Cranky Cleaning

I didn’t work today and I had nothing to do and I was in a pretty bitter, lonely, generally all over crappy mood for the majority of it. Not sure why but I think a large contributor was the fact that I didn’t get much sleep. I definitely should have taken a nap.

Instead I killed time and crankiness by spending the majority of my day cleaning my room. It had to be done, I had so much clutter everywhere, and now it is pretty much finished and looks so good. It’s much cozier to be in when there isn’t junk lying all over the floor, tables etc. It’s quite the relief. I even cracked out a diffuser that has been unopened since Christmas, so now my room smells of sweet pea, whatever that scent is supposed to be… it smells good anyway!

I didn’t take a picture of breakfast because, frankly, I was just too lazy to go get my camera and it was just a standard bowl of cereal anyway. It looked exactly like the other bowls of cereal I’ve been having lately.

I don’t normally have midmorning snacks but for some reason today I just couldn’t get the idea of eating out of my head, so I had some cottage cheese and leftover green beans.  The tiny amount of cottage cheese in the bowl is maybe a quarter of the total amount I ate straight from the container. It just tastes so much better from the container… no lie!

Then I did a workout (Tae bo – I wasn’t feeling like doing anything else), then had lunch. Which was a big salad, some rye bread, and salmon on crackers.

Post lunch I had a fresh, juicy peach. Along with probably half a tbsp of peanut butter.

For dinner I made my first ever batch of baked tofu. Well, I think I need some practice with this one. I should have watched baking time rather than just shoving it in for half an hour without checking on it at all. Some of the thinnest pieces were completely burnt, crispy and inedible. The rest was pretty decent though. Had this along with some corn on the cob. Which tastes better on the grill than it does boiled, just for the record.

Oh, and pre-dinner I munched on some carrots with dijonnaise because I was hungry. And carrots with dijonnaise are awesome. If you haven’t tried it, do it. Especially if you like dijonnaise. Or even just dijon mustard.

Post dinner was frozen mango chunks with cherry yogurt and half of some crispy cookie that was in the freezer. Great cookies. They came from Ikea. They have the most fun crunch ever. I’m sad that there are only two left now.

I was hungry later on, or maybe just bored and in a snacking mood but I’m pretty sure there was a bit of legit hunger there, so I had a bowl of puffed wheat and Guardian cereal with skim milk and yogurt. Plus a coffee since my energy was dragging.

Then I was supposed to go to a kegger. But the people we were meeting there ended up leaving early. So I went instead to a bar with a few friends. I like this particular bar, but not on a Friday night. Strange crowd, strange music, just not that much fun. Especially with me being DD. Totally my choice though, but still. So we left and got pizza and wings next door. Well they got some. I didn’t want any but I was feeling somewhat hungry and they kept insisting I eat something so I had one piece of pizza that I pulled basically all of the toppings off of. So really I had a slice of dough. With hardly any sauce. I like my pizza saucy. So this was somewhat disappointing.

And now I’m home. And it’s late. And I need to sleep since I work tomorrow and hardly slept last night. Night all!


5 thoughts on “Cranky Cleaning

  1. i agree that all things taste better straight out of the container. especially peanut butter and ice cream ; )

    I hope your weekend gets better and you can catch up on some sleep!

  2. Tae bo! I did that once in the common room of my dorm once. How fun.

    Your tofu baking interests me because starting on Monday, my boyfriend and I are going meatless for thirty days. I’ve eaten tofu, but never cooked it myself. Always seemed scary. So, if you or any of your readers have any suggestions for us, please check out our new blog and leave us a note.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

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