A Weekend of Late Nights

Friday night was a late night of dancing. And Saturday morning was an early morning for work. I managed to do it though without even going for the coffee! At least not until after lunch when I hit a definite midday slump. Plus I was really cold, so I figured a big cup of coffee would kill two birds with one stone – give me an energy boost AND warm me up. It did both. Thanks coffee.

But this would make more sense if I started at the beginning of the day so…


I had the first bowl of oats I’ve had I think all summer! Or at least in a month or two. It was actually oat bran. But regardless. I actually found myself craving a hot bowl for breakfast again, as I haven’t felt for anything like that at all this summer. It was pretty great. I just finished up whatever oat bran was in the bag I had, probably 1/4 cup. I cooked it stove top style with pumpkin, cinnamon and banana, then topped it with a mixture of pumpkin seed butter, vanilla yogurt and SF maple syrup. It was awesome. Now I need some more oat bran.

For lunch I packed my standard mixed veggie salad topped with homemade FF sour cream/dijon/balsamic vinegar dressing and a handful of chickpeas, an apple and a raspberry crumble yogurt.

Later on in the day I began to feel a bit hungry so I had half of a Chocolate Chip Cliff Bar to tide me over. This was my first time trying this flavour and I enjoyed it, but I have to admit I’m not sure I’m quite feeling the enthusiasm that seems to surround this flavour. I wasn’t overly thrilled with it. It was just good to me, but not great I guess.

Dinner was great. I made a grilled sandwich in which I put chicken, a FF cheese slice, tomato, spinach, buffalo sauce and dijon mustard. Mmm. I also had a nice pile of greatly overcooked broccoli, sprayed with balsamic vinaigrette.

After dinner I did a good treadmill run workout, then had a snack of some Corn Bran and Guardian cereal, a splash of unsweetened almond milk, frozen banana chunks and vanilla yogurt.

Then I went out dancing. Yes, again. Two nights in a row. Tonight will be the third ;) While getting ready I had an iced coffee. It was greatly needed considering the lack of sleep from the night before plus the late night that was in store ahead of me.


Last night I slept over at my friend’s place, but woke up fairly early anyway condsidering I only got to bed around 4:30… yikes. But once the sun is up and shining in my face, I have a damn hard time falling back to sleep. So I woke up and headed home.

I wanted to do a workout as soon as possible, so I had a protein powder smoothie and then did an hour Tae Bo workout. Thanks for the muscle work Billy Blanks. ;)
I failed once again to make my smoothie as good as the first one I had a few days ago. It was good, but just didn’t have that perfect consistency that I got from the first round… oh well I guess. This one just had chocolate protein powder, frozen banana, cherry yogurt, unsweetened almond milk and some crushed ice.

My stomach was satisfied after this but I wanted something to bite into, so I had 1/4 of a Pria Bar.

After a workout, shower, etc etc I decided that I really wanted to make some homemade HUMMUS. I have never done this before, but been meaning to forever. I had my mind set on it. I picked out a good looking recipe and headed to the kitchen for ingredients, only to discover I had no chickpeas. BUMMER. BUT. The recipe I picked was actually for Black Bean Hummus and I was just going to sub chickpeas. Well, I had TWO cans of black beans, so I figured I might as well go along with the original recipe and do that instead. I used this recipe. I turned out wonderfully. I think I might end up consuming the entire thing within the next couple days.

I licked the processor in which it was made clean. And by licked I mean used a piece of rye bread to soak up all the hummusy goodness.

Then I made myself lunch. A big salad plus some chicken on the side with salsa and HUMMUS to dip it in. Yum.

Then I had some Sugar Free Cherry Koolaid with frozen mango chunks. I love fruit infused juices.

After a grocery haul, I had a fresh plum. Then a nap.

Then dinner. Half a sweet potato topped with…. what else. Black bean hummus. And salsa and FF sour cream. Along with a few noodles and a teeny piece of chicken from my family’s chicken cacciatore dinner. Oh and half of a small piece of garlic bread that I forgot to take a picture of.

After dinner I had a small piece of banana with a hunk of pumpkin seed butter. Soon I will be having an iced coffee. Then I will be heading out for some Phil’s Retro Night. And work at 8 tomorrow morning. Oh boy.


10 thoughts on “A Weekend of Late Nights

  1. Oooh, your Saturday breakfast looks scrumptious; and I LOOOVE the sweet potato that you had for dinner on Sunday – yum!!

    YOU LIKE PUMPKIN-SEED-BUTTER TOO?!?!?!?! FABULOUS!!! It’s my new obsession :-)

    Good luck at work tomorrow!

  2. have a fun night!!!!! i wish i went out and had as much fun as you do on the weekends! i’m such a party pooper! hahahaha….

    and i need to find myself some pumpkin seed butter…everyone talks about how good it is…hrm… :)

  3. wow what a fun weekend! i’ve done my fair share of partying this weekend, and am looking forward to getting to bed early ;)…good luck with work tomorrow!

  4. lots of dancing!! your hummus looks and sounds great, i love homemade hummus – miles above th store bought stuff!

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend, and all your pictures are making me hungry. Seriously, I don’t know what it is you do with that yogurt, but the way you situate it in your breakfast bowl always makes me drool.

    That black bean hummus recipe sounds amazing! I still have never used my food processor. One of the first things I will make will definitely be hummus, and I think I will like the black bean recipe even more than regular hummus. So thank you!

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