Wacky Weekend


Worked all day today for my dad doing bookkeeping. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned that job before, although I’m sure I have, but that’s how I spend all of my Saturdays. It was a nice change of pace spending the day at work not being completely tired from having a late Friday night out, as I usually am. And the day went by strangely quickly to boot, which almost never happens on a Saturday.

For breakfast I made an egg white, salsa, spinach, FF cheese slice mush on half of an Ezekiel English Muffin, which I finally got around to buying. I’ve been meaning to buy these for a while now but I have only been able to find them in one grocery store around here and I don’t go to it that often so when I was there the other day I jumped at the chance and bought them right away. After the first bite or two I wasn’t sure if I could really tell what was so special about these highly acclaimed muffins, but several more bites in I could definitely taste all of the grainy goodness that is lacking in most other, much plainer english muffins. Next test will be the Ezekiel bread loaves.
I used to eat this breakfast all the time but I hadn’t had it in quite a while for some unknown reason. I guess I’ve just been eating more cereal, oatmeal etc lately. But I’m glad to reintroduce this baby into my life, and I’m going to try to remember to make it more often.
Obviously accompanied by an iced coffee.

And then I followed this with a piece of the banana berry loaf. I’ve been snacking on this stupid thing a lot the past few days. Good thing it’s basically all healthy. I definitely ate more than this teeny pictured piece.

Lunch at work was the same old standard mixed veggie salad and apple. Nothing new there. Oh except that this salad had nutritional yeast in it, which is a new thing in salads for me, as I mentioned in some other post some other recent day.

The real variety introduced in this lunch though was in the form of a banana berry muffin (told you I’ve been eating this stuff nonstop), as well as a single onion ring from my brother’s onion ring and bacon cheeseburger lunch. I haven’t had an onion ring in ages. It was good. Not sure if it was worth the supposed 50 calories per one onion ring though. Ah well.

For dinner my mom made homemade barbecue sauce-baked chicken with egg noodles and broccoli. This was a newly attempted recipe. The chicken was slightly dry from over-baking but overall I quite enjoyed it. I’m a sucker for bbq sauce in pretty much any form. I went back for seconds. And sprayed the broccoli with spray balsamic vinaigrette dressing because it tastes good like that.

For dessert I decided to make an old favourite – vanilla ice cream mixed with peanut butter and strawberry sauce. I used to have this all the time way back in the day, only usually about 3x the amount, with no regard as to how much pb or sauce was being added in. This time I made a very small version. I may have eaten several bites more of the ice cream straight from the container though before it made its way back into the freezer.

Then it was Saturday night. Time for what? Clubbing, what else. My friend and I know a couple of the bouncers at the club we went to so we were watched out for and guarded from creepers all night. We also got a few other special privileges such as free lanyards and hats from a promotion thing that was going on that night, as well as plenty of drinks that we didn’t have to pay for. I think I paid for only one of my drinks all night. And I had my fair share of drinks. This was one incredibly late but incredibly solid night.

It’s nice to be friends with big bouncer dudes when you get the weirdo “Hey Ladies…” guys creeping at your back. My friend Katie (left) and I (right) are longtime partners in clubbing crime. We go way back. To grade 3 precisely.


I got to bed around 5. Woke up around 10. With the amount I drank I feared a slight hangover, but survived with only a slight headache. And an incredible amount of tired. I sat around pretty much all day and rested/napped. It had to be done.

Because I was just darn tired and it was Sunday, I decided to make it a no calorie counting day. I do that once in a while and today just seemed fitting. I knew there would be a lot of random snacking and such going on, and I just didn’t want to even bother going through the trouble of trying to calculate. You would think that after a night of drinking, the next day should involve structure and lots of healthy eatings to get back on track, but who needs logic like that on a dreary and sleepy Sunday?

Breakfast started off with some leftover pasta and chicken from last night, moved on to some bread with hummus, and finally arrived at the actual planned meal of a small bowl of oatmeal with half a banana, a yogurt and SF maple syrup “dressing”, topped with cinnamon. I wasn’t hungry by the time I got around to eating this, but I had it anyway.

Lunch was a salad with feta and sweet onion dressing. I wasn’t hungry when I ate this. Probably because we did grocery shopping right before I had lunch, so as soon as we got home I cracked out the fresh (white – ick) bread and had some with cheese.

Then I finished off some Jello that was in the fridge. I ate more food too after this. I don’t remember exactly what. I think I had some more banana berry loaf, a few bites of a cookie and some pumpkin muffin, as well as a few bites of ice cream. I need to stop with the random dessert bites thing, it just never works out.

Dinner was a chicken wrap with tzatziki, feta, lettuce and cucumber. I heated it up but for once I wished I had left it cold. Usually when I heat my entire wrap, contents and all, it tastes delicious but this was one of those that would have been better left as is. I’ll keep that in mind for the next tzatziki wrap I do up.
It was messy. And definitely didn’t fold up very well. Because of this it was eaten very quickly.

Then I finished off the cantaloupe in the fridge. Multiply this amount by three and throw in some watermelon for a more accurate depiction.

There was also a few bites of ice cream involved. And an iced coffee but does that really need another picture? Probably not.

My appetite was pretty off all day. I was rarely hungry, yet I clearly ate quite often and quite a bit. I’ve been pretty good lately with listening to my hunger cues and only really eating when hungry, stopping mostly when full etc. Today I didn’t follow that at all. But I resorted myself to the fact that it was going to be one of those days right from the get-go this morning. So I’ve accepted and am okay with it. Back to some real structure tomorrow.
Hope you guys survived this novel of a post ;)


8 thoughts on “Wacky Weekend

  1. Once again, I’m in awe with your gorgeous pictures!! I love Ezekiel type English muffin – they are so wholesome and good for you! I never combined salsa with spinach before – I bet it was delicious!

    Oh boy, your banana berry loaf looks scrumptious~ Much better than mine :0/ Ahh … I can tend to eat more than my fair share of sweet baked goods – so you’re not alone :0)

    You like nooch on salads don’t ya?! I like them, but not LOVE them … but that’s probably because I’m a weirdo …

    I’m with you … I love BBQ sauce! I just need to kick myself in the butt to make them myself one day :0)

    ZOMG … peanut butter makes everything taste SO GOOD, don’t they!?! They are so versatile – you can use them in stir-fries, baked goods, oatmeal … everything!! IF ONLY THEY ARE CALORIE FREE – oh how if I wish that to be true ;-D

    Clubbing – YOU look GORGEOUS, girl!! No wonder creepy guys were trying to hit on ya!!!

    Last but not least …. I LOVE CANTALOUPE! They are so delicious … nom nom nom …

  2. That banana-berry bread looks so. freaking. good. I wouldn’t be able to stop either. I also love the idea of putting peanut butter in ice cream.

    You look so pretty in that picture, Kristie! It’s no wonder the creepers were after ya ;)

    I always enjoy reading your novel posts. Like All Vegged Out said, your witty commentary is awesome.

  3. You would definitely love coffee flavored ice cream. I just got this almond mocha flavored one, it is sooo goood. hahaha, but I need to watch out, becuase I eat soo much of it. And I love it on waffle cones! =D

  4. that banana-berry loaf looks so delicious, i’m sure i would have absolutely NO control around it whatsoever.

    and 50 calories for a single onion ring? yikes! i bet it was good though!

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