Tooth Crisis!

Okay, maybe not a crisis persay, but I chipped my tooth! I have a permanent wire on the back of my bottom teeth because I had braces and I had eaten mango and it was stuck in the wire. So I tried to dig it out with this pick thing. Next thing I know a piece of the back of one of my teeth has completely come off! So now I have a piece of tooth in a little bowl and I’m scared of what will become of my tooth with a missing back. Ugh. It feels funny in a bad way. I’m going to try to get a dentist appointment asap.

On a less exciting note, I worked at my university again today. I wasn’t all that hungry this morning so I opted for a bowl of cereal because cereal never really fills me up that much but I knew I had to eat something so that just seemed right. I mixed Raisin Bran, Corn Bran Squares and PB Puffins, topped with slices of frozen banana and unsweetened almond milk. I also had a few grapes and a few pieces of honeydew melon.

By late morning I was pretty starving so after trying to tide myself over with a coffee, I finally caved and cracked open my Ginger Snap Larabar. I ate a little less than half. Good flavour, but honestly, I just don’t think I am ever going to jump on the Larabar bandwagon like so many others have. I enjoy them enough, but there are many other things I think I would rather eat. Oh well! I’ll probably still get them to try out different flavours on occasion anyway.

Lunch at work was once again SUBS. That’s all we’ve ever had to eat every time I’ve been there. I would bring my own lunch but it’s kind of awkward pulling that out while every single other person is enjoying the lunch provided. At least I like subs though, and they are pretty safe. Now if it were something like PIZZA every time, then I’d be bringing alternate food, no doubt. I had a veggie sub on whole wheat with cheese. I ate half, but pulled about half the bread off because it was pretty dry and gross. I also had an apple.

Then when I got home I finished off the last of the cottage cheese, probably less than 1/4 cup.

I also had a piece of rye bread.

Then for dinner I had the other half of my sub, which I once again ended up ripping most of the bread off of. I also added about 1 Tbsp of hummus to it. I had some rice on the side as well as some veggies and a small salad with light cucumber dressing.

Post dinner I cut up a mango that was pretty ripe and had a couple small pieces plus ate the stuff off the pit. Also had a couple bites of yogurt and pumpkin straight from their respective containers.

There was also a couple other random snacking bites mixed into the day, but I don’t remember exactly what they were. Clearly the food today wasn’t all that exciting. I’ll try to pump it up a little for tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Tooth Crisis!

  1. Eek- that’s not good about your tooth situation. I had the same sorta bar on the back of my teeth for about two years and hated it. I used to be in the habit of chewing plastic toys (strange, i know lol) and it popped off like a million times so finally I told them just to take it off and get me a normal retainer. It’s much better. But ouch, that musta hurt! Hopefully you’ll get an apt asap.
    I thought your food was interesting, very healthy and yummy looking. Have a great day tomorrow!

  2. Ouch. I hope your tooth is okay. I hate going to the dentist, even if it’s just for a cleaning.

    I agree with you on the Larabars. I think they are good, but there are other things I would rather eat.

  3. Oh no! :s Hope it’s nothing serious!

    And I think you’re the only one I know so far that doesn’t prefer Larabars! I’ve never tried them, but now it’d be interesting to try one just to see what the big deal is :D

  4. Yikes – I hope that your tooth is ok! I have a wire on the back of my teeth too – makes me nervous!

    You’re definitely not the only one who hasn’t jumped on the Larabar bandwagon. I really don’t like them :)

  5. OMG that SUCKS. I am so sorry! I have that same wire on my teeth- who thought MANGOES coul dbe so dangerous? Hope it doesn’t hurt!

  6. Kristie! It’s Sarah (oldrituals on lj).. I hope I’m thinking of the right person, anyways.. add me! Or whatever it is you do on wordpress, I’m new to this shizz.

    I love pb puffins. Waaaaay too much.

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