Tapas Style Dining

I worked hard running the pound cake show today at the bakery. I was basically left to do the entire thing myself so I felt like quite the good little worker running around finishing all the pound cakes that needed to be finished, packaging them all and organizing them in terms of their respective recipient companies. It’s a pretty repetitive task but I kind of enjoy it. It’s a pretty decent workout too lifting tray after tray of pound cakes and practically running all over the place to get stuff to prep them, get carts to hold them etc. I totally earned my deliciously fancy dinner that I’ll get to in just a minute.

First things first, breakfast. I made some overnight oats using 1/3 cup of mixed rolled oats and oat bran, and then about 1 Tbsp of wheat berries. I also mixed in a leftover fruit smoothie that I had sitting in the fridge that I think just had some banana, raspberry and yogurt in it, and I threw in half of a frozen banana. It got nice and thick overnight, and I just threw in a bit of protein powder this morning because I don’t think I’ve been getting much protein lately. That’s the area where I probably lack the most.

I also had a few small slices of mango.

I remembered to take a picture of my lunch beforehand this time! I had a salad with a mixed fat free sour cream, chipotle salsa, balsamic vinaigrette dressing and some tofu. I also brought along an apple and an All Bran bar but do those really need photographic evidence? They aren’t all that pretty.

For dinner I went to this little placed called Hannah’s Bella Bistro that has a tapas menu of small sized portions of all kinds of fancy food fare. It was so cute and schmancy inside. A little dark and I didn’t have my camera so I had to use my camera phone. Please excuse the horrible quality of photo as well as the darkness. I could hardly see any of the dishes through my phone camera, it was just too darn dark. I tried though!

I ordered pitas with salsa verde and spring vegetables with goat cheese, then later got potato frites with a brie fondue. Regretted the last one. I thought it would be a small plate of thick potatoey fries with a small amount of cheese drizzle but it was a huge plate of greasy fries with a puddle of liquid cheese. It tasted pretty good but it was an overindulgence. My friend and I shared and probably ate about 3/4 of that dish. The other ones were much smaller. She also got buttered broccoli with artichoke caponata (unimpressive), maple and shallot crusted nuts with truffle salt (delicious!) and angel hair pasta with veggies. I tried a bite of each of hers. At the end she got a berry gelato that I tried a few bites of as well. It seems like a lot and I was pretty full by the end but the portions were pretty small. Next time I’m staying away from any potato “frites” though, geez. Fries are one thing that I try to stay away from nearly always.

First pic is the veggies with goat cheese, and the angel hair pasta in the back, second is the pita and salsa with the nuts in the back, and third is the fries.

Okay, now time for a workout!


5 thoughts on “Tapas Style Dining

  1. your mention of all bran bars just reminded me of how much i used to be OBSESSED with those!!! they were so yummy :) however i think i remembered seeing they had part. hydr. oils in them? do they still contain them? if not i’m going to stock up!

  2. lindzakins – I actually don’t know, I’ll have to go have a look at the label later. I’ve had the box for a really long time now though so I’m mainly just trying to get rid of them haha. They are great, but nutritionally I’m trying to stop buying those super processed granola bars anymore. Too bad they are so yummy.

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