Weekend Fun

I didn’t have to work this Saturday like I usually do so I had all weekend off, which was lovely!


I honestly can’t remember what I did during the day on Saturday, but I don’t think I did much of anything overly productive.

For breakfast I had this weird craving for tuna which I NEVER have, at least not for breakfast, so I had to satisfy that. I mixed the tuna with FF plain yogurt and FF mayo and then stuffed it into half of a small wrap with spinach. I also had a bowl of frozen banana and blueberries to get some fruit into my brekkie.

Lunch was a big bowl veggies with avocado and feta. I love making giant salads, they are always so satisfying. I also finished off my container of cottage cheese and made a tasty smoothie that may or may not have had mango and banana in it. I honestly can’t remember but I DO remember that it was great, refreshing, and just what I was craving after lunch.

For dinner I had a lean chicken burger with dijon mustard and some salsa on the side, a slice of tomato, some coleslaw made with FF mayo, FF plain yogurt and apple cider vinegar and some chana masala from a frozen dinner. This was my first time trying any kind of Indian-y dish and although it was decent, I don’t think I’d buy that specific frozen one again, it was a little bland.

Then for dessert I took the last of the plain yogurt and mixed in some honey, a splash of coffee, some blueberries, a little sugar free jam and some cereal. It was good but I wasn’t really feeling for it after a few bites (and some handfuls of cereal straight from the box) so I ate the berries out of it and then dumped the rest.

Saturday I had a really late but great night out dancing with some friends. Although this made it somewhat difficult to wake up early on…


which was… BEACH DAY! I drove up to the closest big beach with a few friends, which is about a 1.5 hour drive. It was the PERFECT day for a beach trip: hot and not a cloud to be seen in the sky for the entire day.

I don’t have any pictures of my meals sadly, or even of the beach trip at all for that matter, but I didn’t want to bring my camera onto the beach because we would be leaving our bags sitting alone several times to go into the water and I don’t trust leaving my camera all alone like that…

But a brief rundown of the meals, which were all awesome:
– Breakfast was a quick bowl of cereal and frozen banana plus a coffee right before running out the door to head to my friend’s house. I ate this a little faster than I would have liked to but sometimes we just don’t have other options.
– I did pack a lunch, which included an apple, an english muffin with pb + j and an energy bar, but I decided last minute that I wanted to buy lunch instead while we were hitting the strip for a bit of shopping. I did eat my apple on the beach but once we decided to stop at a wrap place because one of my friends wanted a wrap, I just couldn’t pass up the hummus wrap. So I got that on a whole wheat wrap with lots of veggies and honey mustard. It hit the spot perfectly.
– For dinner we stopped at this great little restaurant on the strip before leaving the beach. They had all kinds of great sounding appetizers and salads, but their burger/sandwich selection was too good to pass up. I ordered a veggie burger on a ciabatta bun(without the cheddar cheese it comes topped with) with a garden side salad with honey soya dressing that I used a few fork dips of. The burger was HUGE and SO GOOD. It reminded me a lot of a chickpea cutlet only double the thickness. YUM. If only I’d gotten pictures. :(

Although I did apply sunscreen, I inevitably got a pretty good burn. I’m fair skinned so I burn easily. You’d think I would learn that SPF 15 isn’t quite enough and it needs to be reapplied more than once throughout the day, but the desire for a tan overrides common sense.

And since I am behind on the updates yet again, here is a quick overview of today too:


For breakfast I finished up the tuna I had leftover from Saturday’s breakfast on a piece of rye with spinach, and I also had some cold leftover garlic pasta and veggies that was in the fridge.

Holy nontraditional breakfasts.

I worked at the university today ALL day. And for the majority I was just standing around doing pretty much nothing. I got paid a decent amount of money just to play Tetris on my cell phone. So boring but whatever.

I had an apple as a snack.

The provided lunch was pizza. I think it was pizza made by the school. By the time I was actually allowed to eat (I was being a residence door man so I got to sit around waiting for tours to come by and unlock the door to let them into the residence buildings. So I had to sit there until ALL the tours had gone through. Which was a long while) the pizza was cold. But it was alright. I had one piece of veggie pizza. It had lots of big pieces of fresh veggies like tomatoes, the crust was decently thin, and it wasn’t too overloaded with cheese. I also ate the english muffin with pb+j that I packed for myself (The one that I had packed for the beach yesterday). It was so hot out today that I was hardly even hungry anyway so this food much more than satisfied me.

I wasn’t hungry when I got home at dinner time but I ate anyway out of routine.
I had bread with hummus and some leftover pasta and veggies, then I made a salad with balsamic vinegar and dijonnaise, topped with chicken and leftover chana masala.

After that I dug into the ice cream container for a few spoonfuls. But when I wrote down all my food I realized my dairy was nearly nonexistant. That bugged me today for some reason so I decided to up it by having some vanilla yogurt with mango and topped with some toffee bits that were sitting in the cupboard. This was completely awesome and blew the ice cream right out of the water. I wish I had just had this instead right off the bat.

Way more awesome than it looks.

And now I’m spent.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. sounds like you had a great weekend! i don’t know how you can stand living so far away from the beach! i guess i’m spoiled always having it around in SoCal…and now only a 2 min drive from my apartment…LOL. but i’m glad you had fun; and start applying the aloe now! so you don’t start peeling! it always helps!

  2. Mmmm – toffee! I haven’t had that in a long time – great idea to use it as a topping!

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend with some good eats!

  3. Melissa – I CAN’T stand living so far away from the beach. It’s depressing. Do you know how many times I’ve wished that I had a beach within a close distance? At least once a day, I swear. Sigh.

  4. My goodness! This is such a BEAUTIFUL site!! I love the photographs that you take – what camera do you use?!

    By the way, I just found your blog – I’m LOVING it!!

  5. Oooo send some beach to Dallas!

    Haha I get funny breakfast cravings sometimes too. Good thing you knew what you were craving so you could take care of it; sometimes I wake up and can’t figure out what I’m craving– that’s always frustrating.

  6. Wow I admire you for being able to eat those nontraditional breakfasts when you wake up! I would love to be able to, but for some reason I just can’t start my day off without a banana, yogurt, cereal, or a bagel or something like that. Gotta have the banana though or I tend to freak out… I should work on that lol. But your meals look delicious, glad you had a good weekend & I’m jealous of the beach fun!

  7. Cecilia – Aw thanks! The camera I use most often is a Canon PowerShot SD1000. I also occasionally use my Canon S3IS but it’s pretty big and bulky and my other one is pocket size so just much more convenient to have around to snap pictures with. I also lightly edit my photos so they look a bit better upon post publish than the actual original photo.

    ChocolateCoveredVegan – I hate when I wake up and can’t figure out my craving! That’s been happening a lot lately or so it seems. So frustrating!

    Ashley – I’m usually the same way, always wanting to have a breakfast on the sweet side or something along the lines of yogurt/fruit/oatmeal/cereal etc. It was really strange and out of character for me to be craving something outside of that!

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