I am so low on energy right now. I just couldn’t resist going clubbing for Hip Hop night last night, even after working a full day of work and knowing full well that I had to work at 8 this morning. But I hadn’t been to Hip Hop night in two weeks and my friend contacted me wanting to hang out, so it seemed perfect to combine the two. Unfortunately this led to my nine hour work day being fueled by less than three hours of sleep.
So how dumb am I for considering going out again tonight? Bah. Who really needs sleep anyway…

For breakfast I had a bowl of oat bran with banana and blueberries, topped with a hazelnut butter/maple syrup drizzle.

For a snack at work, which was again at the university today, I had an apple and half of the Optimum energy bar that I posted a picture of yesterday but didn’t end up eating yesterday.

For lunch we had a barbecue, which included burgers and hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad and strawberry shortcake. I had a veggie burger, corn and the shortcake. I kind of wish I hadn’t eaten the whole shortcake portion, the sauce was kinda too sweet anyway, but it’s done now so whatever. It was exciting getting a bbq this time around though instead of the standard subs, wraps or pizza that has been provided every other day.

Then for dinner I had half of a leftover chicken burger, leftover roasted vegetables and some hash brown pancake things that my mom found a recipe for that were really tasty but probably much too high in calories. I didn’t even bother calculating the recipe calories up. I don’t even want to know. I just enjoyed em. I ate more than what is on the plate. At least another half of one, but probably the equivalent of another whole just from picking at them.

Then I had an iced coffee. And I dug into the FF cappuccino ice cream. I need to stop that whole direct out of the container thing, it just doesn’t work well for me.

Sorry for the lack of pictures.
Now is time to see if I actually do the smart thing and stay in tonight, or the fun thing and go out… I’ll update on that front tomorrow ;)


9 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. dont run yourself down!!!! im notorious for working too hard and playing to hard at night,.. and then the sicknesses come and you feel like crap! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!!

    (That breakfast looks sosososo good!)

  2. Kris, I am SO proud of you with just enjoying your dinner! I think that’s how it SHOULD BE, ya know? Give yourself a break from that voice saying, “do you know how many calories??? … ” and you give yourself the time to enjoy living w/o so many rules/restrictions. FABU girl!

  3. I actually recommend the hamster pellets!! haha they’re pretty tasty. Kinda like a lighter, airy-er version of All Bran Buds. Good mixed with other cereals. I was eying the green tea matcha optmimum bar, maybe I’ll try that one. And work on 3 hours of sleep is always an interesting challenge…

  4. Man I love your blog and the food photographs, your a good food photographer, haha! I can stop staring at the oatbran photograph, looks so delicious!!

  5. That breakfast looks so good! I love the drizzle of hazelnut butter/maple syrup – so decorative of you :)

    Hope you get some more sleep – I definitely could use some, too.

  6. Do you want to come take pictures of everything I eat? Because somehow your photography makes everything look SO GOOD!

    I’m having a little fight with myself about the whole “straight from the container” thing. It’s easy to lose track!

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