Sushi in Clear View

So I didn’t get around to posting last night like I said I was going to try so hard to do. I’m just throwing out these apologies left, right and center lately! But I went out again last night. The night was a bust anyway, not worth talking about. I didn’t even want to go, definitely should have followed that gut instinct and stayed home to BLOG instead. Probably would have been a more successful night. Oh well though, next time when I feel like staying in maybe I’ll actually follow through with that instead haha.

But foodwise I did pretty well yesterday, at least in the photographing department.

I had quite the night out on Wednesday night and it just might have involved a fair bit of liquour, so I figured a light fruit-filled breakfast would probably be my best bet. I had mango, frozen berries, grapes and frozen banana topped with vanilla yogurt.

Lunch was a mixed veg salad with some edamame thrown in. I also topped it with a homemade FF sour cream dressing that I mashed some avocado into, but I knew it would be much muckier-looking once I threw that on, and veggies were just so pretty and bright pre-dressing, so the photo op just had to occur before the dressing.

Then I cut up a honeydew melon and probably ate my weight in its delicious innards.

For dinner I went out for SUSHI. And this time I remember my CAMERA. So instead of crappy phone camera pictures or no pictures at all, there are some much clearer and prettier pictures of the meal. I don’t know about you, but this makes me personally pretty darn happy.

I started off with dumpling soup and my friend got seaweed salad, which I had a few bites of.

Then we ordered two rolls and split them. The first is a roasted chicken roll and the second is a “Too Much Love” roll. I couldn’t begin to tell you what was in either one, aside from the obvious. They were packed with interesting things. Maybe I don’t want to know what some of them were. But it all tasted delicious so I really don’t even care to know.

After this we went out for bubble tea, which I hadn’t had in ages and greatly craved. Mine is the smaller front one, it’s mango bubble tea with strawberry jellies. My friend got a lychee icey bubble tea with tapioca.

This whole dinner was great and I was fully satisfied after it. Or so I thought. Except I got home and screwed up yet again. There was leftover pizza in the fridge from my family’s dinner. Clearly no comparison to my great dinner and I actually didn’t even have any desire for pizza, yet something possessed my body into opening up the foil, ripping off a chunk of the pizza and shoving it in my mouth. Then came about two bites of cheesecake and about five of carrot cake. Luckily this crap is almost gone from my house now and I feel like I’m beginning to regain my willpower and lose my desire for gross and unnecessary junk.

If only that were the end. The alcohol that I consumed later sure didn’t help me redeem myself. Two nights of drinking in a row, especially in the middle of the week, just isn’t ever a good idea. I’ll learn. Someday.


14 thoughts on “Sushi in Clear View

  1. mmm mmmm that sushi looks so good! I haven’t had it for a while and now I am totally craving some!

    and you should try drunk blogging some time—it’s actually pretty fun : )

  2. That bubble tea looks so good! I think I’m going to have to get some of that soon… and with the tapioca bubbles. They’re so weird, but taste so good to me. :)

  3. Sarah – I’ll get right on that! ;)

    addicted2pb – I looove the tapioca bubbles, they are so much fun to drink! I usually get half tapioca, half jellies. Yummmm.

  4. Oh now I want sushi, that looks amazing! Glad you enjoyed yourself… alcohol isn’t the worst vice in the world, right? ;) all in moderation, my dear, lol.

  5. All of my favorites in one post! I’m so jealous–sushi, BUBBLE TEA, dumplings!!

    And I totally sympathize with the overeating! It’s a problem I always struggle to overcome :( [especially if there’s PEANUT BUTTER in line of sight! Oh my…]

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