Sushi Love & The Bushman

I worked all day today at the bakery.

I anticipated my breakfast the night before because I knew I wanted to finish off my Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch cereal. So I did, along with some Peanut Butter Panda Puffs thrown in, plus half a banana, almond milk and vanilla yogurt. With a side of Orange Pekoe tea. Always a successful breakfast.

And I forgot to take a picture of my lunch. But it was boring anyway. Just a salad with balsamic vinaigrette, some carrots and cucumber slices dipped in red pepper hummus, and an apple.

Then for din my friend and I went out for SUSHI! We tried out a new place today called Sakura Island. It was awesome. They had a huge menu with plenty of selection. I kind of wanted to try everything. So I definitely plan on going back there again to try more of the lovely sounding dishes that I missed out on tonight.

Now for the lovely cell phone pictures, because that’s all I got. I went for dinner straight from work and I never bring my camera to work because, as much as I don’t think anyone would ever even dream of going through my stuff at the bakery, I just don’t want to leave my camera sitting in the change room. I kinda like it a little too much for that.

So, for starters I had a seaweed salad, which wasn’t really much of a salad because it was actually noodles underneath all of the seaweed, but it was greatly tasty. They also gave us complimentary noodle dishes. Those were good too.

My friend ordered a tofu appetizer, of which I tried a couple pieces.

And then for the main dishes, we ordered and shared a tempura yam roll (second pic) and a dynamite roll (first pic), which had something like crab, avocado, cucumber and maybe salmon or something in it? Either way they were both quite tasty, especially the yam! Too bad it was tempura because as delicious as that is, I try to avoid the whole deep fried thing when I can…

Next time I have sushi I’m going to try very hard to make sure I have my actual camera! Because sushi dishes are just so darn pretty, and camera phone pics never ever do them any justice.
I was quite enjoying my dinner until I tried to pick up my seaweed salad bowl to move out of the way and somehow managed to spill the large amount of leftover dressing at the bottom of the bowl all over myself. I love how spills like that always manage to land exactly in the spot that makes it look like bladder control is not something you are very skilled at.

When I got home I wanted something sweet, so I had some fruit that I tried to portion out on a plate but ended up eating at least double of everything shown. Along with a tiny piece of banana berry bread with hazelnut butter.

The unpictured junk eats include a few m&ms and a few bites of Rolo ice cream. Dangerous dangerous stuff. Good thing the container is almost empty.

Had a slightly bizarre experience tonight that I just have to mention. I was walking down the road with my friend and we were walking by this patch of bushes when all of a sudden one of them stood up and ran off in the other direction. HOLY TRIPPY. I didn’t even jump or scream. I think I was just too completely shocked to react. I felt like I was either on Candid Camera or in some kind of awful horror movie. It was the weirdest thing ever. It’s not like the “bush” tried to jump out at us or grab us or anything. It/he just kind of took off. I’m still a little weirded out.


9 thoughts on “Sushi Love & The Bushman

  1. a bush? ran off? that IS trippy!

    but your sushi looks yummy…i’m jealous! i plan on making some this week with my roomies!

    and your bread sounds so good w/ the hazelnut butter. :D

  2. MY OH MY .. nothing beats sushi <33333 and I love those seaweed thing – it’s sad that they’re so expensive! ;0(

    OH MY … REALLY A BUSH THAT MOVES?! Is it one of those prank?! How weird (@@, )

  3. Um, a bush that ran away? I am officially scared to walk near my bushes ever again! Yikes :)

    Mmm, sushi looks great, even with the cell phone – but you’re right, the presentation is always so pretty! And sorry about the spill – I swear I can’t even go to a restaurant without spilling something, and 99.9% of the time it’s on myself, and 99.9% of that 99.9% it’s in that same spot you were talking about.

  4. YOU HAD HAZELNUT-BUTTER!!!! My all-time favorite nut-butter that I simply cannot live without :0)

    Yikes!! I’d be weirded out by the bush too, haha!! Definitely a bizarre experience you had!!

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