Another Missed Day

Clearly I’m a slacker. I ended up going out again last night and it was pretty last minute so I didn’t get the chance to do the day’s update. So here’s yesterday’s food stuff, and I’ll get to today’s later on.

Starting with breakfast because that just makes sense, I woke up to find a box of these babies sitting on the counter.

Freshly made Apple Fritters from our local farmer’s market. My mom went out and bought a bunch that morning because she was bringing them to the staff at work for their last day (she works at a school and school just ended). But she just had to bring home a box for us too. So I had to have a taste of one. That taste evolved to eating probably almost two full ones over the course of the past two days, but I stuck with only about half of one yesterday morning.

Yeah, I ate more than just this small piece I cut off initially.
Then my actual breakfast was a bowl of Raisin Bran, Corn Bran Squares and PB Puffins with some almond milk, yogurt and banana slices.

I didn’t have to work so I met up with a friend a bit later in the morning who is gone for the summer but back for a brief period of time for a family wedding, and we had a day of shopping. It was good fun, I bought several items of clothing. All the stores seem to have tons of sales on right now which is nice, I really want to go out and buy some more stuff now haha.

I didn’t really eat lunch while out but I did have half a Cliff bar that I bought on sale at the grocery store. This was my first experience with Cliff bars and I had some peanut butter chocolate chip flavour I think. It was pretty good, I’d probably buy it again.

Then when I got home I somewhat binge snacked on cottage cheese and guacamole and miscellaneous other things in the fridge prior to dinnertime. Not sure why this happened considering I wasn’t overly hungry but whatever.

Then by dinnertime I still wasn’t that hungry, probably from the snacking, but I made myself a salad with some tofu and guacamole on top.

I was completely full after this but dug into the big chocolatey fat free ice cream tub in the freezer anyway. The intention was to just have a couple spoonfuls and then make myself an iced coffee, but the couple spoonfuls turned into a few too many and I just ditched the iced coffee idea after that.

Then a couple friends told me to join them at Caesar Martinis, which is a somewhat fancy restaurant turned bar with dj and dance floor on prime nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), so I first met them at our local pool hall, Dooley’s, where we played a couple rounds of pool, then we headed to Caesars. I got one drink there but that was it since I was driving and also working early this morning.

I also had another half of an apple fritter when I got home. Sigh.
Sorry for the lack of pictures to document a good chunk of the day’s food, but honestly most of the stuff was not worth seeing.


4 thoughts on “Another Missed Day

  1. ChocolateCoveredVegan – Thanks for the advice! I was thisclose to getting the carrot cake but now I’m glad I didn’t! I’ll definitely keep the other varieties in mind for next time.

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