Lack of Sleep Means Complete Sluggery

I didn’t work today. Good thing too because I don’t think I would have had the energy for a day of working.

I ended up going out last night. Probably a dumb decision because the night ended up pretty much a bust. We were going to this one place but the lineup was ridiculous so we decided to head over to the club next door. It was basically empty when we got there, although it was still kind of early and started to pick up as we left not too long after, but still. My friend wasn’t feeling like being out anyway. So we went to the diner next door to eat. I ran into several people I knew and had some good chats, which made the going out at least somewhat worth it, but still. Ultimately it would have probably been better just to stay in.
And then there’s a very small guy thing… which is dumb and it’s nothing and there’s no point in getting into it other than I just met him and it’s a small interest thing, but I talked to him briefly last night and he’s hard to read and I just felt pretty discouraged. And now I don’t know what to think and I hate that.

Sorry I’m in such a downer mood. It’s the sleep thing I tell ya. And the guy thing… Hopefully I’ll perk up soon. Blah.

ANYWAY, the food.

For breakfast I had a really good and filling smoothie made with frozen banana and mango, fresh pineapple, strawberry yogurt and a Tbsp of hazelnut butter.

I did a workout late morning and then had lunch once I was finished, which ended up being a big salad topped with refried beans, salsa, sour cream and a bit of Goddess dressing. I was stuffed about 3/4 of the way through, probably because I was munching on more of the refried beans and some veggies while making this, but I finished it all up anyway.

Then I went grocery shopping with my mom. By this point in the day I was really starting to crash though.

I came home and was feeling hungry again so I had a bowl of mixed cereal (Puffed Rice, Corn Bran Squares and Peanut Butter Panda Puffs- new purchase) with strawberry yogurt and almond milk. The Panda Puffs were okay but I was hoping for a bit more peanut butteryness. I think I need to try them again just alone though.

Then I basically napped until dinner time.

Then I had dinner which was an awesome homemade pizza on these super fresh high protein pitas we picked up today. I topped it with mushroom pasta sauce, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, light mozzarella and goat cheese. SO good. I have been wanting to make a homemade pizza for a long while now so it was quite satisfying to FINALLY get around to making one.

Unfortunately it hardly filled me up so I also had a plate of spinach and carrots with light cucumber dressing. This hit the spot.

I was considering going out tonight, especially since it’s a Friday, and I talked to several people about doing stuff but ultimately I decided I was too darn tired still and I really need to let my body rest. So I’m in for the night. And will probably be going to bed very shortly. This will probably be one of my earliest nights in a while.

Another unfortunate though is that being home, the whole boredom munchie thing kicked in. I had just planned on having a bowl of yogurt with mango and a little bit of granola on top. So I did that. But I also ended up eating several handfuls of granola straight from the box. And some candied almonds. And some peanut butter. And about half of an old muffin in the freezer. And now I’m full and feeling pretty regretful. Especially since I was basically sitting/lying around the entire day.

Okay. I really need to sleep off this funk of a mood.


7 thoughts on “Lack of Sleep Means Complete Sluggery

  1. That smoothie looks awesome. I still have yet to try a smoothie with nut butter so it’s on my list of food to-dos.

    That pizza also looks awesome. What are the high protein pitas? I didn’t know pitas had protein!!

  2. I think we need to be friends because I am addicted to organic vegan kid’s cereal from Whole foods, and I saw your photo of panda puffs and was stoked! I hope you get out of your funk mood (dont let guys bring you down, yea easier said than done, I know) and check out my blog, you’ll see some sweet cereal…destined to bring a smile to your face! I am adding you to my blog roll, I am new to this whole blog thing, but hope you can check it out :) Have a good weekend!

  3. Aww… sorry your day didn’t go as planned – don’t worry, tomorrow is a NEW day ;0)

    On a side note, THAT pita pizza that you made looks absolutely DELICIOUS!! Looks like you ordered it from some restaurant – MINUS the grease! haha

    Nehoos, hope you have a great weekend!!!

  4. Jenn – I didn’t know pitas had protein either but these ones apparently have 5g of it! I don’t remember the brand (i’ll check it out later) but they were also the lowest calorie ones there so I could not pass them up. As a great bonus, they are also super fresh and delicious! There’s a good chance I’ll be buying them all the time now.

    Jessica – I checked out your blog and I’m excited to now have a new one to read on the regular! Most especially if it involves cereal ;)

  5. I have to agree with Jenn — that smoothie looks amazing! Hope the weekend gave you a chance to get some rest!

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