A Quick Mid-weekend Update

Before the goods of the day, I would like to give a great big THANK YOU to Leng (A Fat Cat Who Created A Vegetarian) and Carmen (The Oatmeal Experiment) for the nominations! You guys are more than awesome.

I would love to nominate others but there is no way I can choose! I believe many have already had the joy of receiving the award anyway. I love ALL of the blogs I read, you guys all fill my free time with some excellent readings!

I normally do a weekend wrap up on Sunday but I’m bored and have a bit of time to kill right now so here’s a quick one. Nothing overly exciting to report and missed lunch pictures because I had lunch at work and FORGOT MY CAMERA AT HOME. Which was disappointing. But such is life, so here are the fairly boring pictures I did manage to capture for the day.

Breakfast: a Smoothie. Unphotogenic at that (my camera was NOT wanting to focus today), but it tasted pretty good. It contained one peach, half a banana, vanilla yogurt, almond milk and a Tbsp of pumpkin seed butter. I was stuffed after this.

Lunch was a salad with leftover baked tofu, half of a pumpkin chocolate muffin, a small piece of banana berry loaf, a small apple and… blueberry baby food. I know I know, completely weird. But I used to LOVE snacking on that stuff so I picked up a jar recently and thought I would shove it in my lunch today. Weird but great. Baby food makes fun snacks, I swear.

Then I snacked on cottage cheese and rye bread and noodles when I got home. I’m an awesome leftover snacker like that.

Then soon after I had dinner. Which was chicken on a piece of rye with tzaziki, bruschetta, feta and cucumbers. Sides were mashed cauliflower and a few fries.

There was only a little bit of vanilla yogurt left in my giant container, so I finished that off with some Guardian cereal and dried strawberry bits.

Have a good rest of the weekend guys!


14 thoughts on “A Quick Mid-weekend Update

  1. Congratulations Kristie!! You totally deserve the award!! I’m the same as you … I can’t decide who to pass the award to, so I just passed it to everyone (including you) haha! Oh, if there is a photography award out there … you’re definitely getting one from me ;0)

    Not focusing?! It looks clear to me … My camera is crap – I own a Pentax digital camera, but I’m thinking of purchasing a Canon Rebel camera … it looks so awesome!

    Mmmm, don’t you just LOVE rye bread?!! They are so good!

    p.s.: sorry for the lack of comments lately – I’m busy with work :0/

  2. congrats on the awards! you totally deserve it cause your blog ROCKS! and like cecilia says, your photography is always great too!

    and ohhhhh…the rye bread sounds great…so jealous!

  3. congrats on the award you deserve it! That sandwich does look really good. And it’s not too weird that you eat baby food…well, maybe just a little ;-)

  4. Congrats on your award – you certainly deserve it! I love reading your blog and reading about all your crazy fun adventures. Plus your food photography is awesome.

    I like the orange smoothie. I’ve never tried pumpkin seed butter before. Does it taste much like canned pumpkin or sweeter? Sweeter would be good.

    That Greek sandwich sounds delicious. I love every ingredient!

    Have a great night :)

  5. Jenn – The pumpkin seed butter actually just reminds me a lot of any other nut butter. It is a little different in flavour of course, I can’t really pinpoint how to describe it, but I like it! The colour is a little strange though, it has a greenish hue. It actually looks pretty gross…haha.

    Thanks all for the kind blog comments, you guys always manage to make me smile!

  6. Oh pssh you know you deserve it! :D

    And wow that’s one orange smoothie–I didn’t think the peach color would stand out so well even with all the yogurt, milk and banana mixins! Cool!

  7. I’m an awesome leftover snacker, too. I’m always like, well, I should’ve already eaten it anyway, so it doesn’t count.

    Can’t stand with ya on the baby food, though. Sorry :)

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