Booze Posting…?

I truly apologize for posting under the influence of several alcoholic beverages at the moment, but I never had the chance to get around to posting today and now I do, at the time when I have arrived home after a night out with friends. That clearly involved some alcohol. I am continuously hitting the incorrect keyboard keys right now. But luckily I am fully aware of the ‘delete’ button location. Phew for that one…

Wow. Okay so the meals. Lets get this over semi quickly before I allow myself to type any more completely ridiculous things.

Breakfast was actually lunch because I managed to sleep in for once in my life! So I had egg whites, salsa and spinach on half an english muffin with a FF cheese slice, because that’s what I was craving. I don’t usually crave this upon waking…

I followed this with a hunk of banana and hazelnut almond butter. I couldn’t resist.

For “lunch” I had some carrots and mushrooms, plus some deli ham and deli FF turkey slices, all with dijonnaise. I could eat that stuff with almost anything, it’s truly awesome sauce. If you’ve never tried it, please put it on your grocery list. It doesn’t disappoint.

I also had some banana with pumpkin seed butter. If you can find this stuff, buy it. It is lower calorie and higher protein content than any other nut butters that I’ve seen. Can’t go wrong!

Then dinner time came. So I made some chickpea cutlets! I haven’t made them in a while. I actually made the recipe into 8 small ones rather than 4 large ones, and I omitted the lemon, just because I am not a huge fan. They were excellent as always and I ended up having one for dinner on a slice of rye with spinach, a homemade FF sour cream/dijonnaise dressing plus some feta red pepper spread on top, and then I had one more just with the remaining dip I mixed up. These things are so darn good and filling. I’ll probably make them much more, i just can’t get enough!

Then I wanted sweets. So I had a raw chocolate date ball and some melon chunks. And some BANANA GRAHAM PIE baby food, yeah, I’m the weirdo that likes the baby food. But seriously, this stuff is awesome. I had a few bites and wanted to eat the whole jar. Didn’t, but wanted to. I will buy it again, I have no doubt.

And then I went out with some friends and danced and had some alcohol. Hence the somewhat unintelligent post. I apologize for any dumb typos, ramblings, or incoherence. See you all at the end of this loverly weekend. ;)


17 thoughts on “Booze Posting…?

  1. haha i still havent tried dijonnaise. I hear it’s good though! And again…jealous of the chickpea cutlets. I really need to try them, but am so lazy to go buy vital wheat gluten. oh welll!

    have a great weekend Kristie!

  2. you’re good at covering your un-soberness up :D thanks for the thumbs up about pumpkin butter, i think i’ve seen it in a local health store so i will give it a go!

  3. Haha you did a great job with the drunk blogging, Kristie. Ever the professional blogger :)

    Oh yes, the baby food again. Hm…I still don’t know. I can see why it would be good, I’ll give you that. And since I currently am feeding myself like a baby (since half of my mouth is numb from the dentist), it might work well for me.

  4. I thought I was the only one who ate baby food… :D
    I LOVE Gerber baby organics’ prunes. Super yum! Where’d you find this kind??
    ~Erin @ “Vegan & the City”

  5. Wow, I read over this post and noticed that I am a little overly enthusiastic when drunk posting. So many sentences ending in exclamation… haha

    Emily + Erin- The kind of baby food was just in the baby food section of the grocery store along with all of the others. I’ve never seen it before though so maybe it’s either new, or just not as frequently seen on store shelves, probably for popularity reasons…
    But Erin, prunes?! Is that actually good? I’m so tempted to try but at the same time I feel like I might just have trouble stomaching that… eek! Ha

  6. Haha! Yeah, I know, prunes get a bad rap! They taste really good, though. And they come in small, resealable containers, so you don’t have to worry about wasting too much.
    I like to use them as a spread of sorts on Ezekiel sprouted bread. Try them, and see what you think!

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