Friday Freedom

Okay so this post is obviously late since it’s all about my Friday foods but I just didn’t have time to post it up last night. I’ll do the weekend stuff tomorrow night most likely.
Anyway, no work on Friday so I had the day to just sit around and do nothing. That nothing included a workout, some reading and some backyard tanning. I managed to build a little more upon my tan which I was pretty happy about. Then my friend called me up to go to the mall so we shopped for a little while before meeting another friend at Symposium for dinner (I’ll talk about that meal in a bit). Then we went out dancing, as is typical for a Friday night. Unfortunately this time around we did not have a good time at all. I don’t know what was so wrong with last night but neither of us was in a really dancing mood, the crowd was pretty lame, and the music was unimpressive. Oh well, it happens I guess.

But on to the main point of this whole post: the FOOD.
I started the day off with a smoothie made with frozen banana, unsweetened almond milk and some leftover canned fruit that I needed to use up in the fridge. I then threw in the last of the Guardian cereal I had, which was probably half a cup or so.

For lunch I had a big salad with half a chickpea cutlet chopped up on top and a dijonnaise/balsamic/light cucumber dressing mix. Then I had the other half of the cutlet just dipped in some dressing (for some reason the wrong picture keeps showing up for this… weird).

Of course this was followed up with an iced coffee. Seriously, addiction. I have these things even when I’m cold now.

The dinner I had I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of. I really wanted to, but I just can’t make myself pull out the camera at a restaurant, not yet. I ordered off of the appetizer section of the menu. I got Tomato Napoleon, which had three crispy flatbread crackers topped with tomato slices, goat cheese, balsamic reduction and basil leaves on the side. It was very light so it worked out perfectly since I wasn’t all that hungry, and it tasted really good. I would probably order it again, although it wouldn’t be great as a meal if one were to be on the fairly hungry side.

Later on I snacked a little, making another small iced coffee plus half of a pumpkin muffin. Then I went out dancing, which involved some drinking. Then I, as per usualy, had a late night snack upon returning to my friend’s place after dancing. That late night snack was macaroni and cheese that was sitting on her stove. Plus a few chocolate chips. Post drinking snacks always end up being the junkiest of junk. Oh well, at least they taste good. I enjoyed every bite of the macaroni, and it wasn’t even heated. mmm.


2 thoughts on “Friday Freedom

  1. You seriously have the BEST food pictures! I bet you’ll be whipping your camera out in restaurants in no time. Blogging will do that to you! I always take pictures in restaurants (even if I never post them), but I still hide it in fancy places :)

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