Plenty Of Eatings

Not sure quite why, but my appetite seemed to be a little strange and a little neverending today. I read something about lack of sleep contributing to greater appetite so that could definitely be a contributer considering I was up very late last night (or perhaps I should say very early this morning) and then awake again only a few hours later.

Regardless of the reason though, I ate plenty today.

Started off with a whole lot of fruits topped with yogurt and the last of my old, burnt, homemade granola. Fruits in the bowl included frozen banana, mango, strawberries and blueberries, and I also had a bunch of grapes during the fruit chopping process.

I was in a baking mood today and have been wanting to bake something to finish off our big container of strawberries that were starting to go bad, so I opted for this tasty and healthy sounding recipe. The only changes I made to this Strawberry Banana recipe, which I made into a loaf plus four muffins, were that I also added approx. 2 T of maple syrup because I’m big on sweets and thought it could use a little more sweetness, and I also added some blueberries in addition to the strawberries because I didn’t quite have enoughs strawberries and also wanted to finish off our blueberries.

This tasted pretty darn good once slightly cooled out of the oven, but I can’t wait to try it tomorrow. Banana bread alone is always way better the second day around, so I would imagine a banana and berry bread would be absolutely amazing after all of the delicious berry juices have had time to melt into and infuse themselves throughout the whole of the loaf. As you can see though, the term ‘loaf’ might not be the best for me to use, considering a loaf usually has a big more height to it… I guess maybe some baking soda would have been in order here to make this rise a bit? I’m no expert in the technicalities of baking ingredients. No biggie though, I like a dense loaf anyway. I snacked on a fair bit of this.

Lunch was the rest of the canned chunk chicken I opened up yesterday, this time mixed with FF mayo, FF sour cream and buffalo sauce. It was creamy and awesome.

Later in the afternoon I wasn’t overly hungry but had a strange cereal craving that I could just not get out of my head. I did try to wait it out but no luck. So I had several spoonfuls of the crunchy granola bottom-of-the-bag stuff from the Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch box.

Then I went to the mall with a friend and did some (ehem a LOT) of shopping. I spent way too much money and probably got more clothes than I needed. But I love a good shopping trip that ends in a good haul, and I haven’t really had one of those since I started working more so I think it was about time for one, especially now that so much stuff is on sale. I got shorts, capris and many a tank top, plus some earrings and sunglasses.

We also had dinner at the mall and I wasn’t hungry at first from eating all that cereal so I put it off, but eventually I needed to eat something so I opted for half a veggie and cheese sandwich from a little soup and sandwich place in the food court. I loaded it up with tons of veggies, some shredded cheddar and honey mustard on a slice of whole wheat. It was good but messy/hard to eat from the veggie stack, and it wasn’t all that filling. Hope you enjoy the *high* quality greatness that is my cell phone camera. I never seem to have my camera with me when I eat out, but even if I did, cell phone pics are much more discrete. Still haven’t reached the level of comfort of being able to pull out my camera at just any ol public place yet.
I also had several bites of my friend’s creamy (and therefore purely fatty) pasta salad.

Then I eventually got home. And was of course hungry. So I had some bread with hummus and polished off the container of cottage cheese. Then I ate some carrots, mushrooms and orange pepper with dijonnaise. Managed at least one picture of my late night snacking here…

Then I had some more raw veggies. Then some lettuce with sweet onion dressing and feta. THEN I finished off the last of a big yogurt container. Then I finally called it quits.

I ate quite a bit today but at least majority was healthy stuff. And on top of the many hours of shopping walking, I also did a good Tae bo workout in the early afternoon.

Now I’m exhausted and ready for bed. This is the first time I’ve opted to stay in on a Friday night in quite a while. Go me! And I don’t feel the least bit regretful about it. I must really need the rest tonight.


12 thoughts on “Plenty Of Eatings

  1. the granola and fruit look so tempting! :)

    Don’t worry, it seems like you burnt a lot off today, and you listened to your body and ate until you were satisfied… that’s great. my goal is to do exactly that and not eat because I’m bored or whatever!

    Ah nothing beats a great shopping trip. Sounded like a lot of fun!

    And re: your comment, yeah, the vinegar is balsamic! Lemme know if you try our interesting combos :D

  2. I don’t think you ate ‘too’ much today … sometimes my appetite turns monster like too, so don’t freak out :0) Plus … the stuff that you snack on, are pretty much healthy stuff!

    Heh, the picture that you took with your mobile aren’t bad at all – better than mine! :0)

  3. No worries – appetites fluctuate all the time (especially in different weather conditions).

    Your breakfast is gorgeous!!

    We both baked strawberry-banana bread!! Fun!! :0D

  4. When you ordered the sandwich did you just order half? Or did you throw away the other half so you wouldn’t be tempted to overeat? I can’t believe you think you overate today! – If you count calories I’m sure you’d see that you are still well under calories! And your snacks looked so yummy and healthy!

  5. E – I do count calories, that’s how I know I overate. I even gave up calculating towards the end of the day when I know I had far surpassed where I wanted to be. I know it doesn’t seem like that much but I did more snacking than is shown. For example I ate quite a lot of cottage cheese, snacked on quite a few handfuls of high calorie granola based cereal and had my fair share of tastes while making the banana bread.
    As for the sandwich, the little place I ordered from offers half sandwiches. I was pretty excited about that. I don’t throw food away really so if I had ordered a full sandwich I would have saved it for another day rather than thrown it away. Or just eaten the whole thing. ;)

  6. goodness! Seriously – that looks amazing. And I can totally see what you mean about letting the juice from the berries soak through overnight. Mmm…spread it with some PB and you’re set!

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