I had an incredibly uneventful day today, eating and otherwise.

I worked.

Before that I had breakfast. I’m sorry, but yes it was cereal again. Corn Bran and Multigrain Cheerios with banana (not frozen this time, I’m switching it up!), vanilla yogurt and almond milk. I also had grapes and a coffee/hot chocolate drink. I should take pictures of these things too more often, but they are always eaten on the fly and thus without chance for photograph.

I had to pack a speedy lunch in the AM. I packed raw veggies (red pepper, cucumber, baby carrots and mushrooms), FF cottage cheese (1/2 cup) and a giant crunchy apple. It hit the spot. Then I did a first, and shoved a piece of gum in my mouth after lunch. No, the first was not the eating of the gum, but the eating of the gum at work. I wanted to prevent myself from eating bites of desserts and licks of icing here and there since I require a major detox from my weekend of terrible eating (Remember, I work at a bakery – hello danger zone!) The gum thing worked out perfectly. I’ll have to keep it up.

When I got home I munched on some more cottage cheese and red peppers. Not mixed together. Although I can’t imagine that being a horrible combination…

Dinner was mashed cauliflower that I topped with salsa and sour cream (I swear I put this combo on everything), pasta salad and chicken with barbecue sauce. I picked at the pasta before dinner as well so I ate at least double what is photographed, and I also ended up eating probably another half breast of chicken. I LOVE chicken with barbecue sauce. Mainly because I love barbecue sauce. I saw a “light” version at the grocery store last time I was there, so I totally have to pick that up once the one we already have is used up.

For my sweet post-dinner habit I had a few bites of yogurt and about 1/4 of a banana with pumpkin seed butter. Oh, and a ton of grapes. I could eat grapes with every meal.

Tonight for once I am just staying in and doing NOTHING. I did have an invite to a friend’s concert, as well as an invite to go for a late night walk, but I resisted both. I am dead tired. I need rest. At least for one night… hah.


10 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. have a great night! and i do the same thing w/ gum…i used to work in a chocolate store…total DANGER ZONE…so i went through so much gum in one day because of it…LOL!

  2. eatingbirdfood – no recipe, the cauliflower is just steamed and mashed. I want to try out one of those crazy good sounding mashed cauliflower recipes that actually have INGREDIENTS in them one of these days though.

    Hope you guys all had/have some relaxing nights/weekends as well!

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