Fainting Spells

Breakfast today was another bowl of cereal. Last night I was thinking about trying something different and somewhat more exciting for breakfast today but upon waking up, all I could imagine myself eating was a nice, big bowl of cereal. No other options would do. So a big bowl of mixed cereal (Raisin Bran, Peanut Butter Panda Puffs + Multigrain Cheerios) it was. Topped off with the standard frozen banana slices, vanilla yogurt and skim milk instead of unsweetened almond milk today. This, of course, did not fail to disappoint. I had it along with a half coffee/half light hot chocolate drink.

Then I went off to work. Before going though I forgot that I had to pack a lunch. Usually I try to do that the night before. Oops. So I packed a quick mainly lettuce salad topped with balsamic vinaigrette, some carrots, and half a berry banana muffin spread with pumpkin seed butter. Obviously didn’t get a picture in my slight rushed time. This wasn’t the most filling lunch, mainly because my salad had hardly any substance to it, so I ended up eating the half of an Optimum Energy Bar that was in my purse as well. Then I was satisfied.

Shortly after lunch though I had my excitement for the day. And by excitement I mean misfortune. After grabbing a wooden spoon out of a drawer, I quickly shoved the drawer closed while my poor little pointer finger was still in it. I ended up with a nice little bloody slice in it. No big deal, right? Well that’s what I thought. I washed it up and went to get a band aid. As I was just about to put the band aid on I started feeling super dizzy and nauseous, then my vision completely clouded over and I could hardly hear anything. So I quickly sat down and closed my eyes in an attempt to try not to pass out. Then my arms went completely tingly and I started dripping sweat. My friend was sitting there with me and kept saying how I had gone completely white. I sat there for a little while while the feeling passed and I regained a bit of strength, then I gulped down some water and sat a little longer. After several minutes I was feeling okay again but I left work after that.
I have no idea why that happened, I am not phased by cuts or blood, but this has happened to me two other times in my life when I’ve gotten slices in my fingers. So strange. Apparently my dad passes out from blood too so I guess it’s a genetic thing, but blood seriously does NOT bother me so I find it really weird that this happens… I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday though so I’ll probably bring it up and see what she says.

During the afternoon I was driving my friend to her other job but first we stopped at the mall because she was hungry. I had several bites of her couscous salad.

Once I got home I snacked some more on leftover chicken, a slice of rye with salsa, and some cottage cheese.

For dinner my family had macaroni and cheese out of the box along with garlic bread. Usually with these kind of dinners I just have a taste and then make something healthier, but I didn’t feel in the mood to make anything else so I had a small bowl (x2…) of the macaroni topped with salsa, along with half a piece of garlic bread, then some salad and raw veggies. Only got one pic here.

After dinner I was not hungry at all. But had the most annoying sweet craving, the kind where you can’t figure out for the LIFE of you what you want to eat to satisfy it. Every idea I ran through my head seemed unappealing. But it wouldn’t go away. I tried to satisfy it with a bowl of vanilla yogurt with frozen mango, golden raspberries, and even some brown sugar on top for the extra sweetness. This sure upped my full level, but no satisfaction.

So then I dug into the FF cappuccino brownie ice cream and had several spoonfuls. Still nothing. So THEN I had 2/3 of a crunchy cookie thing in the freezer. I guess this did the trick because I quit after this. Although I think if I had put one more bite of anything in my stomach it might just have burst.

Tonight I swear I am going to go to bed early.


13 thoughts on “Fainting Spells

  1. I hope it’s nothing serious and I’m glad you’re gonna ask your doctor about it at your appointment! Good thinking!

    I hope you feel all better by the morning!

  2. Eeek! Fainting/being dizzy is so scary! Hope you are feeling better!

    Golden raspberries?! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of those?! They sound so good! And that dessert looks awesome!!

    I wish I could try some Peanut Butter Panda Puffs. They sound delicious.

    You also look absolutely gorgeous in that clubbing picture from the other night!! I love that black top too!

    Take care Kristie! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. OH MY!! That sound so scary!! I hope that won’t happen again!! Rest well today … :0(

    drool … your dessert sounds delicious as always, I’ve never heard of golden raspberry before :0/

  4. Oh wow, I’m glad you were able to go home after the incident though.

    What is the FF cappuccino brownie ice cream? it sounds delicious!!!!! I am currently in love with mocha fudge almond ice cream. lol

  5. Yikes! I have a similar issue with fainting – I’ve done it maybe 3 times in my life, and each time it happened after I hurt myself in some way. I’m also not scared of blood, so I don’t really know what the deal would be. Please let me know what your doctor says! And I hope you’re feeling better :(

    Putting salsa on top of the macaroni is a really good idea. And your dessert(s) look and sound delicious.

  6. Hi,
    What probably happened to you is called a vasovagal synocope, an unexplained but harmless sudden drop in blood pressure (google it). 99% of the time it’s not a big deal and it happens as your body’s reaction to stress. Many people have them after having blood drawn, or in reaction to seeing themselves or someone else injured. But I actually had one during a dress rehearsal for a speech I had to give and I had exactly the same symptoms. So they’re not fun, but not something to stress over either :)

  7. Thank you to EVERYONE for the well wishes! I’m completely fine now. Phew.

    As for the golden raspberries, I had never heard of them either! They are basically the same as normal raspberries though, maybe just a touch milder.

    Jenn – Wow that’s so weird, it sounds like we’ve had exactly the same thing. I’ll definitely be looking into it but Rachel’s comment seems to sum it up pretty well!

    Rachel – Thanks for that info, googled it and it sounds exactly right. I wonder why that happens. At least it’s an infrequent thing though!

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