Party All the Time…

Four late nights out in a row is probably not the best decision of my life. I’m surprised I’m not completely dead yet. But I need to keep my energy up for going out tonight, the last of the four. I anticipate tomorrow being crash and burn day. Good thing I told them I’m not going into work…haha.

Thursday night was a complete bust. There was absolutely no one at the bar so we didn’t get to do any dancing. We just ended up going to hang out at the diner next door by the end of the night. I still had fun talking to friends and such, but when you’re pumped for dancing it’s quite the letdown when it just doesn’t work out.


After a late night involving drinking I still couldn’t make myself sleep in. Once I’m awake I’m awake, that’s it, deal closed. So I got up. My mom suggested going for a walk so even though I was feeling pretty darn tired, I agreed without hesitation. We went on some trail nearby that I had actually never been to before. It took about an hour and I’m really glad I started out my day that way. I napped later in the afternoon to make up for the lost hours of sleep.

I ate cereal for breakfast. This was before the walk.

A snack after walking was half a slice of rye with the rest of my black bean hummus and salsa.

Lunch was tuna mixed with dijon mustard, fat free mayo and fat free sour cream on top of a bed of spinach. Carrots and dill pickles on the side.

Post lunch was a bunch of fruit (honeydew melon, papaya, blueberries and concord grapes) with a side of vanilla yogurt.

Then I went out to Boston Pizza for dinner with a group of girls. It was our final dinner thing before people head back out of town to school for the fall. Didn’t get any pictures from this, but we started off by spliting a plate of nachos among five people. I was going to opt out of this but I figured I wouldn’t be the party pooper and I should just suck it up and enjoy them. So I did.
Then I got the Parmesan Lime Shrimp Skewers. It came with a side salad and included three skewers on a bed of salsa. Too bad this was pretty darn disappointing. I didn’t like the flavour, I think it was too limey for my tastes, and even the salsa was unimpressive. NOT ordering this dish again. Luckily it was a low cal one though (somewhere around 200 cals) so I didn’t waste a huge caloric splurge on a disappointing meal.

Problem with disappointing meals is I come home and raid the fridge. Which resulted in a big bowl of yogurt with cereal and mango. MUCH better than the dinner.

Then I went out for an actual GOOD night of dancing. I was DD. So glad I decided to do that because a – I worked the next morning and b – I can handle four nights out in a row but four nights of drinking? Didn’t want to attempt that one.


I had one of these plain Balkan yogurts left in the fridge that I bought a while ago on sale, so I figured I’d have it for breakfast.

I really like the texture but not so much the nutritionals.
140 cal, 10g FAT, 6g SATURATED FAT, 0.3g TRANS FAT, 6g protein.
That’s too much fat for one yogurt. And I have yet to see this style of yogurt in a lower fat version. I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy it again right now. Maybe sometime if it’s on sale.

I topped this with frozen banana slices, blueberries, 1 Tbsp of hazelnut almond butter and some SF maple syrup.

For lunch at work I brought some spinach and veggies with balsamic vinaigrette, topped with tuna. It looks nasty but it tasted good.

Clearly that wasn’t enough for me though because my brother had a chicken ball chinese food dish for lunch but wasn’t hungry after the chicken balls, so I dug in. Sigh. I ate all of the bean sprouts and a good chunk of the rice. I still left a lot but there was a ton of rice packed into that dish so I managed to consume more than I should have.

I ALSO had a peach and an apple. The peach was a midmorning snack though.

Dinner was a quick mishmash of stuff. I had half an egg white sandwich on rye with salsa and cheese curds melted into the egg whites. I ate the egg that wouldn’t fit into the sandwich on the side, topped with ketchup.

I also had a bowl of cabbage slaw with sweet onion dressing and feta. Then when I was still hungry and raiding the fridge for more food, I came across one lone boiled egg, so I ate the egg white part dipped in dijon and ketchup.

For something sweet, I finished off the last of the honeydew melon and then made myself an iced coffee. I was feeling for something chocolatey though so I threw some chocolate protein powder into the coffee…weird I know, but I really wanted to give it a try. Worst idea ever. Not because it tasted bad but just because I ended up being SO full that I couldn’t even finish this, and my stomach was hurting for a long while later. Ugh.

Then I went out. Dancing. Again. Same club as Thursday night except this time it was nice and busy. My friend and I got free sandals, I guess there was some promotion thing. Then we got to watch a big brawl going on outside at the end of the night, which was kind of exciting… and then we walked home. We don’t live close to the club. It probably took an hour and I don’t think we got home til around 4. It was such a nice night though that we couldn’t resist.

And as I said, going out again tonight. I don’t feel like I should make this post ANY longer, so I will update with today’s foods and such tomorrow.

I hope you all had great weekends. :)


9 thoughts on “Party All the Time…

  1. Aww, to be young! The second I graduated from college I become unable to “go out” like that. Now I am only 23 and I only like to stay out late once every few weeks!

  2. wow, i wish i had your stamina, haha. i just posted about how hard it was for me to be out past midnight last night, i am such a buzzkill. sounds like you are having a blast and doing it right, have a great time! ;)

  3. ahhh…to be the dd…that was me friday night as my roomie got wasteeeeeeddddddd…but she was hilarious w/ her friends so it was amusing to watch.

    have fun on night out #4!!! I’m sure it’ll be great!

  4. It’s fun to experiment – but sorry the protein powder didn’t work out in the coffee. Good thing you told me though, because otherwise I probably would’ve tried it since I’ve been adding protein powder to everything these days.

    I’m glad you’ve been having a fun last few weeks of summer – you deserve it!

  5. I noticed you eat a lot of rye bread… is that just your preference… for a while I was on a kick with rye bread it is my fav to have with veggies burgers… i think i will have to pick some up this week!

  6. just wanted to say that i LOVE your blog! i’m 20 too and trying to find a good balance with food/ working out/ partying! it’s so hard sometimes grrrr. i think you do a great job though with this blog :)

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