing. So I am running out of time for my second chance at a nap. I’m going to be one cranky character tomorrow if I don’t fix this situation. So I’ll try to wrap the rest of this up quickly ;)

Prior to breakfast I had a baking urge. I went for a second attempt at this scone recipe (which I tried and failed before).
While these were in the oven I made an excellent smoothie: chocolate protein powder, banana, strawberry yogurt, unsweeteened vanilla almond milk and papaya. I don’t love papaya but I do love it in smoothies. It thickens them right up to a great consistency.

Anyway, once this was done so were the scones. Verdict? Well, take a look.

See the edges? Yeah, definitely flattened them a bit too thin. The edges were all moderately burnt and they were just a bit too overdone. The taste is okay, but I need to remember to make them thicker next time and probably check them at some point during their baking time…

Later I did a lazy workout which was one of my easier Tae bo dvds, then I had a quick snack of some cottage cheese before going to get a very minor hair trim. I ate the rest of this container plus opened a new one and had several spoonfuls from it… heaping spoonfuls…

For my lunch later I had a serious omelette craving. So I went for it. Plus some carrots with balsamic vinaigrette on the side. I also had some unphotographed rye bread and crackers with hummus and salsa because I am semi-addicted to that combo and felt a serious need for it.

The omelette was made with 1/2 an egg plus egg whites, stuffed with a Laughing Cow Light wedge, salsa, tomato, spinach and mushrooms. Here’s a better view…

Then I went shopping. My friend and I went to the mall but ended up going to a baking store and grocery store later instead and those are the places we did all of our purchasing. I came home with some stir fry sauce and canned baba ghanoush plus a giant bag of overripened bananas for 99 cents that I couldn’t pass up. Now I have lots to freeze for my cereal toppings and yogurt mix-ins, and also lots to use in baking!

I used the sauce to make a stir fry for dinner. I made it with mushrooms, red peppers and tofu…

…then threw in some spinach and cabbage slaw after these were cooked for a bit. I also had half a slice of rye with avocado and baba ghanoush on the side.

This was super filling but I was still craving something sweet of course, and really wanted something banana after buying that giant bag. So I had some frozen banana slices topped with a vanilla yogurt/pumpkin seed butter/sugar free maple syrup dressing. Perfect.

Now I have to try to have a nap or at least shut my eyes and lie here for a bit before going out dancing tonight. Oh joy. Don’t know just how up for dancing I am tonight but I already committed so I guess I’ll suck it up! Night everyone.


13 thoughts on “Work End and A Bake Morning

  1. I hope to open a bakery someday, so of course I envy that you worked in one :-) Great experience though, right??

    SO sorry that you had a rough night of sleep – hope you can catch up on zzz’s tonight!!

    I too love papaya smoothies :-) Papayas need LOTS of lime juice squirted on them, in order to taste good on their own (in my opinion).

    No worries about the flat scones – as long as they taste good, then that’s all that matters!!

    Canned baba ghanoush, eh?? Interesting… haha ;-)

  2. OH YUM!! That stirfry is totally droool worthy! At the moment I’m munching on my din… A huge WF Veggie-filled Salad from the salad bar… warmed up with tofu and TONS of spinach of course <333 ***Swooon***

  3. Glad the last day at work went well and that you enjoyed some of the goodies :)

    The scones still look good to me! I always tend to burn my cookies around the edges, so I think I’ve developed a liking for the crispier taste.

    Omelette with Laughing Cow is ALWAYS a good choice! And that stir-fry looks amazing! I need to make that more often…

  4. Nicole – It was definitely a little tough at first! But of course I would allow myself to indulge in just a few bites if I really wanted them. Can’t be tooo strict ;)

    Veggiegirl – Hm.. lime juice on papaya? I’ll defintely keep that one in mind for next time!

    Julz – That sounds amaaaaazing. So jealous right now. I want access to a WF!!

    Erin – Omelettes rule! As does cottage cheese :D

    Jenn – I enjoy crispy sometimes too, especially on cookies. Unfortunately it doesn’t work quite as well with this scone recipe…
    And this was my first time making stir fry in months! I had seriously missed it, such a quick and easy yet healthy dinner. The summer months just don’t have me craving it very often though…

  5. mmmm….your food looks sooo good…i always love your pictures! the color is so bright and vibrant! i wish mine always looked that way!

    and your scones look good..i’d eat! even if they’re crispy on the edge! i like things with a crunch! makes for a happy mouth!

  6. Your night time snack with the pupkin butter looks so good… I need to get some of that because my current obssession is the sunflower seed butter which is so good!

  7. i’m so impressed that your job at the bakery didn’t make you gain 4876276 pounds – if i worked in a bakery, it would be a Big Disaster. also, how on earth do you get your omelette to look so absolutely perfect??

  8. wholefoodswholeme – I have no idea how I managed to make an omelette that wasn’t completely falling apart. That never happens for me. Then again this time I used half of a real egg along with egg whites, whereas usually I make omelettes with only egg whites, so I think the bit of yolk in there made all the difference.

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