Long Weekend Food Recap #2

Wow, okay so I officially fail at updating on time. I am now backlogged by FOUR days. Therefore I’ll try not to be too wordy when talking about the eatings and let the pictures do most of the talking instead.
I’m also incredibly backlogged in blog reading. Hugely apologize! I’ll try to do some catch up on that asap. Especially since I don’t work tomorrow. Blog reading time!


I want to vary up this boring cereal breakfast at LEAST on weekends, but I just haven’t been craving anything in the mornings lately. So this just works.

THIS was amazing though. It was an iced coffee slush and ended up as such TOTALLY unintentionally. I have no idea what I did differently, I thought I made it basically the same way as every other iced coffee I make, but somehow I was pleasantly greated with this beauty when I turned off the Magic Bullet. Yes please!

Lunch was a salad. And the heel of a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread with red pepper jelly.

Dinner was egg whites with a LAUGHING COW CHEESE WEDGE in the middle. Clearly this dinner is with great inspiration from Jenn . I added a bit of salsa to it as well. Plus cabbage slaw with salsa and FF sour cream mixed in.

I tried to do the whole portioning out deal with the melon, but ridiculously enough I munched on a ton AS I was putting it on the plate, so much so to the point where I ended up dumping the melon that is pictured on the plate back into the container after taking the picture because I had already eaten enough.

And then I had some yogurt with frozen banana and Weetabix. I’ve been really liking this Weetabix stuff lately, it’s great stuff.

And a crunchy cookie. x2. These are amazing. And now I have no more left. And they came from Ikea, which is not located in town. Sigh.

Then I went out to Phil’s Retro Night. Long weekend Sunday night at Phil’s is ridiculous. It is a small bar and pretty much the only place to go on a Sunday so they hit capacity insanely fast and the lineup to get in takes HOURS. Luckily I knew people right at the front of the line so I just might have butted a bit… and ended up waiting less than half an hour. It was awesome. As was every moment of the entire night. The place was completely packed and insane. Best Phil’s Retro Night EVER.


Monday wasn’t so great. I was so dead. I slept through breakfast and instead went out for sushi lunch with my friend and her sister, but I had no appetite so I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I could have.

Then I napped for a chunk of the afternoon.

Then I had dinner, which was a salad and half a piece of rye with salsa and hummus. Except after finishing my salad I forgot about the rye so I didn’t end up eating it.

I did thoroughly enjoy my treat bowl of goodness though, which consisted of frozen banana and mango chunks, vanilla yogurt, a mix of hazelnut butter and SF maple syrup, topped with a few granola chunks. Amaaazing.


Clearly the long weekend was over by Tuesday but I didn’t get around to updating because I worked all day and then went out for a late dinner/long walk with a friend later on. And then slept cause sometimes that just needs to happen.

Breakfast was cereal once again. I swear I will force myself to eat something different one of these days. This time it included Weetabix though, which it usually doesn’t. The Weetabix completely soaked up the milk and became all delicious and mushy, reminding me a lot of cold oats. Totally adding this cereal to my top favourites.

Lunch was packed for work. I was rushed so it was just a big container of raw veggies, half a cup of cottage cheese and a peach. It really hit the spot come lunch time though, I was stuffed after gnawing on all of those veggies.

Pre dinner I had some rice crackers with hummus to tide me over right after work. Check out the awesome (and blurry) action shot. Thrilling.

Then for dinner I finally got around to eating this Guiltless Gourmet Four Bean Chili Wrap that I’ve been meaning to have for ages. I only ate half because I wanted to have a bit of the Chinese food my family was having for dinner. I have to admit though, I was slightly disappointed by the wrap. It wasn’t as flavourful as I was hoping for, and parts of it seemed to be hard and just not great. Oh well.

Very unlike me, after dinner I didn’t feel for anything sweet at all. Good thing though, because when I got together with my friend she hadn’t eaten yet and wanted to stop for Thai food. I didn’t want to sit there with nothing at all, so I happily ordered a strawberry slush with strawberry jellies. YUM. Then we had a great long night walk and talk. I LOVE night walks. Love em.

And finally…

Today (Wednesday)

Cereal did happen again. It was Weetabix and Peanut Butter Panda Puffs.

Packed lunch was raw veggies, the other half of the bean wrap, an apple and Fibre 1 bar (these are soooo sweet and peanut buttery and delicious – practically better than a chocolate bar. I only have them once in a while as a treat though).

Then for dinner I had half a tuna sandwich with some dill pickles and leftover chinese broccoli and rice on the side. I wasn’t hungry at all for some weird reason (my appetite has been straight up bizarre and often nonexistant lately but I eat anyway because food tastes good haha) but clearly I ate this all anyway…

…and more. After dinner I had a few tiny bites of fudge ice cream of some sort(the real dangerous stuff) and a pumpkin chocolate muffin with hazelnut butter.

Now I could use some exercise. And a hand massage after this long post.


6 thoughts on “Long Weekend Food Recap #2

  1. I was psyched to see you tried eggs + Laughing Cow! Thanks for the shout out :)

    I loove those drinks with the jellies in them. My friend and I used to get one almost every day after school when I was in high school.

    That crunchy cookie looks awesome. And you got it from IKEA? I didn’t know IKEA even had food items! I guess I’ve technically never been there, but still…there’s a huge one about 30 minutes from me, so I might have to check it out! What were they called?

  2. Haha don’t feel bad about not updating regularly! I’m a few days behind as well :-P Some days I just don’t feel like uploading pictures! XD

    I love the way your egg whites turned out! I microwaved my egg this morning and it exploded :( But yours look pretty!

    And the Weetabix looks great! I’ve seen it at grocery stores but never bought it–but it looks really filling!

  3. I always want to buy the weetabix but am afraid I wont like them, but now i might have to give them a try because I have been on a cereal/yogurt kick and could use a new kind!

  4. I think now that you have done the egg whites and laughing cow cheese thing…I especially am going to have to try this. Jenn adores them, and yours looks amazing in that picture!! Did you use a plain wedge? or a swiss? or garlic herb? or something else? ha!

    and your yogurt concoctions always look so good!

    sorry the guiltless gourmet wrap wasn’t very good… I’ve only tried a couple of their products before…maybe just chips and dip? hmm

    have a great night, and happy friday!

  5. Jenn – definitely check out the Ikea! I love that place. They do sell some food products, not too many but they have some interesting things. I have no idea what the cookies were called though because we’ve had them for so long they were just in a random baggie in the freezer.

    Em – Definitely do it! I think my cheese wedge was a plain one… I honestly don’t know for sure haha, but I think it was just a plain light one.

    People – Try Weetabix!!

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