No Carbs? No Way

So I’m still quite bloated and gross from overeating on the weekend. I’m beginning to think I screwed up my body a bit…

So I decided I would try to be especially conscious of what I was eating for at least the next few days. But that never works out all that well for me. I told myself I was going to go especially easy on the carbs today, mainly in bread form, but what did I do instead? Snack on bread in what seemed to be every spare second I was craving any kind of food. I think it’s because we went grocery shopping and seemed to buy too much fresh bread (one loaf of ick white and one loaf of great rye – I ate my fair share of both).

But anyway. I started off well. First bites of the day involved these grapes.

Then I made the greatest smoothie ever. Well, that I’ve ever made in my own kitchen for myself that is. I had never tried protein powder in a smoothie until this morning. So I decided to do that. My brother bought a big container of chocolate whey protein powder a while back and has hardly used any, so I threw half a scoop into the Bullet with 3/4 of a frozen banana, a cut up peach, a container of strawberry yogurt, half a cup of almond milk and some crushed ice. It was thick and creamy and delicious. More like a milkshake than a smoothie. I could have had three of these. At one time. I might have to have one again tomorrow. Maybe try some different fruit in there.

After a workout and before heading out for a car oil change and a grocery trip, I finished off the container of cottage cheese.

Then upon returning home is when all the bread eating disasters went down. I had some of this here white bread with avocado…

Then had several more small pieces plus a large piece of rye, eaten in pieces throughout the course of the day. I also tried to get some veggies in there, so I had a small salad with balsamic vinegar and dijonnaise.

Plus some grapes, but I ate several more above this small handful throughout the day. I’m so bad at getting pictures of all of the snacks I eat.

And then there was some Crystal light with frozen berries and mango chunks thrown in. I love fruit infused beverages, they are just so much fun to drink with all of those fruity chunks. Plus they look pretty. :)

When dinnertime rolled around, before making my own I had a tiny bite of my brother’s frozen pizza. I wanted much more than that, but I proudly resisted. I’m sure he was grateful since otherwise I would have ended up consuming half of his dinner.

Then I made my own tasty dinner – an omelette filled with spinach, salsa, tomato slices, and this feta red pepper dip stuff we bought at the grocery store sometime last week. Slightly higher in fat/calories than I would like, but otherwise I would have added cheese to the omelette, which would have been similar in nutritionals anyway, so it evened out.

I also had some leftover hashbrown casserole from when all my family was here visiting. This stuff has no nutritional positives whatsoever. And I ate a lot more than the tiny amount in that picture. Luckily it is all gone and out of the fridge now. No more picking at that crap.

I was stuffed by the end of all this, but I had to have something sweet and really wanted to finish off the approximate fifth of a container of this plain balkan style yogurt I’ve been taking bites of here and there over the course of several days. This was a new try for me and although I really like the balkan style (whatever the heck that means) for it’s thick and creamy texture, it is not available around here in anything other than full fat, so I probably won’t be buying it all that often. Maybe only once in a while when it’s on sale, which it was this time around.
I mixed this with some banana slices, FF maple syrup and FF strawberry jam.

Later this evening I hung out with a friend, got some tea, went for a walk, and then she was hungry so we stopped at one of the hot spot local diner for some late night eatings. I discovered I was kind of hungry too, so I got an english muffin and topped it with a very small amount of strawberry jam. It was exactly what I was craving and hit the spot.

Yeah. So so much for the low carb day. I doubt tomorrow will be much better. I don’t feel like being that strict on myself. And now it’s ridiculously late and I should really be sleeping. So night all!


11 thoughts on “No Carbs? No Way

  1. i think that when you tell yourself to be easy on something in particular, you automatically crave those foods even more! it lookds like your meals were healthy and wholesome though, so i wouldn’t worry :)

  2. If you want to avoid that horrible bloated feeling stay away from any white carbs!

    If you have to have them go for the wholemeal or brown option! These are easier for the stomach to digest.

    Also some bio yogurt is very good for digestion and reducing that bloated feeling!

    Duckey x

  3. The best thing I think to do after maybe going a little overboard on the weekend is resume a normal eating scheduele but eat healthy whole foods so you dont feel deprived and try to get some exercise in, cause if you restrict it will end up back firirng!

  4. wow that smoothie sounds fantastic. I’ve tried that Balkan style yogurt too, and i wish it did come in something other than full fat! I also wish we Canadians got some decent greek yogurt around here :/

  5. I totally believe that every time I tell myself I’m not going to eat something, I crave it more. Especially candy. I’m at the office right now and somebody just screamed “gummy worms!” and you can bet I will have one at some point.

    I hope the bloating goes away soon. That’s the absolute worst :(

  6. don’t worry- low-carb is lame-o :) but for bloating, i recommend easing up on salt and drinking water. SOunds backwards to drink, but for me it actually does help- or at least I like to think so :)

  7. Thanks for the help and suggestions guys! The bloating seems to have gone down a bit, it’s a little less noticeable anyway. I’ve been trying to drink more water, and I do eat fibery cereals fairly often, although not so much the probiotics. I eat yogurt a lot, but not specifically probiotic infused yogurt. Might have to pick some of that up though.

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