Catch Up


Upon waking I made a lovely smoothie. This was standard banana, chocolate protein powder etc, except this time I threw in some papaya chunks. The papaya really gave it a nice consistency. I’d definitely add it in again. Mainly for the consistency though, not the flavour. This was the first papaya I had ever bought and I don’t really quite know how they are supposed to taste, but I wasn’t overly impressed. It didn’t have much flavour at all…

I was still seriously craving some crunch after this smoothie though, so I had a small bowl of Guardian cereal and Corn Bran Squares with strawberry yogurt.

I didn’t have much of a lunch since my breakfast was eaten pretty late and I went to hang out with a friend, but we got bubble tea and then had some mini rice cakes later at the mall.

For dinner my mother made some lovely roasted veggies. I haven’t had these in too long and they were deelish. Too bad I always overeat them. I had two big plates plus a bunch eaten straight off the pan.

Post dinner was a bowl of yogurt and frozen mango chunks with a bit of jam and hazelnut butter.

Then it was time for my fourth night out in a row, Sunday night Phil’s Retro. It was a grand time. I probably drank a bit too much. And definitely didn’t get to sleep til around 5 in the morning. But luckily I booked Monday off in anticipation of a late Sunday. So even though I still only woke up at 10 the next morning, I was able to spend the afternoon napping. Score.


As I said, most of the day involved napping. I slept at my friend’s though so before getting home for the long nap sesh, we went out for brunch of sorts at Symposium. I got a grilled veggie wrap with tomato vegetable soup. I ate the whole thing even though I was full after half. Oh well. I didn’t eat much throughout the day other than a couple small random bites.

Dinner was one of the biggest salads I’ve probably ever made. I loaded it with all kinds of stuff. Don’t remember everything nor did I take any pictures, but let’s just say it was great and I was insanely stuffed after it.


Today was a workday. I started off with some cereal as per the standard. Weetabix and Peanut Butter Panda Puffs with frozen banana and some yogurt, kefir and almond milk.

Lunch was a packed salad with plain tofu, an apple and a Kashi Chocolate Cherry granola bar.

Dinner was a half a sandwich on rye. Sandwich innards included feta and roasted red pepper spread and mashed avocado, spinach and some plain tofu. Obviously I also ate a few fries and yellow beans, both of which I dunked in that little salsa pile there. ;) Gotta love the salsa. I could eat it on almost anything. And of course the corn on the cob, which is spread with light margarine and a parmesan and herb sprinkle.

And dessert was yogurt with frozen berries and mango chunks, with some Guardian cereal mixed in. I seem to eat the whole frozen fruit/yogurt/cereal combo a lot. Like nearly every day. It’s so darn good though.

Tomorrow is my last day of work! Then I have a week off and then… school. Ugh. Thinking about it is slightly stressful. Not looking too forward to getting back into that groove. I’m going to miss working at the bakery too! Maybe i’ll go back in for holiday season or something though. I’m sure i’ll want some extra cash and I know they get crazy busy during the christmas season so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind the extra help.

Anyway, i’m off for now. I should probably try doing an early bedtime thing tonight. Still gotta try catching up on that four nights out in a row weekend. :P


6 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Mmm, love the smoothie and roasted vegetables!

    Best of luck with your last day of work tomorrow – how exciting!! Savor your last few moments of summer before school starts (I know I am as well)!!

  2. I need a day devoted to napping! Seriously, I can’t imagine a more perfect day.

    I could definitely eat salsa on anything. Except maybe oatmeal. Although perhaps if they were those “savory oats” everyone keeps raving about, I could handle it. I don’t know…

    Nothin’ wrong with fruit, cereal and yogurt combos – they always look amazing!!

    Good luck with your last day of work – although I agree, it’s always bittersweet knowing that a different kinda work – school, blech – is just around the corner.

  3. Papaya DOES contribute to a great smoothie! :D I must try it with banana sometime–your cup looks really tasty!

    Haha I guess it’s better to overeat on things like veggies rather than chocolate or ice cream! :D

    Frozen fruit/yogurt/cereal is a prize winning combo! Indulgent AND easy to put together ;)

    Hope you have a great last day of work!

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