Wet Vacs Never Fail to Amuse

Seriously. Yesterday at work we got to clean the entire floor of the bakery (which is quite the huge job, I must say), and my task was to vacuum up all of the water with this crazy, heavy-duty shop vac that has the ability to suck up water. As big as the job was, I think every single stroke of the vac against the floor amused me, it was such a cool concept that I was sucking up water. Maybe I need more excitement in my life…
All that vaccumming was quite the workout too! I never complain about tasks that I know are giving me mucho extra workout in a day, especially if I’m getting paid for them ;)

Anyway, on to the food. Sorry for the late update but I went on a late last-minute walk with my friend last night and it lasted to the point of exhaustion so I went right to bed once I came home.

But before food, a quick thank you to everyone for your concern about my work injury post the other day. I was feeling relatively fine soon after and I made sure to get to bed extra early and get the extra rest. I needed it. THANK YOU ALL for wishing me well, you’re all much too kind.

Breakfast yesterday morning was a bowl of mixed cereal yet again. I just can’t go wrong with this, especially when I’m not completely starving when I wake up. It always gives me the perfect amount of full, keeps me going as long as I need it to, and tastes awesome. Cereal is pretty much the perfect summer early morning breakfast for me.

Lunch was a salad with leftover chicken and a Goddess/FF sour cream dressing, a giant juicy peach (my first of the year and it was amazing) and yogurt with berries and mango chunks mixed in. No pic, I packed it the night before and ate it at work. I always always forget the packed lunch pics. No good!

Once I got home from work I found a mysterious white box sitting on my counter. I knew right away that I should NOT open it to find out its contents, but I’m much too curious to have that kind of resistance. As soon as I opened it up though, this was the disasterous result.

Why does my mother have to pick up horrible foods like this? I snacked on several bites throughout the course of the night. It probably equated to half of one of these. I would have felt less guilty had I not already had a few bites of cake at work. Ugh. Good thing I went for that extra walk last night.

I did a workout and then had dinner. All I really wanted to have was a salad, so I made a giant one with my standard homemade creamy dressing of ff sour cream, dijonnaise, and balsamic vinegar. Then I had some chicken drizzled with Goddess/sour cream on the side. There is goat cheese on the plate as well but I ended up putting it back and not eating it because I had already snacked on some in the dinner-making process and decided, by the time I sat down, that I just didn’t need any more of it.

Post dinner I had a bunch of grapes and a piece of banana with… Kraft Light Peanut Butter. I know this isn’t the best pb to choose and I have much healthier nut butters in the cupboard, but I really like this stuff, it’s deeeelish on banana, and therefore I have it once in a while instead of the healthy stuff. It’s so thick and sweet. Mmmm.

Day off today! I’ll have the day’s update a while later today since the day just began and I have yet to even have breakfast. ;)


8 thoughts on “Wet Vacs Never Fail to Amuse

  1. Haha, well at least you enjoyed the vacuuming process!! Your stories always make me smile :0)

    Oh my, those cinnamon rolls look devilishly decadent and delicious!! Just savor and enjoy :0)

  2. My mom has so many mysterious boxes. I therefore have a love/hate relationship with going home. I love my family – hate the enormous amounts of sweet treats they have in stock! Oh well – everything in moderation.


    Have an amazing day off – I’M JEALOUS!

  3. I feel the same way! Thank god I don’t live with my parents anymore- I would not be able to resist. But they look absolutely amazing.

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