Where the Food At?

Yeah so I failed at getting pictures of 95% of what I ate today.
I got breakfast. That’s it. So here it is:

A bowl of oatmeal with wheatberries, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, frozen banana slices and a strawberry-banana SF maple syrup combo. Deelish and super filling.

Lunch was a mixed vegetable salad with light cucumber dressing and topped with avocado and baba ganoush + an apple. I also had two tiny dessert samples at work: tiramisu and strawberry mousse slab. Amazing.

Dinner was sushi with a friend. I got a garden salad that comes with amazing dressing (not sure what kind it is but I just can’t get enough of it, probably some kind of sesame dressing or something along those lines), a plate of edamame in the shell and a california roll.  I haven’t had sushi in a little while now so this was a cherished dinner.  :)

On the way home I stopped to get gas, which was insanely way too expensive I might add *sigh sigh*, and I had a coupon for a free coffee that was good until today so I used it up. It was at 7/11 and they have the whole do your own coffee dealio so I got a columbian coffee with a splash of fat free vanilla latte stuff, one milk and some sugar free vanilla syrup. I love their coffees. I drank half hot and made the other half into an iced coffee at home. It was delicious.

I also had this strange craving for the old cheddar that we got at the farmer’s market on the weekend, so although I wasn’t really hungry, I felt the need to satisfy the craving. I had a few teeny slices of cheese on some bread.

And that was that. Sorry about the lack of food pics. But just for fun, you can enjoy the lame pictures I took of the rainbowy reflection that was in our living room from the suncatcher that hangs in the front window. What can I say, I’m amused easily. And yes, I realise I have wrinkly old lady hands. No amount of hand cream can fix this misfortune.


10 thoughts on “Where the Food At?

  1. So I feel really stupid asking this question, but is there a benefit to freezing your bananas instead of using fresh?

  2. Anna – Haha, don’t feel stupid, it’s a valid question! In all honesty I don’t know if there is any benefit, but not as far as I know. I just have frozen bananas so often because my family doesn’t like to eat bananas that are any bit overripe and our bananas always ripen really fast so once they are a couple days old I just peel them and shove them in the freezer. That way they can still be used and don’t go to waste by being thrown out from overripeness. Plus I love the taste and texture of frozen bananas, when slightly melted they are almost like ice cream!

  3. I still like the pics you did manage to get. I could be REALLY corny right now and say, “Don’t worry Kristie, I can still ‘TASTE the rainbow'” (a la Skittles) – but you won’t catch me saying anything like that!

  4. So many awesome fruits in your breakfast today!

    And normally I’d be so jealous that you got to have sushi–but I’m having sushi this Friday so that makes me feel better XD

  5. Jenn – Hahah I love it, thanks for the chuckle ;)

    Carmen – Ooh lala, enjoy the sushi. And try to take pictures of it! Since I always fail at taking pictures of mine.

    Kelly – Haha I’m sure you don’t suck. Your camping pictures seemed pretty non-sucky to me.

    Chandra – DO it! I encourage sushi every night of the week.

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