I Forget What Sleep Is

Last night out was ultimately a pretty fun time.

The not so fun part was getting up this morning for work. 2.5 hours after having gone to sleep. And of course today ends up being the day I end up having to stay at work nearly an hour later than the usual. So I worked a 9.5 hour day at the bakery, on my feet the entire day, running on 2.5 hours of sleep. And NO coffee was used to fuel this day either. I’m surprised I’m not dead yet. But tonight’s bed time shall be super early. Like soon. And it’s not even 8 in the evening yet. I want sleep.

I ate breakfast while half dead and not hungry in the least, probably because I scarfed down a bunch of leftover pasta and some cottage cheese once I got home last night. Idiot. Anyway. I didn’t really want to eat breakfast but I knew I needed to to survive at work, so I sliced up a banana and dipped it in a pumpkin seed butter and vanilla yogurt mixture, and had a few pieces of granola with it. To be honest, I hardly remember making this breakfast or even eating it. I was so completely out of it. I’m fairly sure I might have still been semi drunk.

I also managed to pack a lunch in my morning stupor. I packed a whole yellow zucchini, tomatoes, carrots and 1/4 of a leftover sweet potato all topped with balsamic vinaigrette, an apple and a lemon meringue yogurt. I didn’t end up eating the yogurt.

Right upon arriving home from work I snacked on some cottage cheese, then I made myself a wrap. I haven’t had a wrap in ages or so it seems! And we have a bunch of random leftover foods in our fridge, so I figured I would shove some of them into it. It was stuffed with black bean hummus, chicken, sweet potato, salsa, lettuce and dijon mustard. Good combo.

I also had a piece of sausage with dijon. Don’t really know why since I avoid eating it, but it was there and I did. And I also had quite a bit more leftover pasta. I seriously have zero self control when it comes to pasta.

A little while later I had several handfuls of grapes, then some blueberries, raspberries and frozen mango chunks with some vanilla yogurt. No picture though. Too bad because fresh berries are so darn pretty.

Alright. I’m thinking a little bit of blog reading and then straight to bed shall be my plan for the night. Starting now.


11 thoughts on “I Forget What Sleep Is

  1. It’s very impressive that you managed to take such a lovely morning breakfast photo in your semi-drunk state!

    Pumpkin seed butter sounds really interesting! Does it taste anything like peanut butter?

  2. i lovvvvvvvvve mixing yogurt w/ pb! the thickness of the pb to the yogurt is soooo good with whatever you eat it with. so lets just say, i want your breakfast!

    no go get some sleep! hehe! night night!

  3. I hope you’re feeling better rested now. Your sliced bananas look so pretty on that plate! And random wrap ingredient combinations really do taste the best, don’t they?

  4. Aww! I hope last night went better. get lots of rest? Every Saturday I used to open a bakery at 5:00 a.m.- but I failed to adjust my Friday night plans accordingly. I definitely know where you’re coming from!

  5. Nicole – Pumpkin seed butter is similar to peanut in consistency and does have a nutty flavour, but I’d say it’s pretty different from peanut butter. I don’t really even know how I would describe it. It’s interesting. Worth a try though.

    Erin – I know, I have no idea what I was thinking. Or how I survived.

    I stuck with what I said and went to bed super early last night guys! Woo!

  6. I think sleep deprevations def effects how you eat the next day… its like I am always more snacky when I have not slept enough… and lazy too not wanting to fully plan/prepare my meals

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