Sushi Always Satisfies

I did something this morning that I haven’t done in ages. I exercised FIRST THING. As soon as I got up. Before even eating breakfast. I never do this. I usually exercise either later in the morning or in the early afternoon if I don’t work, or in the evenings if I do. But last night I told myself that if I wasn’t starving upon waking, then I would exercise. And I wasn’t. So I did. It was pretty sweet getting that out of the way first thing. Now I’ll see if I can do this more often on my days off…

Once I finished up my jogging/incline walking intervals on the treadmill, plus some abs and arm stuff on an exercise ball, I made myself another protein smoothie. Today I went for a more tropical theme. This one included:
– half a scoop of chocolate whey protein powder
– about 3/4 of a frozen banana
– about 1/3 cup frozen mango chunks
– 1/3 cup coconut pineapple mango yogurt or something weird like that. It’s good stuff.
– 3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
– crushed ice
I’m sad to say though, that today’s wasn’t nearly as great as yesterday‘s. It was a bit too thick and a bit too watery. I’m thinking too much ice. And maybe too much frozen fruit in general, since yesterday the only frozen fruit part was the banana. Oh well, it was still good. Just not AMAZING like yesterday’s. S’all good though, more smoothie experimentation time!

Then I went shopping with a friend for a couple hours. And bought more clothes. I seriously do not need any more clothes. My drawers and closet cannot fit them all. I’ve bought so many new clothes as of recently. I still have some sitting in bags with their tags on on my floor, just because I haven’t had time to wear them all yet. No wonder my money disappears so fast. Sigh.
Before going shopping though I snacked on some cottage cheese and a leftover ham and mustard sandwich on rye that was in the fridge that my mom wanted to throw out. It looked good and I hate wasting food. So down the gullet it went. Well, some of it. I did throw some of it out as well.

After shopping I made myself a salad topped with an avocado/FF sour cream/salsa combo. I also had a small piece of rye to eat with the rest of the avocado dip stuff.

I snacked on more cottage cheese before this too. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that cottage cheese is in my daily snacking rotation. As are grapes. I ate a bunch of em today.

Then I wanted something sweet. So a frozen berries/tropical yogurt/Guardian cereal combo is what I went for.

Too bad my sweet tooth was intense today and this did nothing to help it go away. So I had a few chocolate chips, a couple teeny spoonfuls of gelato, a small spoon of peanut butter, and a few too many finger dips into some icing. Gross, I know. If I regret eating anything out of the day, it’s definitely that. But it’s a tub that goes with these weird and delicious pastry things my grandparents brought when they were here visiting, and there’s only a little left. I avoided eating any of the pastries, so I figure a little bit of the icing isn’t so bad.

Then it was time for SUSHI. Sushi just never gets old.
I ordered a seaweed salad and along with it they brought complimentary noodles. They do this sometimes, no idea why. But they are great.

I honestly could have been quite satisfied after just these dishes, but I had ordered a veggie roll as well, so I ate it. I was tempted to leave a couple pieces because I was quite full by the time I was almost through with it, but it’s sushi. So I couldn’t NOT finish it. I toyed with the idea of packing it to go. But nope. I ate it instead.

Isn’t it just a beauty?

Then my friend really wanted some ice cream. Funny enough she had a craving for McDonald’s vanilla ice cream cone. And there was a McDonald’s conveniently located right down the road. AND I had coupons for there in my wallet that I’ve had for AGES, so I figured I kind of needed to get a cone. Plus I haven’t had an ice cream cone in forever, let alone soft serve, AND I’ve read several times that the McD cones aren’t too bad on the calorie side. So here is my deliciously gigantic ice creamy indulgence.

Every bite was lovely. But I’ve had quite the eating day. I tried to compensate for a tiny portion of the eats with an extra workout: DDR! Okay, so I know it probably doesn’t burn nearly as many calories as its little workout counter says, but anything is better than sitting on my bum! So that happened.
Now I think I am supposed to be going out dancing tonight. I haven’t done that in a week! Which is weird for me, I feel like I’ve been going out dancing multiple days every week all summer! I think I’ll be driving tonight though, so the alcohol will be at a bare minimum, if any at all. Gotta save up for tomorrow night ;)
Have a great weekend everyone!


13 thoughts on “Sushi Always Satisfies

  1. I love sushi! Veggie sushi is so delicious. I don’t know what it is about it, but I can never leave sushi on my plate no matter how full I am. It’s just not the same the next day!

  2. :D That’s one reason I like to exercise in the morning as well! Only I have to eat a huge breakfast first :-P

    Mmm the mango smoothie looks yum! The perfect breakfast :D

    There’s no way I could have left those sushis uneaten as well! That would be a crime! ;)

  3. wow, all your food today look so good! i wish i had a blender that made smoothies as nicely as yours! mine totally sucks!

    love the guac/salsa at lunch, and sushi at dinner, and soft serve afterwards…so jealous!

  4. Congrats on exercising first thing in the AM. I have to wake up after waking up. haha.

    I love sushi! I know what you mean, about not wasting it! LOL it’s just too good to pass up even if your stomach is about to explode!

  5. Nice job working out early! I can’t wait for work to be over so that I can start doing that again. I really like not having to think about it for the rest of the day!

    I’m glad you ate all the sushi – it really was a “beauty” and deserved to be finished ;)

    Ooh I love McDonald’s cones. And you’re right, they’re actually surprising light for McD’s!!

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Haha I love going out dancing! Esp with the girlies…though DDR indoors is fun as well!

    Your smoothie sounds yummy…but even more delicious looking is…your…SEAWEED SALAD! gosh my favorite. With you eating it today and Jenna (Eat Live Run) eating it yesterday…well, I am CRAVING some BADLY.

    have fun!

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