Re energized

Today instead of working at the bakery I was working at my other job. I work a day here and there at my university in the Headstart program, which helps the next year’s incoming students organize their timetables, register for their courses etc. I basically get paid to stand around and doing nothing for at least 75% of the day. The day usually goes by pretty slow but its darn easy work so I’m not complaining.
So since I wasn’t overly exerting myself today, I had a good amount of energy left over tonight to get in a good workout! Finally. I did an hour long Tae bo boot camp dvd, then a quick 10 minute treadmill run. Yeah, so 10 minutes doesn’t sound like much but I was pushing my speed limits so it was a good quick run. It felt so good to get that workout in, and now I feel refreshingly tired. Love this feeling.

For breakfast I had a lovely bowl of strawberries and cream oats. It was made with oats, wheat berries, strawberries and unsweetened almond milk, then drizzled with a maple vanilla yogurt mix. Deeelish.

I also had the rest of the remaining grapes in the fridge.

Lunch was provided at work. Mr Sub. I had a veggie on white. I was one of the last ones to get to the lunch room so sadly there was no whole wheat left. This had cheese on it and it tasted pretty creamy so I feared there may have been mayo on there as well but I ate it anyway because my options weren’t exactly plenty, it tasted good, and I rarely have subs, especially with mayo. I opened it up later though to check and I couldn’t really see mayo specifically on there, so the creaminess may have been from the cheese. I’m hoping anyway…
It was a full size but I only had half, along with an apple that I brought.

Then once I got home a few hours later I was starving so I ate the other half. I ripped a lot of the bread off of it though. I also the few leftover chickpeas from the fridge with a little Goddess dressing. This was one of those constant hunger days… so annoying.

Dinner was a couple hours later. We made zucchini rotini from a recipe ripped out of a magazine. It had fat free cottage cheese, greek spices, shredded zucchini, whole wheat rotini pasta, diced tomatoes and light mozzarella. I snacked on cottage cheese, mozzarella and pasta all throughout making this. Baaaad call. But it was just a snacky kinda day, what can I say?
I had two plates, the first was atop a bed of spinach and sprinkled with a parm and spice blend.

Post dinner I just had a handful of the new grapes my mom bought during our run to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for the dinner dish. I was so stuffed after dinner. Pasta and cheese are a couple of my weaknesses, I just keep shoving em down the throat!


10 thoughts on “Re energized

  1. That supper looks really good! Easy and healthy – can’t beat it :)

    I tried the Goddess dressing for the first time last week…..I didn’t like it :( I have no clue why – everyone seems to love it.

  2. Melissa – This bottle of Goddess dressing is my first time trying it as well and I have to admit, I was expecting much more out of it! Mind you, the one I got is not the ‘Annie’s’ brand, but I would assume the tastes of any Goddess dressing are going to be along the same lines. I don’t mind it and I will continue to use it, but I doubt it will be in my regular dressing rotation. Glad I’m not the only one!

  3. Mmm that pasta dish looks great! I totally snack on ingredients whenever I’m baking something, so I end up feeling like I’ve had a meal before it even comes out of the oven. Then I also eat the final product, of course :)

  4. I agree about the Green Goddess dressing, definitely not my favorite of the Annie’s dressings.. well actually I don’t really like it at all. Now, the roasted red pepper one, that one is a keeper, it’s good!!

  5. I think you share my love for grapes :-) I can’t seem to get enough lately, they’re just so dang good and easy to snack on. And they’re healthy so you can’t go wrong! It must be nice to have 2 jobs, want to give me one? haha Have a great day

  6. I hate when that happens at work functions!!!!! I’ve been there before so when I read your post I definitely was feeling your pain :)

  7. I feel completely the same way about pasta/cheese. Put me anywhere anything even remotely resembling lasagna, and I am a human garbage disposal!

  8. Jenn – I’m terrible for doing that. I am just not capable of making something and not eating the ingredients in the process. It can’t be done!
    And I’ll be sure to do that survey asap!

    Eatingbirdfood – I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for that dressing!

    Ashley – I actually have THREE jobs believe it or not! Haha. But one of them is only once a week and the other one is random days and only lasts for a couple more weeks. But come on over my way and you can share jobs with me! Haha

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