Family Time…

… means random eatings and very few pictures. My family is all down visiting because tomorrow is my aunt’s wedding, and therefore my eating has been kind of sporadic and also not always at ideal times for pulling out the camera. So I managed to miss a chunk of Saturday as well as all day today. Here’s what I do have though:


For breakfast there was apparently some Weetabix with banana and yogurt. I thought I had something more than that but that is all I have in terms of imagery.

About an hour before lunch I got hungry at work. So I ate a peach. Woohoo.

Lunch was packed and eaten at work. It looks disgusting but it’s just cabbage slaw, mushrooms, carrots and a cut up chickpea cutlet with a balsamic/dijonnaise/light cucumber dressing mixture.

And some muffins. Half a chocolate pumpkin muffin (ate the other half at breakfast – maybe that’s where the more food I thought I had comes in) and half a banana berry muffin. Oh and there was also an unpictured apple. And some greasy cheese off of my brother’s pizza slice. Yummy…

Dinner was eaten at my cousins’ house. There are no pictures, but we had burgers, corn on the cob, caesar salad and hashbrown casserole. I had all (and seconds…)  except for a burger. There was also some great homemade cheesecake for dessert. Unfortunately I ended up feeling pretty rotten after this meal. Stomach pains. Not quite sure what triggered it, but I’m guessing either the hashbrowns or the cheesecake. Or more likely a combination.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the giant chocolate chip cookie I ate later that night. Yeah. Kinda regretted that one. It tasted darn good though.



which is today. I have not one picture of anything I ate. But my eating was pretty frequent and pretty snacky and pretty random.
Rundown =
Breakfast: bowl of yogurt and fruit. Then I was still hungry so I had a piece of rye toast. And then something else… couldn’t tell you what.
Snack: carrots, mushrooms and deli meat with dijonnaise
Lunch: mixed vegetables from a chinese food stand at the mall
Snack: 1/3 of a Pria bar, pineapple, iced coffee
Dinner: eaten at my aunt’s house. It was a catered dinner, buffet style, with a whole bunch of different and delicious things to choose from. Of course I had to have a little bit of everything. I had some great chicken, pasta salad, pitas with hummus, crackers with cheese, raw veggies…. two plates worth.
Then a plate of random desserts and fruits. I have to admit the desserts weren’t that great. I took a bite of each of the ones I chose and then tossed them. They were all tiny desserts anyway. The only one I ate the whole thing of was a piece of brownie.

And then I felt incredibly rotten. Two nights of rottenness in a row is not much fun, I must say.

Luckily it seems to have pretty much passed now.
Tomorrow there will be more eating that deviates from my standard as we are eating at a restaurant for the wedding meal. Hopefully this one won’t upset my stomach this time around. Three nights in a row would just be too darn much.

Hope you guys had great (and pain free…) weekends. Sorry for so many missing photos. I’ll try my best to get some tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Family Time…

  1. Both of those muffins look so dense and delicious!

    I’m sorry that your stomach was bothering you. I’ve totally been there (particularly with not knowing what triggered it, which is the most frustrating part) and know how awful it is. I really hope you’re feeling better now.

    Have fun at the wedding!

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