Find My Pep

My pep was MIA all day. Probably from lack of sleep (this sure is getting old isn’t it?) from going out too late and then not being able to sleep in in the morning (thanks to my noisy mother and ringing telephone) plus a blah mood because of those lame emotion things that exist.
S’all good though, I hung out with my friend and we went to see the new Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie, which isn’t hugely my thing, I wasn’t overly wanting to see it but by the time we got to the theatres options were limited, with either sold out movies or limited seating left for several of the movies. So Sisterhood it was. And ultimately I enjoyed it, it was cute enough and I needed something lighthearted like that. Then we went to a pizza place because my friend was craving a slice and we talked and ranted and whatnot a bit and now I feel like I’ve gained some partial pep back. Well except for the fact that I’m now quite tired. So bedtime after this!

But clearly before bedtime the food needs presenting.
Today was a huge snacking day. I don’t even remember all of what I ate and probably only got pictures of about half. I’ll try my best to remember though.

Before I had my actual breakfast, I found cheesy pretzel bites in the cupboard. I used to love them and hadn’t had them in ages so I may have had a couple small handfuls…
Then my actual breakfast was a bowl of frozen fruit with strawberry yogurt and topped with granola chunks.

Followed by a taste (or two…) of the last bit of brownie that was made last night. These are ridiculously rich. And ridiculously bad for you. But that didn’t stop me today. Or last night to be honest. Oops.

Then I did some shopping with my mom. I got pretty hungry during, so I had a Kashi granola bar. This tided me over for about an hour but I was starving by the time we were in the middle of doing groceries.
By the time we got home I wanted food right away so I ended up snacking on bread with dips, bites of cottage cheese, and this piece of sushi repeated once more than pictured.

Then I made myself a salad with feta and sweet onion dressing, along with some deli sliced ham and turkey with dijonnaise. I ate quite a bit more of the deli meats than what’s on the plate I think.

Before dinner I was hungry yet again, even though this lunch ended up being fairly late in the day and dinner was still pretty early, so I snacked on rye bread and probably some other things as well that I just can’t remember.
Then for dinner I had tuna, probably about 1/2 a can, mixed with FF mayo, FF sour cream, dijonnaise and buffalo sauce on a bed of spinach. I also had another piece of sushi and a few fries. Oh and some tomatoes, carrots and red pepper slices that I obviously didn’t get a picture of.

Seeing as how I just got in not too long ago from the movie etc with my friend and seeing as how I didn’t snack at all during the movie or have any pizza after, I had to eat something once I got in the house. The half bag of popcorn on the counter fit the bill, so I had several handfuls. Then I had ANOTHER piece of sushi and some red pepper slices. Good enough. Hopefully tomorrow will be less snacky.


5 thoughts on “Find My Pep

  1. Is it so sad that I’m 26 years old and have a secret obsession with wanting to see that movie? I just love mindless teen movies, and this sounds like it might fit that bill. Glad your pep is coming back!

  2. Haha, I think I want to see that movie.

    I’ve been having a “grazing day” all week, thanks to crazy work schedules and projects. Plus, no gym – I’m going insane. I can’t remember what I eat anymore either. Blah.

    Woah, sorry for the downer comment on your blog – but that’s what I’m feelin’ about now…luckily the opening ceremony is saving me some happiness.

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