Better Mood

You guys are all awesome. All of your upbeat and positive comments made me feel much better. THANK YOU.
The past couple days have been much improved over the weekend. Probably because I have been working and busy and enjoying myself, whereas I had several days of no work and no real plans over the weekend, and that lack of structure combined with boredom and a bad mood just brought me right down.
But I’m feeling much better now and I’ve been resting up a bit compared to the ridiculous lack of sleep last week so I anticipate much better days this week.

Today I worked again at the bakery. Another fairly long but enjoyable day. I allowed myself to have a few tastes of things today. I don’t do that every day but there were several things I was cutting up that I wanted to try so I had teeny bites from the extras that got cut off the edges. Those tastes included almond florentine, mango mousse cake and chocolate mousse cake. They were all amazing but especially the florentine bars. I had never tried something like that before but the bites were totally worth it. Too bad I can’t get pictures of all of the lovely desserts in there. Maybe someday!

I should get back into some kind of chronological order with my food though, so let’s start off with my lovely rainbow breakfast. A blueberry waffle with 2 tsp white chocolate pb and frozen banana slices on top, surrounded by lots of gorgeous fruit.

My lunch isn’t nearly as attractive. Actually, it’s straight up ugly. But I was in a rush, no time to make it look pretty. From left to right: half of a pita stuffed with hummus, a hard boiled egg white and some spinach; a nectarine; chopped up carrots with balsamic vinaigrette. I didn’t think this would fill me though so I also packed a container of mixed nuts, dried fruit and cereal. I ate it all. It filled me up a little too full but that’s okay considering I needed the fuel to get through the rest of the afternoon of bakery running around.

When I got home from work I munched on some random leftovers in the fridge. Then I made myself up a nice big salad with sweet onion dressing, feta, and… Mr. Noodles. Yeah, not the healthiest thing ever, but they were leftover in my fridge and after having a few bites I couldn’t put them down. So I dumped them in my salad. I love these things. And I loved this salad – especially eaten in the sun in the backyard.

This was followed up by a few bites of ice cream and a honeydew melon binge… and then a bowl of vanilla yogurt with mango and cherry Jello… another weird but tasty combo. I probably didn’t need the Jello on there since it kind of got lost with the taste of the yogurt, but oh well.

I did some intense sprint intervals on the treadmill, and now I am watching Fool’s Gold with my mom. Then I’ll be off for an early bed time to catch up on sleep and wake up early for another bakery work day tomorrow. Night!


14 thoughts on “Better Mood

  1. You’re photography is so BEAUTIFUL! That breakfast pic of the waffle and fruit just totally made me smile :D and I love the sun rays glinting on everything!

  2. Sorry I’m late on this – but I’m really glad you’re feeling better, Kristie!

    I’ve never tried frozen banana slices. Do you cut them, then freeze them or just cut a whole frozen banana into slices? Either way, it looks tasty!

    What’d you think of Fool’s Gold? I thought it was ehh…alright.

  3. Glad to hear you’ve cheered up!
    Your food today looks wonderful.
    Your lunch is not at all ugly, and that snack mix totally looks like something I would make.

  4. So GLAD you’re feeling better :0D Yay!!

    Wow, your waffles … mmmmm …. drool!!

    Your lunch – ugly?!! NO WAY!! Gosh, you put my pictures to SHAME! lol :0)

    Oh my, I love your idea of eating salad in the sun – MUST try that when summer arrives!! Hehehe

  5. your lunch doesn’t look ugly, it looks great! and so did your bfast! and actually…at first, when i looked at the picture of your waffles…the banana slices had a funky color on my computer and i thought they were mini prawns! hahaha!! but yes…

    glad you’re in a better mood! i wish i had the luxury!

  6. fools gold??


    although I HEART the McCoughnehy (although I cant spell his name :)) so I will prbably see it regardless…

    glad youre better.


  7. OMG-I get exactly the same way! When there is nothing to do and we have no plans, I sort of start climbing the walls and start feeling really down, weird right? We’re all so busy and the second we stop, we dont’ know what to do with ourselves! Amazing…

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better, nothing a good day at work can’t fix!

    Breakfast looks amazing btw!!

  8. Jenn – I freeze the whole banana and then just cut it into slices. As for Fool’s Gold, I ‘watched’ maybe 1/3 of it while on the computer at the same time. Then I just stopped even bothering to try. I don’t think I will try to give it another chance either haha.

    MizFit – As great as he is, I just don’t know if the movie is worth wasting your time on. Stare at a dreamy picture instead, it would probably be a little more thrilling ;)

    Ashley – Haha I know, since the banana was frozen and I tried to cut it really thin, it ended up more in paper-like pieces rather than actual slices so it does look a little funny

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

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