Wedding Time = Eating Time!

Today I didn’t bother taking pictures of any of my meals. They were all fairly simple, standard and unexciting as I am attempting to begin a recovery from a weekend full of way too much eating.

Yesterday was my aunt’s wedding, held in the evening. I took the day off work as it would have been too rushed getting home and ready after getting off work, and plus I had family visiting so I kind of wanted to be around and chill with them and such. Although I ended up meeting a friend at the mall for a few hours out of the day because she has been gone all summer and was only back for a couple days before heading off again for another several weeks, so that was my only opportunity to see her.

Anyway, I started the day off with some cereal, as per the regular.

The rest of my eating during the day was pretty random and snacky, pretty much whatever I could grab on the go.

Then it was finally time for the wedding. It was a very small and informal thing, not the whole typical big schmancy wedding deal. The ceremony was held at a little local place called The Grist Mill.

It wasn’t long, we were probably there for about an hour, including the before waiting time, although I wasn’t paying that much attention to the actual time that passed.

After that we headed down the road to a restaurant called Sole (pronounced Soul-ay, like ‘sun’ in french).

Check out my brother in the corner there. Yeah, he’s wearing a lime green tie. Him and my cousin both wore them. He also wore a Batman belt buckle while my cousin wore a Superman belt buckle. These guys are characters. I love em. They were thinking of wearing fedoras too but my brother chickened out. Wimp.

The menu was prechosen, so there was a choice between five (I think… it might have been four) appetizers, three entrees and two desserts.
I don’t remember all of the options, but…

Appetizers included some kind of fancy soup, caesar salad, greens with shredded egg and goat cheese, tortellini in a vodka sauce, and possibly one more that I can’t remember.

Entrees included a chicken dish, a beef dish and a fish dish. I really wish I could remember the descriptions of all of these because clearly they were much fancier and more detailed than what I’m spewing out here, but my memory for such things is crappy.

Desserts included banana bread cheesecake or some flambee crepe with strawberries.

Before any of this great food was brought out, we had drinks and pre-appetizer appetizers.
I got a vodka bar lime which was probably the best I’ve ever had (not that I really order that drink that often, but still) but very sweet.

There was free unlimited wine all night so I definitely had a glass of white x2, plus there was champagne provided for a toast. Yeah, I chugged it. I’m classy like that.
My beginning of the night drink collection ;)

Then we had crackers and cheese, grapes and braed with a pesto oil dipping sauce. I had a couple crackers with a piece of white cheddar and a goat cheese ball, some grapes and two pieces of bread.

For the appetizer I picked the greens with goat cheese. Funny enough I couldn’t even see the shredded egg on there until I looked at this picture after. It looked so similar to the goat cheese.

I was debating between this or the tortellini, which my cousin got. It looked good too, but I’m glad I got the greens because I definitely needed some more veg in my day and I think it was a moderately healthier choice.

For an entree I chose the chicken. It was roasted chicken in what seemed like some kind of gravy, with roasted potatoes and broccoli. I ate most of it but left some of the chicken and broccoli. By this point I was stuffed. And drunk. Oops.

Then for dessert, while everyone else at my table chose the crepe, I could not resist the cheesecake. I love cheesecake. This one was crazy. It tasted just like banana bread. In cheesecake form. Weird but oh so good. I gave several bites to others and left a few bites on my plate. But I did eat a good portion of it. Shoot.

Then I had a peppermint tea. And capped the night off with…. a shot of Sambuca, compliments of my uncle. He got one for all of my cousins. It was my first encounter with Sambuca. Verdict? Brutal! I totally didn’t even chase though. Or at least I waited a minute to chase it… man that stuff burns. If only I liked black licorice.

Needless to say, my stomach has never been so bloated as it has been this entire weekend. So gross. I feel gross. And to top it off, there wasn’t really any opportunity to exercise at all. So I’ve felt like one big disgusting blob all weekend. I’m not too concerned about it though, sometimes these family special occasion weekends just need to happen. Now I just need to pack in the fruits and veggies this week:)


9 thoughts on “Wedding Time = Eating Time!

  1. the cake looks divine!! and the belts – love them! i imagine it would be hard not to splurge a little with a wedding, i’m sure you’ll feel back on track in no time :)

  2. All the food looks delicious – I just love weddings because they always have good choices. And cheesecake that tastes like banana bread? Heaven. I love cheesecake, too. Do they have Cheesecake Factory in Canada?

    Oh geez…I had some Sambuca in China over spring break. Holy moly, that stuff is insane. And I also don’t like black licorice. That + burning throat = never doing that again.

    I like your attitude about the weekend. Sometimes you just can’t help the family special occasions, so it’s best to just enjoy ’em while they last.

  3. Haha your brother is funny!

    That wedding sounds really awesome, low key and about l-o-v-e instead of being a show (even though I want to have the show *ahem* ;) ).

    I think you have the right idea on weekends like that, not exactly fun afterward, but definitely worth it for the quality time with the family!

  4. aw I love weddings! sounds like some good fun and good eats!

    P.S. The okra gets nice and crispy when you bake it, but it is still a tiny bit slimey? I don’t know… I don’t notice it really…I think it is delicious!! OR maybe the crispyness with the slimeyness is okay?! You could try it like Kath and even bread it if you wanted?

    Let me know if you try it!!

  5. Jenn – No, no Cheesecake Factory. At least not that I know of. :( Although maybe that’s not such a bad thing… haha

    Em – Thanks for the okra info! I think I might just have to face my slime fears and give it a go.

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