Canada Day!

Sorry this post is late, but yesterday was Canada Day! and by the time I got home from watching fireworks I was exhausted so I went straight to bed.

I had the day off yesterday (because of Canada Day of course) so it was a pretty lazy day for me. I did a lot of sitting, which included making up my course timetable for the fall and catching up on other computer related things that I’ve been meaning to get around to for a while now.

Breakfast was random: a bowl of pumpkin, yogurt and mango, then a bowl of frozen banana, Weetabix, yogurt and a couple PB Puffins, then a small bowl of Puffins to finish off the box.

Lunch was more randoms, mostly just a whole lot of snacking:
– Half a yellow zucchini
– Piece of tortilla with hummus and salsa
– Piece of the farmer’s market focaccia (sadly this looks a lot tastier than it actually is)
– Bowl of random veggies with light cucumber dressing
– Bowl of spinach and cabbage slaw
I’m pretty sure there was more snacking on some bread and/or rice crackers in there as well.

Then my sweet tooth hit. I did a terrible job of trying to satisfy it. This included a little bit of peanut butter straight from the jar, then half a frozen pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, then a couple cookie things that I kind of ate and then threw away. I think I ended it all with a maple chewy candy.

Dinner was lots of food, and lots of satisfying. I enjoyed it all. I had a Sundried Tomato & Basil Gardenburger (first time trying this flavour and I quite enjoyed it) topped with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes on a bed of spinach, with some broccoli and a small piece of chicken on the side. Then I went back for a little more chicken and broccoli, plus corn on the cob with light margarine and garlic powder. All so good, especially the corn. First time having corn on the cob in quite a while, and even longer since it’s been fresh off the grill. SO good with the garlic powder too.

Then my “dessert” was some Sugar Free Cherry Kool Aid with frozen raspberries and frozen mango thrown in. I love love love frozen fruits in drinks. This was so refreshing. I had two big glasses.

Then I headed off with some friends to catch the fireworks show.
But before that we decided to have a dance party in my friend’s kitchen. Yeah, that actually happened. (I’m the super cool one on the right…)

I tried to get pictures of some of the fireworks but my camera doesn’t do that so well.

Us chillin on some blankets and enjoying the show.


9 thoughts on “Canada Day!

  1. awww happy belated canada day! i was in canada about 4 years ago for “canada day”… it was a lot of fun :)

  2. happy belated Canada day!

    Your food looks so good. That pizza with the tomato on top and that grille corn looks AMAZING! I wish corn came out lookin’ like yours. :-)

    have a good weekend Kristie!

  3. love the pics Kristie!!

    I totally remember Canada Day when I was living there. Cananda was fun. Homesense, Food Basics, Sobeys, Longos, Pizza Pizza (totally miss not having the WW pizza dough available in stores here)…and of course, how could I forget….Tim Hortons! hahaha

    have a great weekend!!

  4. Hahah thanks everyone!

    Emma – Haha those are some great places. I love how half of the ones you listed are grocery stores. Oh how I love grocery stores. I definitely don’t go to Pizza Pizza often enough. Well then again I don’t really order pizza but when I DO I should hit up Pizza Pizza, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had their WW dough! And good ol Timmy’s, one on every street corner. You can’t escape em!

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