Long Weekend Food Recap #1

So it’s a long weekend this weekend. Which means Monday off, woo! I haven’t done anything overally exciting for it really, no cottage to go to or anything, so it’s been a pretty standard weekend. But I don’t mind that at all.

I’ll do a quick recap of my Friday and Saturday foods now, and then I’ll do today and tomorrow’s stuff probably at some point tomorrow. Much better than doing a whole entire weekend in one post… that would be way too much typing for me all at once ha..


No work on Friday. I can’t really remember what I did all day but I think it involved a lot of lazing and just doing whatever. That’s a pretty typical Friday for me.

Started the day off with some yogurt and fruit. I threw in some Corn Bran Squares to add some crunch to the last few bites of this bowl.

I was hungry a little later on (fruit and yogurt bowls don’t ever seem tohold me that long), so I had 1/4 of an Ezekiel english muffin topped with hummus and cottage cheese.

After doing a workout I made lunch, which was a bowl of cabbage slaw topped with salsa, sour cream and guac, plus a small piece of rye topped with salsa and guac as well. I washed it all down with an iced coffee.

Then for dinner I made my first Sunshine Burger! I had it on half an Ezekiel english muffin with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge and some spinach. I only had half because I wasn’t exactly starving, and dedicated the other half to lunch the next day. I also obviously had some beans and broccoli, plus a couple roasted potato wedges.
In terms of the Sunshine Burger taste, I really enjoyed it but I think ultimately I prefer Gardenburgers. I just find they have a bit more flavour as well as a few more all-around positives such as less calories, cheaper, more in a box, easier to find. I will enjoy the last couple Sunshine Burgers I have though and would consider trying the other flavour next time I see them.

After dinner I finished off the last bit of vanilla ice cream, probably 1/4 cup, with some frozen mango chunks, a bit of pumpkin seed butter, and some blueberries thrown in. Mango and vanilla ice cream taste sooo good together.

Even with it being a Friday night, I actually opted not to go out. Well at least to do the bar/club thing. I figured two nights in a row before that was enough for the time being, especially considering I had to work the next morning. So I went out for a lateish night coffee with a friend and then came home and went to bed. It was nice.


I made an awesome smoothie for breakfast. It was probably so awesome because I used a packet of Strawberry Carnation Instant Breakfast which I found hiding in my cupboard and figured I should use up since it had literally been in there for years. After that smoothie though, I now want to go out and buy more. If only I could find the sugar free variety…
This smoothie included the instant breakfast plus a cup of almond milk, a container of cherry yogurt, half a frozen banana and some ice. I think I “yumm”ed throughout its entire consumption. I need to stop making half assed tiny smoothies and try to make real ones like this more often. It filled me up so much too and kept me full for hours.

Lunch was some raw veggies (baby carrots, cucumber slices and orange pepper slices), the leftover half of the Sunshine Burger from the night before, a small apple and a chocolate pumpkin muffin (which I had already cut a chunk off of and eaten earlier).

Dinner was a wrap filled with random stuff, pretty much in an attempt to use up whatever dips and things were in the fridge. I think this one had guac, hummus, tzaziki and spinach. Oh and possibly some bruschetta. Who knows. I also had a salad topped with balsamic vinaigrette.

Then I went out dancing. It was okay. I went out with a group of girls that don’t do the whole clubbing thing quite as much as I do though and watching them made me realize how my clubbing maturity has progressed over the last little while, especially in comparison to theirs… it was interesting to say the least…hah.

I’ll be back with another update sometime tomorrow hopefully. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


13 thoughts on “Long Weekend Food Recap #1

  1. I had NO idea they had strawberry CIB – strawberry is my favorite! I bet you could make some sort of shake out of it with ice cream. Oh the possibilities…

    I still haven’t tried the Sunshine burgers because they do seem overrated, especially considering how pricey they are. I think I’ll just stick to Gardenburgers, too.

  2. Ohh man your just like me i combine so many different things when I make wraps and spreads… one of the best that I think you would like is mixing refried beans with cottage cheese and avocado and I would add some crackers or the whole wheat annies bunny crackers and it was soo good!

  3. HangryPants – I think it’s just called a Civic Holiday, the holiday that exists for no other reason than to give people the day off. I can dig it.

    totaltransformation – I enjoy them, although I did find the one that was part of my lunch slightly on the dry side.

    Christie – definitely trying that combo since I love refried beans, cottage cheese AND avocado. So all together those sound like a sure winner of a combo!

    Kelly T – I never really make it with anything specific, but I think that batch I just threw in a bit of lime juice and some bruschetta that I wanted to use up in the fridge. That’s probably why it’s thinner, because the bruschetta was pretty watery.

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