A Different Start

I had the weirdest breakfast craving today. I was looking at blogs early this morning and I commented on one (I can’t remember who it was but if it was you, let me know) where someone had a veggie burger or something like that for their lunch. I knew right away after seeing it that that was what I wanted for breakfast. SO, for the first time ever, I made myself a Sundried Tomato & Basil Gardenburger with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, dijonnaise and spinach on a piece of rye. For breakfast. This is always a dinner food for me. So I was really switching it up today. How crazy am I, right?

Too bad the rye was kind of stale, even after microwaving it. I ended up ripping off the whole crust part, it was just too icky and chewy.

Then I cut up some delicious juicy watermelon and a whole bunch of it went into my mouth rather than into the container.

Plus the required iced coffee:

I didn’t work today but I did have an eye appointment this morning so I went to that, then did some groceries and such with my mother. We picked up some delicious roasted red pepper hummus and a big fresh loaf of multigrain bread (that was still warm when we bought it – yum!) so I had to have some of those for my lunch starter. Mulitply the amount pictured by about two.

I then made a really tasty salad that I, for the first time, added some nutritional yeast to. I read this on some other blog (another which I can’t remember… sigh. If you happened to mention adding this great stuff to your salads, then just holla at me :P) and had to give it a try. Must say… total success. I shall be adding this to more of my salads on the regular.

Since I was still a teeny bit hungry following this bowl, I finished off the rest of the cabbage slaw with some cottage cheese. I ate much more cottage cheese than what is in the pictures. Seriously, I am just too addicted to the stuff. I really need to avoid eating it straight from the container. I have tried but miserably failed way too many times.

I did a half hour treadmill run and some strength stuff in the late afternoon, and then made myself some dinner. I had to have another slice of the fresh multigrain bread with hummus, which I had alongside some chunk chicken salad mixed with an array of things (including small amounts of fat free mayo, dijonnaise, buffalo sauce, hummus and celery) on a bed of shredded lettuce.

My dessert started off with some slightly defrosted but initially frozen berries and mango chunks. Now I DO remember where this food inspiration came from today (Thanks Em!) and it was a great one. I LOVE when frozen fruit is slightly defrosted, it has the most amazing taste and texture.

Too bad a little later I dug into the ice cream container for a few spoonfuls. Luckily it was the fat free chocolate ice cream rather than the other dangers that lie in my freezer…
And I followed that little treat with another iced coffee. It just had to happen. Only THIS time the coffee was slightly different because it was some kind of dessert coffee flavour that I found randomly in my cupboard. It was some caramel flavour and smelled completely heavenly. I should have taken a picture of the package, just thought of that now. Oh well.

The weather very nice today so, as you can tell, I opted to eat many a meal in the backyard today. I love eating outside!
Now it’s about time I start getting ready for a night out dancing! Have a great night everyone.


12 thoughts on “A Different Start

  1. I think it was Chandra’s blog that you got that from – she sometimes has the Amy’s veggie burgers for breakfast, haha :0)

    Have fun dancing!!! I just got home from my dance practice, haha.

  2. Def Chandra’s blog :) She’s always making dinner-esque breakies ;) And you are so adorable with your dancing nights! Love that! Have fun girly!

    (PS) That salad looks like it came straight from the WF Saladbar! yum yum yum!

  3. yeah, def chandra’s blog. love how she swaps out dinner for bfast…i should try that once, since i have a tendency to have bast for other meals.

    but your food looks great and the bread sounds divine…esp when it’s warm!

  4. lol … you definitely got me craving for veggie burger here :0( OH MY!! OOOooh my!! Roasted red pepper hummus with WARM multigrain bread?!!!! *drool on keyboard* DELICIOUS!! *runs to the fridge for some hummus*

  5. Sometimes dinner for breakfast just seems right. It’s like breakfast for dinner…only the other way around (thank you, Captain Obvious) :)

    Warm multi-grain bread sounds heavenly. And I have GOT to try the slightly defrosted fruit. It sounds like a healthy popsicle!

  6. I’ve always wanted to try a veggie burger, but I can’t seem to find one that is low in sodium!

    I used to eat pizza for breakfast! -lol-

  7. Hahaha that’s amazing! XD Savory foods for breakfast can be a cool way to start the day as well :D I used to eat leftover pizza and/or pasta for breakfast!

    And who can resist watermelons in such HOT weather? I wish I had some right now…

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