Double Day Update

Sorry, didn’t get around to posting yesterday’s stuff last night because, once again, I went out. Sunday night = Phil’s Retro Night! How could I miss out on that? I went out with a few friends but ended up running into a good chunk of people I knew so it was good times.
Running on three hours of sleep today though = not such good times… It made me pretty cranky by the end of the day. It made me less than enthusiastic at work. It made my snacking/sweet resistance go right out the window, thus leading to a junk food binge, something I haven’t done in a while. NO GOOD.

But let’s backtrack first to:


I’m going to try to make this a quick one because I’m tired and not feeling too wordy right now.

I didn’t have breakfast because I was out very late the night before, slept at a friend’s place, and slept til noon (which I NEVER do). So I started the day off with lunch. A gigantor one at that.

A huge salad with homemade dressing plus the last of my baked tofu and some avocado thrown in. As well as a piece of rye with hummus and salsa. And some leftover mashed cauliflower with hummus stirred in.

Then a little while later I had a small piece of banana berry loaf (yeah I still have some of this stuff leftover, I froze half of what I made – that’s pretty much what I do with all of the things I bake. I can’t have them sitting on the counter staring at me constantly. It just doesn’t work out so well for me and my baking loving tummy), as well as half a banana with pb.

Dinner was a homemade chickpea feta salad. My mom got the recipe from someone. I don’t know the exact origins. It was really good though. The only thing I would change is not adding lemon juice. Or at least adding less. For some reason I’m just not much of a lemon juice kinda person.
I had seconds of this.

Then my sweet tooth hit. It’s been hitting pretty hard lately. I’m not digging this too much. I tried to squash it with some yogurt with frozen mango and banana, along with some chocolate chip shavings out of the bottom of the bag. This didn’t add much flavour but I liked their little crunch.

Unfortunately this didn’t work. So I jumped into the Haagen Daaz Triple Chocolate ice cream that whispers to me from the freezer. Stupid little tub. I had a couple small spoonfuls, including this amazing ganache-filled spoon right here to end it all. Mmmm.

Then, as I said, went out last night. Had a touch of alcohol, nothing extreme. Woke up this morning at 6:30 to get ready for work. Lovely. So:

Today (Monday)

I had WHAT for breakfast??
Yeah. Cereal. With banana and yogurt and skim milk. It had to be done.

Lunch was a salad, leftover cauliflower, an apple, half a chocolate pumpkin muffin and a teeny piece of banana berry loaf. All eaten at work, all not photographed. FAIL.

I got home. I was grumpy. I was suppose to go out for dinner with a friend. But she didn’t get back to me. But I didn’t know for sure if she would or not right when I got home. But I was hungry. So I had to eat something. So I just snacked on random foods which is never a good idea and it ended up all equating to a meal. Which ended up being fine because she NEVER GOT BACK TO ME.
I ate this crap in my room. Because my brother and his girlfriend were in the kitchen making up some big dinner. And they were in my way. And I was already pissy. So I just took everything upstairs before I kicked someone.

I had some leftover chickpea salad, some coleslaw (which I mixed with FF sour cream and salsa) and some mushrooms (that I had with dijonnaise). Then I went back downstairs and ate a bunch of cottage cheese, finishing off the container.

From that point on, everything went out the window. I don’t even know all of what I ate. I had a few bites of pasta. I had a bunch of grapes and cherries. I had some banana. I had a bunch of yogurt. Then I had bites of pretty much every sweet thing I could find in my house, including cookies, ice cream, peanut butter and cheesecake. They were all fairly small bites, small enough anyway, but it all adds up. And I didn’t exercise at all to boot. No energy for it. Now I feel gross. Sorry for the complaining. Lack of sleep clearly does bad things to me.
Tomorrow = healthy eating time? Let’s sure hope so.


10 thoughts on “Double Day Update

  1. Hooray for leftover banana-berry loaf slices!! Freezing baked goods is definitely a great thing to do.

    Tomorrow is another day, indeed – rest up for it! :0)

  2. Keep your head up girlie, tomorrow is a new day! You may not be able to undo the little damage but you can certainly start a fresh and make up for it! We’re all here for you :)

  3. Don’t get too down, just move on from it. Or go for a walk, I so agree with you that walking is free therapy. Everything feels better after a walk :)

  4. that chickpea salad looks so good! i don’t know about the feta because i don’t like it…maybe i would use cojita cheese instead…YUMMY.

    and no worries…don’t feel down…just smile; i promise you’ll feel better!

  5. Sorry about the rough night. I hope today goes better for you.

    P.S. I HATE it when people don’t get back to you and then act like nothing happened. What the heck?

  6. We have those days where healthy eating is thrown out the door. I am trying to end emotional eating and mindless eating, and it takes time!

    Hope you have a grea tday today!

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