MIA and Stomach Pains

Sorry about going missing all day yesterday. I was on the go basically all day. I slept over at my friend’s the night before because we work together so we were just going to have a chill night, go for a walk etc and then go in to work the next morning. Well I got there and her sister insisted on dragging us out to Martini’s(even though we were completely tired and had to work early) for food and, well, martinis. I tried my absolute best to refuse a martini and to refuse half the food they ordered, but her sister practically shoved the stuff down my throat. So I couldn’t really escape it. I have no pictures unfortunately but this place was so neat and so fancy. I hadn’t anticipated going out anywhere that night so I was pretty dressed down but luckily since we went so darn late it wasn’t too busy. Her sister and her sister’s friend even paid the entire bill of over $100. It was a nice treat. I think I would have enjoyed it better though if I knew a bit in advance that we would be going there so I could have tried to eat a later supper or something…
Here’s a list of what was ordered. I basically tried a bit of everything since she put everything on my plate. Haha.
– Wildberry martini
– Bread with oil and herb dipping sauce
– Goat cheese and mushroom tart
– Oysters
– Pig tails with sweet potato frites and three flavoured mayo dipping sauces
– Vanilla Creme Brulee
– A three flavour sorbet dish
Yeah. It was a crapload of food. It all tasted delicious but I seriously tried so hard to say no to her. Oh well though, I had relatively tiny portions of most of the food.

Anyway, this was all Tuesday night. Then I worked all day yesterday. Then I got home and had dinner and suddenly got this absolutely terrible stomach ache. I could hardly stand up straight. And I have no idea what triggered it because I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary. I lied down for a couple hours and it eased up a little, then my mom got me some Pepto Bismol which seemed to help a bit.

I really wanted to get better because I had planned on going out dancing for Hip Hop Night at one of our local bars with a friend and another guy from work and I didn’t want to bail. So I sucked it up and forced myself to go anyway. The pain was constant so it didn’t go away throughout the entire night of dancing, but it was tame enough that I could dance and somewhat ignore it.

Then I got home, went to bed, slept it off, and now I feel pretty much all better. I’ve had stomach issues before that were way worse than last night so I was really afraid that it would end up much worse than it did. I think I was lucky. I have to go get an abdominal ultrasound soon, I’m pretty sure I already have the appointment booked.

Anyway, that was a lot of rambling. Here’s the single food picture of the day, the dinner before the storm.

It was just a whole bunch of vegetables cooked in a pan with Dijonnaise, balsamic vinegar, a tiny bit of hot sauce and some vegetable broth, with a little bit of chicken and some whole wheat noodles thrown in, then topped with some goat cheese.
I eat all of these foods on a regular basis so I don’t think any of them really could have triggered the massive stomach attack. Who knows. Sigh.


6 thoughts on “MIA and Stomach Pains

  1. Let me know how that ultrasound goes – I’m so curious as to why I get severe stomachaches for no apparent reason. It seems like we’re in the same boat – and an unfortunate boat it is.

  2. Ugh, I hate stomach problems, but yours sounds really serious. I hope you find out if anything is wrong in the ultrasound. I also think it’s messed up when people pressure you to eat- I really hate that. My ex-best friend used to INSIST that I get a large combo meal that she would get at the fast food restaurants, she’d get mad at me if I didn’t. That is part of the reason I got so heavy and we’re not friends anymore :-) It didn’t sound like her sister was that extreme though, probably just thought she wanted you to have a good time, but I do hate when people do that. Have a good weekend!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Jenn – I’ll definitely say the word once I hear some results. Hopefully they can figure out something, but with my luck they will see nothing wrong. I feel like every time I have any problems they can never find anything wrong. My body is just straight up weird.

    Ashley – Yeah I hate being pressured to eat. Good for you for getting rid of the friend who forced you to eat, that’s not exactly an encouraging friendship. I agree though, I think her sister just wanted me to join in the fun. I was getting a lot of “stop worrying about your calories!” “you’re skin and bones, you know that?” Which I’m definitely not, but it was fine, one night of forced eating of tasty food shouldn’t do too much damage haha.

  4. Sorry to hear about the stomach pains… I know how you feel, I was not feeling so hot after I ate (i think a bad one) a pear the other day ugh… Feel better soon!

  5. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well!! :( But glad you’re doing better. Don’t you just hate it when you’re doing really well at telling someone no and they just keep forcing stuff on you?? It bugs me. If I have to say no more than like 5 times, they should get the point. :)

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