Oh the Adventures

Check out the lovely new Foodbuzz imagery to the right of this page. But better yet, check out the actual site. Now that‘s a place that has lots of lovely food imagery.
Okay, enough drooling.

Once again my update is delayed because once again I went out last night. Yeah, I went out dancing. Do I do anything else really? It sure doesn’t seem like it. I’ll elaborate a bit on that later.

First, I switched up breakfast yesterday! I took a break from cereal and went instead with half of an Ezekiel english muffin with hummus and egg whites. The egg whites that wouldn’t fit on the english muffin got topped with salsa. And then, clearly, some grapes and about 1/3 of a banana.

I had a doctor’s appointment (during which I mentioned the near fainting experience and it’s really nothing to be concerned about – phew), then my mom and I went to this little all vegetarian store that I’ve been wanting to go to for a while! The product array was modest, most of the stuff on the shelves were things I could find at the other health food stores I go to, but the real excitement lay with the frozen goods. They had all kinds of stuff that I haven’t been able to find! They had all kinds of Ezekiel products, multiple veggie burger brands I’ve never been able to find etc etc. It was awesome. I picked up the Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread as well as some Garden Herb Sunshine Burgers! I didn’t know if I would ever see these things in stores around here. I’ll definitely have to make a trip back there to pick up some other new and exciting products.

My mom and I then went to another grocery store that was nearby and it was one of the cheapest grocery stores I think I have ever been in! Everything seemed so much cheaper. So we picked up a decent haul. Needless to say our fridge and freezer are pretty much overflowing. I’m surprised we can even get the doors closed, no joke.

After we got home it was time for lunch so I had a salad with some cottage cheese on the side, plus a small salmon sandwich on the freshest rye bread I’ve ever had. It was completely delicious and now I just kind of want to eat the whole loaf. But I won’t. For now.

Then I had some frozen banana slices topped with yogurt, Guardian cereal, some dried papaya chunks and half of a pumpkin chocolate muffin (I ate the other half this morning). I didn’t need this because I wasn’t hungry at all after breakfast, but I just felt the need to eat something else so I did. I need to practice the whole following hunger cues thing a little more.

Then eventually dinner time came. I was going to have one of the Sunshine Burgers but because I had already eaten quite a bit of food throughout the rest of the day and the Sunshine burgers are pretty high in calories compared to other veggie burgers, I opted to just go with a Sundried Tomato & Basil burger on a big slice of the fresh rye, with a Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge, some dijonnaise, tomato and spinach. I also had green beans and a couple bites of pasta salad on the side.

For dessert I made a smoothie of sorts, in which I used up the last bit of FF cappuccino ice cream (maybe 1/3 of a cup), some yogurt, coffee, frozen banana, frozen berries and ice. I also threw in a bit of cocoa powder at the end. This was a weird combo but it tasted pretty decent. Weird, but decent.

Then I went out dancing, as I mentioned. This was such a bizarre night. So many stupid, funny, annoying and weird things happened. I won’t bother trying to explain it all but here’s a brief recap.
We were supposed to go to one somewhat classy place but apparently my friend’s ID wasn’t valid there so we went to the club next door. Which she has been to before. But last night, apparently her ID wasn’t valid there either. So she had to go back home to get a second piece of ID while the other girl and I waited there. We finally got in and started dancing but towards the end of the night some guys we were dancing with wanted us to go with them to wherever the heck they were going. I wasn’t digging these guys and I had other friends who I wanted to talk to at the club but the friends I was with wanted to go with the guys… so I just stayed at the club while they went to get food and then they were going to meet back with me. Which they eventually did a while later but then they wanted to go somewhere else with the guys (no idea where). And I didn’t. The guys were annoying. Then I saw one of the bouncers I knew walk by so I went to talk to him and they kind of just left. So he offered to drive me home. On his crotch rocket.
So at 4 in the morning I was whipping down the street in heels on the back of the crotch rocket of a bouncer who I just might have a bit of a crush on. I’ve never been on one of those before. It was about 5% scary and 95% amazing. Talk about a great way to end a really bizarre night.


8 thoughts on “Oh the Adventures

  1. I too love FoodBuzz – great site/network!!

    Hooray for finding Sunshine Burgers!!! Hope you like them :0)

    Crotch rocket?? Haha, interesting. Your adventures lately are sitcom-worthy!! :0D

  2. Hurray for FoodBuzz – congrats :)

    Wow, that is quite an adventure! I never would have known that a motorcycle is called a crotch rocket had it not been for you, Kristie (at least I THINK you’re talking about a motorcycle). Thanks for enlightening my mind :)

  3. Yeah totally talking about a motorcycle! The crotch rockets are the race-y-looking street ones that you’re crouched/leaning forward on when driving on them. Clearly I can’t describe it well haha.

  4. Crotch rocket, eh? You can’t go and say that’s a Canadian one cause I’m Canadian too and that’s new to me :D hahaha. Isn’t the lack of whole foods and trader joe’s here terrible??? I think I may enter into one and just never leave while I’m in Boston. I’d be quite content haha.

  5. what a night you had! at least you got home safe!

    and aren’t those sundried tomato-basil burgers great! i love those kinds!!!!

    and i’m glad the fainting issue isn’t something you need to worry about after seeing your doctor! did he/she say what it might have been? that maybe you could prevent it in the future?

    have a great weekend!

  6. Linds – haha I dunno maybe it’s just a motorcyclist term. My dad owns a motorcycle shop that I work at so that’s where I’ve picked up the term I think.
    As for the TJ and WF lackage, it makes me so sad. Soak up every moment you get to experience in them!

    Melissa – It’s called vasovagal syncope, it’s mainly just random fainting triggered by cuts I guess. She said there isn’t really a real reason for it and the only way really to prevent it is to anticipate it beforehand and try to focus on something else/on not passing out.

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