Always On the Go

The past two days have been busy times since I’ve been working pretty much all day. Yesterday I worked all day at the bakery and then went out for some dinner/restaurant hopping/walking with a friend, and then today I was working at the university all day. So I’m only getting around to an update now. Sorry for the blog neglect!


Breakfast was a bowl of the Quaker Weight Control instant oatmeal packets, Maple Brown Sugar variety or some flavour like that, topped with frozen banana and blueberries, vanilla yogurt and homemade granola. Good bowl but instant oatmeal just cannot compete with rolled oats cooked on the stove. Ever. This was accompanied by a coffee/light hot chocolate mixture.

Up close and personal:

I packed my lunch. I had a salad with some homemade sour cream/dill/chipotle salsa dressing, a bit of leftover chicken and some baba ganoush. I also packed an apple and the remaining half of a Cliff bar.

Work was intense because it was quite the hot day and the bakery has no air conditioning. Plus it was pound cake day so I was practically running all day back and forth grabbing tray after tray of pound cakes and packing them up and whatnot, as well as packing up box after box of sponge cakes. At the end of the day, as gross as this is, my shirt was covered in sweat. It was awesome. This more than covered a workout, which is great considering I didn’t have the chance to get a good workout in anyway.

For dinner my friend and I wanted to try somewhere new so we went to a little place called Marbles. The menu was okay but there wasn’t a ton of choice. Most stuff was pretty healthy though, but too pricey for my liking. I got a greek salad (without olives- they are one of the few foods I really don’t enjoy) and it was good, but not worth the over $10 I paid for it. I also ate some of the bun from my friend’s burger. Excuse the poor quality photos but all I had was my cell phone.

We then went to The Rude Native because my friend wanted dessert and loves their Creme Bruleee. I had one small spoonful to taste.

Then my friend STILL wasn’t satisfied (I think she was having one of those bottomless pit days), so we headed to Symposium. We got iced cappuccinos (which I should have asked for without whipped cream but it didn’t say it on the menu so I didn’t think of it and then it was too late but oh well), and she was strangely craving an appetizer so she ordered the spinach dip. I had no intention of having any but when there is a big cheesy bowl of spinach dip with fresh pita bread sitting in front of me, like I can say no, especially when I haven’t had it in forever. So I had a few bites. And a few more bites than that. And probably ended up having just a bit more than I should have. But it was darn good.
Then my friend and I went for a decent little walk.
Then I went home and chatted with my brother for a bit and then went to bed soon after. I could probably have posted during the time before bed but I was tired and just not feeling up to it.

And then there is


I had a quick breakfast of frozen berries, mango and banana with yogurt and Weetabix and Corn Bran Squares. I love these fruit and yogurt breakfasts and they are so nice and filling right when I eat them but they definitely don’t hold me over for very long. I was nearly starving only a couple of hours later.
I had this with an iced coffee, but not my traditional blended one because it was too early in the morning for the loud Magic Bullet. So I just threw in some ice cubes instead.

We are always provided with lunch at the university but I never know what we are going to be having so I always pack snacks. I was doing parking directing and computer lab course registration today. I had the apple after the parking stint and then had lunch after the lab stuff. Lunch was wraps. I had half a chicken wrap but there was some weird cranberry sauce stuff in it that I wasn’t a fan of so I took out the chicken slices that had a lot of it touching them and I also ripped off a good chunk of the sauce-soaked tortilla part. So I ended up with a fairly small wrap of a bit of chicken, lettuce and tomato. I also ate the carrots I brought. Then I headed out to do more parking. I thought I was satisfied with this amount of food right after eating it but grabbed a Kashi granola bar from my purse just in case (I didn’t end up eating the one in the photo). Good thing I brought it because my hunger came right back several minutes later. So I had the granola bar outside and it held me over for the rest of the day. Oh except for the little mousse cake thing that I had after I finished parking. They were our special treats for the day. And I’m nearly positive they were ordered from my bakery. So they felt extra special haha.
Here are my packed snacks:

When I got home from work I had some SF Cherry Kool Aid with frozen fruit in it.

I also just had to take pictures of the pretty flowers we had sitting on the table outside. Aren’t they a lovely colour? :)

I did a bit of pre-dinner snacking on some veggies, hummus etc.
Then for dinner we had roasted vegetables, which included sweet and white potatoes, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms and garlic cloves. I love roasted veggies for dinner. I had a nice big plateful along with about 1/4 of a leftover chicken burger that I didn’t take a picture of.

Then for my dessert I had an iced coffee mixed with some FF ice cream. I actually made this a little while ago and then once it was all mixed decided I didn’t want it so I threw it into the freezer. Today I defrosted it a bit and Magic Bulleted it up to make a lovely iced coffee smoothie of sorts. Awesome. I will definitely be doing this again.

Now time for a workout! Sorry for the way-too-long posts lately, yikes.


12 thoughts on “Always On the Go

  1. i cant get over how fancy your pictures always look.

    your fruity drink looks so good right now. i didnt even know they made sugar free kollaid. i used to just dump about half a box of splenda in regular mix (it needs SO much sugar to get sweet.)

    no worries about being busy- we’ve all been there (or are currently there *cough*ME*cough*)

  2. Oh gosh, why I haven’t thought of putting granola on my oatmeal :0/ Thanks for pointing that out to me, haha!

    I have to agree, nothing beats warm toasted bread + dip – it’s such comfort food!! Too bad most of the dip aren’t vegan, or else I would’ve ordered them in cafes and stuff!

  3. Ohhh, so many pretty pictures!

    Pound cakes all day! Oh you poor thing! They’re so heavy! (and tasty, did you sneak a bite?) haha.

    Your flowers are beautiful! I love the color.

    And your friend had quite the appetite today.

  4. Oooh! What did you think of the coffee/light hot chocolate? :o)

    That sugar-free Kool-Aid with frozen fruit is such a great idea, and the picture is so colorful!

  5. Don’t worry about the length :) I completely understand!

    Those are beautiful beautiful flowers! What kind of camera do you have? The picture came out incredibly.

  6. linds – It was okay. I wasn’t super impressed with it but not disappointed either. I don’t know if I would necessarily get that flavour again but I’ve tried and really enjoy the banana nut, matcha + flax one (green).

    Leng – Haha I have yet to sample any of the pound cakes. Mainly because they aren’t really sampleable since there are a certain number of them made and they all get finished and shipped out to their respective orderers right away, with no real opportunity or extras to try. Hopefully someday I’ll get to have a sneak taste though ;)
    And yes, my friend really did have quite the appetite. She went from being extremely full to hungry again in minutes it seemed. It was crazy.
    And glad I could inspire part of your lunch ;)

    Jenn – I love mixing coffee and light hot chocolate. It gives the coffee a subtly creamy sweetness without an over-chocolatey abundance. I make this fairly often. Yum.

    Danielle – I use a Canon PowerShot SD1000 :)

  7. I agree! Instant oatmeal lacks texture and they put SO little in one packet! How can they expect anyone to be filled up on that? /rant

    Oh yikes–no air conditioning at this time of year? And being in a bakery and running around couldn’t have helped much either! But you’re right-it does make a great workout :D

    Mmm coffee and icecream…

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